PQC: Folks, the Power-should-not-be has been desperate to press down the Bitcoin below 10K USD by the push and pull or micro-buy and macro sell operation. As I explained this desperate interference and sabotage measure will not work in the long run, since the quantity of Bitcoin is finite. That means those Central bank Big Whales always have to make a long micro buy and a short macro sell.. This inevitably has caused rapid inflation. This also means from the other side perspective, that is you can say the Bitcoin has been stable only the fiat fluctuating and loosing its purchasing power. That’s why one needs mores fiats to buy the same one Bitcoin! That’s how and why the Bitcoin has been forced to take one step back and then make one and a half steps forward the next day!

Given the stupid criminal lockdown and the helicopter money, big players will hoard up Cryptos in the next months and years to come, as Governments around the world have been tightening the noose on cash and free trading. Even gold will be come “unwanted asset” for its bulkiness to keep and easy to be confiscated by governments (remember FDR executive order?)

There’s no way to suppress Bitcoin and its crypto-cousins. Thus, either let it free or just kill the Bitcoin for good by printing out fiat money and buy as many and as fast as they can and delete the private keys/password! Or kill the internet all together!