Folks, on Sunday 17-May-2020, I spent the whole day (from 10 to 16.30) to ride along (just a half of the trail) Main Yarra Trail. Started from Princess Bridge. ..up to I didn’t know where (:-).. I had to stop by a shopping center to buy some food (rye bread and fruit juice) and then rode on until I felt I need to turn back and go home. It was really a great sunny day. I had a great day not only because of the bike-riding along with many happy people around riding bike. walking, and enjoying themselves, but some certain thought I had during this riding! (I fitted my Samsung on my bike and just let it recording while riding). Watch it if you have nothing else to do, or you just want to have a glimpse of Melbourne out of curiosity. Thank you for watching anyway! (edited 15 minutes)