For the last several days even it had been raining a bit at evening I still was on my bike roaming around. I have seen a real new world. A world in which fear and suspicion are on people grim faces with conformity apparently in their manner. Some family with all members seemed proudly  wearing mask as if it were new fashion.

On the “news”, virtually every government of every nation state is now intensifying their assaults on their own people in almost exactly the same method from the exact same cookbook of dragnet surveillance, violent enforcement, brutal crackdown, and the future mandatory forced vaccination with the same “drug” made by the same global pharmaceutical cartel that seems certain and unavoidable.

I am no sociologist. I have no resource for a formal studying or methodological research whatsoever. It’s all just my own way of observation and gut feeling. I have seen a new world order in which people willingly become guinea pigs and are ruled with the same method by proxy through global statist system and nationalism.

The world has been in a scamdemic, however, as if this scamdemic did not scare people enough, governments have re-heated and fanned up more feign international conflicts. The USA vs Russia, the USA vs China, while the Jewish State is intensifying its assault on Middle East region. War seems to be the only thing that is business as usual.

State/Government power has been expanded and extended to its zenith, in which even a mere security guard and train inspector are now dressed up in combat gear, let alone the whole police force was already militarized.

Meanwhile, our supposed to be wise independent voices, instead of exposing the police state and its tyranny nature of the state power is the source of all crices, just keep focusing on exposing Bill-Gates and his ilk as if Gares and his Ilk were the main source of crises. They all jump on Bill-Gates as if this billionaire possesses true power.

If these “wise voices” did follow  Whitney Webb investigation, they would have known the fact that even a mere Jefery Epsteine outranked Bill-Gates in the Cabal circle..  

And although almost all obscenely rich individuals have closed connection to one another to “influence” the society , but without government, the statist system or rather the thousand year old political belief system of the people, these “powerful” people are not powerful at all.  Mussolini once inadvertently explained this “power” in what fascism is.

Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power” ― Benito Mussolini

As a matter of fact, without the state power, corporations have no power beyond their products! Thus fascism or corporatism or capitalism or state capitalism (as Richard D. Wolff correctly labeled the system in China and Vietnam) are just Statism, the State power is a primary power that provides support and protection for corporations!

Our current system is much worse than what Mussolini had in his mind.. That is the government is controlled by these corporations, which are themselves are controlled by a smaller group behind the scene, the CABAL, which is no “corporation” except the power to print the money from thin air through state power, and in turn with such power, the Cabal has the power to control the supply of wealth and nominal political “power” to the chosen individuals as the Cabal sees fit. Thus the Cabal also has power to take away such wealth and power  when needed… of course through power of the state, our very own (in)justice system! JFK, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Robert Max Well,  Jeffery Epstein are  those cases in point.

As a matter of fact, one can be normally rich through lawful means but to be such obscenely rich one must be connected to and rely on the state power illegally and even unlawfully for support and protection as Mussolini inadvertently correctly explained.

Let alone what is “asserted” in “Tragedy and Hope” by Prof Carroll Quigley about secret societies controlling Western government, which are confirmed by the limited hangout given by Woodrow Wilson, or later by the findings with concrete evidences of its very existence and its operation by Prof Antony Sutton life-time research and investigation, we all have witnessed with our own naked eyes how big corporations and the bicephalous political party have been working in tandem literally on the back of the people in the whole Western democracies. That’s how and why the 1% has got richer and more powerful exponentially while the 99% has become poorer and less free or has fell deeper in slavery than ever before.

Bill Gates cannot be one of the Cabalists. The Cabalists would never show their faces or let their names be known to be subjected to “national law” as Woodrow Wilson limited-hangout told us. Whereas Gates and his ilk are permanently in vulnerable position. Gates and his ilk can be investigated, indicted, and jailed or even “commit suicide” any time. His wealth can be evaporated and his Microsoft empire can be broken up any time if the Cabal decides he is no longer useful to them. Some “child molester” cases will pop up! Do you know how many names are listed in Jeffery Epstein fly records? Why not a single one has been questioned or investigated? They all have been well protected by the State power!

Side note: I strongly differentiate “pedophile” from “child molester”. The former is loving children with care and affections such as in Francophile. Anglophile etc…If you work in childcare profession, you must have been a pedophile, who not only know how to play but also love to play with children and care fore them. The later is harmful to and hurting children. The word Pedophile has been misused and so misunderstood dangerously!

(if one goes to Duckduckgo search with “Bill Gates Jeffery Epstein, one would fine a bunch of report on these two Cabal henchmen relationship and connections)

Gates and his ilks are nothing and nowhere near such ” power” beyond their products without your government and its state power. These individuals, no matter how rich they may be, cannot force a thing upon you. but only through your own Government with state power you believe and trust.

Bill Gates Met With Jeffrey Epstein Many Times, Despite …

Oct 12, 2019At Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan mansion in 2011, from left: James E. Staley, at the time a senior JPMorgan executive; former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers; Mr. Epstein; Bill Gates .. Billionaire Bill Gates, who has repeatedly minimized his ties to Jeffrey Epstein, visited the convicted sex offender multiple times in the years after Epstein was released from prison, according to a New York Times investigation published Saturday.. Gates, the Microsoft co-founder, and Epstein met repeatedly starting in 2011, including at least three times at Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse ..

Therefore, even the Jewish Controlled Cabal could not have carried such Covid19 Scamdemic operation so successfully without your own nation-state, your own government, your own respectful power of the state. Who has “locked you down”? Who would beat you up, arrest you, put you in jail when you want to go out to visit your loved ones, to socialize? Who would dare to force inject “vaccine” into your body against your own will? I know with 101% certainty that Bill Gates would never dare to do that to you himself, or even just order his own men to do it to you and your family. You would shoot him dead! I know I would definitely if he dared to do it to me.

Bill Gates (and the like) is just a red-herring that has been highlighted to deflect your attention from the crimes of your own government. The vaccine scam had been carried out by Government even before Gates was born! Remember Tuskegee syphilis study? Anyone? Gates and his ilk are just useful instrumentals.

The true New World Order is not the One World Government, it never will be! And it’s absolute not Bill Gates and his ilk, but it’s your own government working not so secretly in tandem with global corporations against you. Look at what Indian Hindu Nationalist government has done to the Indians, especially the Indian farmers! In one word, at the end of the day, your statist belief, your nationalism are your own enemy.


How do I know the Cabal exists and has been Jewish controlled all along?

Thank to Woodrow Wilson’s limited hangout, and later the mafia-like power (a secret meeting on Jekyll Island) behind the political establishment that engineered the establishment of the permanent national money printing power, namely the Federal Reserves system. Ever since this Federal Reserves came to existence, it has controlled the source of wealth and poverty of the USA and later the West permanently. And ever since such power started to operate independently and secretly, most if not all so-called national policies introduced by the US governments of each period have turned out to benefit the 1% , which is dominated by the Jews, the most if not solely. Whereas the people of the 99% as a whole has been squeezed economically and become poorer and poorer ever since with their freedoms have been taken away more and more every day.