PQC: Did I say Chinese thugs are more “humane” than Western democracy’s thugs? And that Chinese (Hongkongers) are braver than the gun-toter Americans. The Chicom has indeed responded in very restraint on this tiny city. .. uhm..so far! The Brits was very brutal to Hongkogers on this ex-colony.

Imagine if this took place in Western democracies’ cities such as New York, Los Angeles, or Sydney, Melbourne right now!

That’s said. When the time comes, the Chicom , like every government on this planet when its rule being challenged, will never hesitate to rain bullet dowm on the protesters. How many Chinese had the Chicom murdered before the Tianmen Square event?

The West, especially the Yanks will exploit every chance, big and small, to stir up trouble. Both the Chicom and the Hongkongers have been put in between a rock and a hard place. That’s how statism works anyway: power, control, and violence and more brutal violence.

Do you know what DEMOCIDE is?