“They were monsters with human faces, in crisp uniforms, marching in lockstep, so banal you don’t recognize them for what they are until it’s too late.” — Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

kakistocracy: ([kækɪ’stɑkrəsi]) is a system of government that is run by the shit!

The paradigm has shifted. Human kind has been living in a New World Order since the event in Wuhan took place. Unfortunately very few people have realized this much less discussed about this. And it seems THEY, those psychopaths in the Jewish Controlled Cabal have won, even though there have been some glitches: many people have come out on the streets to protest the lockdown, especially both the nurses and doctors on the front line and true well-known medical experts have come forward to point out NOT ONLY all the unscientific absurdity in the official response to the “pandemic” some even called government measures the fatal snake oil imposed on the population, but also the non-factual characteristics of the “pandemic” itself.

For the last two week off-screen, I came back to see many new information have been coming from all “sources”. Nevertheless, the Cabal has got what it planned for: the total control over a total submission of the total population. The Cabal has doubled down their scheme and intensified to instill more fear into the population with more absurd and draconian measures.

Most important of all is the orchestrated whitewashing/cover-up has been in full force. While the blaming game between two major players, the USA and China has been even more comical and comedic, they even feigned and intensified their “confrontation” into what their MSM pressitute call the “new cold war”(Yeah! both nations still have trades that worth billions of dollars with the co-operation in Bio-tech is still intact) “study” after “study” came out saying the Covi19 even had been around Europe for weeks even for months before Wuhan! There you have it! Again according to “experts”, No bio-engineered virus! They are all natural. So no one is blamed at all! Just bad luck and coincidences!

One strange thing I found is the interview of Larry Romanoff at Guns and Butters about Bio-attack was deleted! There must be something going on under this Covid19 current!

As if people had not been scared enough with their inflationary death toll, news of children died of “covbid19 related” illness suddenly popped-up! So, there is no “conspiracy” with bio-engineered virus that only kills Chinese, or elderly at all! And that the Covid19 is truly deadly even just being related with it! WTF!

However, the sad thing is most of our usual “brave and intelligent” have not even seen the bigger threat and the force behind this NWO. Most of them still stick with old paradigm namely The West vs the Rest plus China or the rivalry of nationalism between nation-states as the base for their analyses. Instead of exposing the destructive nature of the statist system, they have been trying to expose Bill Gates and “rouge” scientists of the Government as if without these evil billionaires and scientists Governments would be pure benevolent and serve the people better! Instead of exposing the true motives of this plandemic which has been played willingly by all major nation-states mainly the USA , China, France, Germany. They take side in the new feign cold war between the USA and China!

Yeah, the deadly virus is natural born and the pendamic is true, but they needed to fake more cases and deaths anyway,! Of course for the good of the society and for all humanity as a whole! Right?

My Two Cents

That’s said. There are many important issues in this fake pandemic, each of which deserves a separate article. However, since things have been changing so fast, and the fact that most of people do not have time to chew a long article, I will try my best to jam all of those issues in this writing in a most possible succinct manner that I could.

We have seen the blame game intensifying in a comedic and comical manner as everyday passes since the official narrative has been cracked by nurses.and doctors on the front line and true medical experts around the world. Thus THEY needed to act fast to cover it up. The main point /message THEY planned to get into people mind is that regardless of whatever the blame game is about, it’s all just politic! The end story is these viruses, they are not not man-made. They are novel natural virus, so that the “plandemic” with bio-engineered viruses can be whitewashed completely.

COVID-Viruses Are Absolutely Not Man Made. They are Government Made!

In this day and age of advanced statism with its sophisticated technocracy, which has mastered the art double speech and controlled language to control people mind, we all must be carefully with the word they’ve chosen.

Therefore I insist that these viruses are absolutely NOT man made at all. Because if these were man-made then all of us, all the humanity has to be responsible as in the case of “climate change” that has been charged with “man-made” – all human activity has contributed to the “climate change”, therefore all humanity is guilty and has to change their activity accordingly etc…

With such implication and connotation of the words “man-made”. We must be very specific and clear about the use/choice of word. The Covid family is made by governments, at least by the USA, CHINA, Australia, Canada, and the UK , against the will of most of us!

Why did I say empathically “most of us” instead of all of us? Because you and I know full well that there are a large number dumbshit nationalists out there in every nation-state, who are more than willing to support, pay for, and participate directly with their governments in creating such evil bio-weapon. These nationalists would jump for joy when their government use these “powerful” weapons to murder people, not only “others” but even their unpatriotic own. Do not forget that bio-engineered weapon is just one of many evil things that governments have been making e.g Chemical, Nuclear, Pharmaceutical weapons etc…

So, whatever argument you want to make whether this Covid19 is natural or bio-engineered , please do not ever use the word “man-made” simply because it is not true and never will be the case that we ordinary people on this planet, the overwhelmingly majority of humanity, want to make such deadly disease to kill or to put ourselves, our family our children in such horrible suffering! Therefore it’s either GOVERNMENT MADE or NATURAL. But absolutely NOT MAN MADE!


You see, it ‘s so obvious that without the statist system, the belief in power of the state, the Authority, the Jewish Controlled Cabal , or the Deep State or the Oligarchs or whatever you prefer to call the shadow force, could not do a thing to us! Much less Bill Gates and a bunch of rouge scientists, or even a bunch of Jewish billionaires! Without government/ state power these “powerful” individuals might not have even become powerful at all. They cannot do anything directly to us,. They have to do all things through “our governments” with our own legal system which we all respect and obey!

As I have said in my previous two cents, those well known public figures such as Bill Gates and the like are, at best, the useful instruments of the Jewish Controlled Cabal. These “oligarchs” do not and cannot hold true power. When The True Power that be has no more need of these useful instruments, or these instruments become liability, these billionaires such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, George Soros etc.. can suddenly be “investigated” and “indicted” for any crimes e.g rape, tax fraud etc or simply just have accident or commit suicide! Juts like Robert Maxwell and Jeff Epstein (I myself believe Epstein is still alive with new identity) .

Those who hold true power never need to be in any official position or well known public figure such as president or prime minister etc. They only need the power to print national money at will! and with and through such power, they control the statist system that people voluntarily respect and obey, With such not-so-hidden power, they can make anyone be President or Prime Minister, High Judge etc And in many cases, the installed puppets did not even know that he/she was “made” and never had chance to meet their true masters in person at all! This is the Cabal, the true power Modus operandi. It’s safer to “indirectly control” the useful instruments than directly involve these individual into direct contact with the Cabal inner circle itself. Because the Cabal can use the very power of the State to get rid of any “black sheep” at will with and by the protection of the power of the State itself to cover-up without being exposed . J.F.K was the case in point, all presidents after J.F.K were also installed and “knew their places”. The community organizer and the criminal clown are no exception!

You see folks, Presidents and Prime ministers, Judges , Generals etc..to the Jewish Controlled Cabal, are just clowns.. These clowns are not true deciders at all. That’s why you have seen lately that these high offices, especially in the Western democracies, often occupied by clowns, morons, retarded criminals literally!

The fallacy of three independent branches of government and the check and balance

Western political (silly) scientists often brag about the marvelous invention of “democracy” with three independent branches of government and the check and balance”. It’s a fraud and a deceit to fool the sheeple. People in this so-called free world, regardless educated or not have been fooled into believing that they have democracy! That their “democracy” has been well protected by such separation of powers arrangement!

Have you, as a ordinary citizen, seen enough of three branches colluding with one another? How about all three branches working under one shadow master? I don’t want to invoke the bicephalous dictatorship system here!

As a matter of fact the whole world statist system has been functioning as the same model as in China.

Under Chicom system, in China three branches of government are “independent” from one another but derive from and under one leadership of the Communist Party!

In the so-called “free world”, the three separate branches working under one “wish” and “donation” from the 1%, if you don’t like the term Jewish Controlled Cabal.

You see, at least the Chicom is honest and upfront about its power arrangement!


I heard some “smart” people (i.e the Moon Of Alabama) saying it’s too dumb to call this crisis “plandemic” or “hoax”, since if the virus is bio-engineered and caused many deaths-(the pandemic) so the pandemic cannot be hoax. And since every “major nation-states” which belong to two main camps that are enemies to each other, all have been suffered badly (both economically, and socially high death toll) from this “covid19”, therefore the “conspiracy” would make no sense! Sound perfect argument, right? except it’s not. Here is why?

Whoever put forward such moronic argument must be either an idiot, or ignorant statist gatekeeper who bases such silly moronic argument on three false statist myths or false assumptions:

1- Bio-engineered weapon must be for mass-killing, and nothing else.
2- Enemy governments do not co-operate or work with one another for a common goal.

3- Government represents people interests and put the interests of the people first, that government care for the people well-being and there is a thing called “national interests”

Before dealing with each of those false assumptions above, let us play a little bit game of words and statistic.

Everyone of us know that the seasonal flu does kill millions people around the world annually. This is a fact! Right? The flu virus did kill millions of people last year.

However, If some government suddenly hyped up this seasonal flu and called this common flu a “deadly pandemic” and forced the lockdown on the whole nation and the whole planet to serve some other agenda. Would you call it a hoax? Of course you would! It would definitely be a pandemic hoax while the virus is real and the killing is true!

You see, even the virus is real and the killing is true it still can be a hoax for political purpose!

Now we come to those false assumptions.

1-Bio-engineered weapon must be for mass-killing only

The reason it is called bio-engineered is because it is… “engineered” for a specific purpose including but not limited to mass killing! That’ why and how it must be “engineered” by “top-notch” scientists , but not by you and me or some GP in your own town! And the work must only be sanctioned, protected and funded by the State/Government. No one else ever dares to perform such thing without the state sanction! As author Larry Romanoff pointed out- a virus can be engineered to kill certain genetic or bio- characteristic or just to cause long illness en masse in order to cause social and economic chaos and disruption ,which in turn would become political crisis. And also unfortunately, since it’s bio-engineered and by fallible MAN, it could cause “unplanned” result, and it will have its own life after being released! That means “out of control” once released!

2- Enemy governments do not co-operate or work with one another for a common goal.

Anyone remember why Henry Kissinger flew to Beijing to meet Zhou Enlai? Or if you did not and do not want to read documentary books by the late professor Antony Sutton about the Capitalists of Wall Streets under the protection of the USA government, helping and funding the Communist October Revolution in Russia, you just need to look at the very modern history on who helped (and still does) China “open up” and become an economic super power in this 21century? Or who helped presidential candidate Ronald Reagan by prolonging the hostage crisis in Tehran (November 4, 1979, to January 20, 1981) and later with the so-called Iran Contra!

Those are just some modern examples. You can go back to history for more if you like! (the first Baron War come to mind) The reason is also very simple, which is the third false assumption that statist people always use to base their arguments.

3- Government represents people interests and put the interests of the people first, that government cares for the people well-being and there is a thing called “national interests”

Have you seen enough of government deceiving and killing their own people in your own country?

As an ex Vietnamese (remember Vietnamese is NOT an ethnicity , it’s just a nationality) I have witnessed these democide myself. Every government claims they are for the people, but those in government only do everything for themselves and will stop at nothing to remain in, protect and expand their power.

Do I have to say anything about Mao Tse Tung and his Chicom and what they have done to the Chinese people? Or Stalin, Hitler for that mater? Or Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt (WWII, Pearl Harbor) . OK these are too far back of history for people these days.

How about the USS Liberty in which a sitting USA president literally ordered his military to murder his own soldiers to protect a foreign government (actually his own masters)! This is a very good lesson about the false premises and myths of patriotism and nationalism for dumbshit nationalists out there! Oh well, they don’t want to learn anyway, if they do they must have already did for there more than enough of such lesson to learn in the past and right now! If you happen to be an American, do you remember the Seal Team (22) that was shot down over Afghanistan in a obsolete helicopter?

Anyway, I do feel the pain of John W. Whitehead as he stated at the very beginning of his latest essay:

I have never known any government to put the best interests of its people first, and this COVID-19 pandemic is no exception.”

It’s so true. When war, or economic crisis happen, only people suffer, not the 1% and those are in government. Not no mention the fact that more than often those crises have been deliberately created by government. (Read War is a Racket, War is the health of the State, The Truth about WWII). Or if you are an American, you don’t need to read those books, just look back at the 2008 financial crisis!

So the Covid19 Plandemic obviously is a win-win for all government around the world! At the surface, no more protest as there had been everywhere before Wuhan event! Within very short time, the whole population of the planet has been reigned in by just the same mere decree from governments around the world : “lockdown!” That’s it. It’s pure and simple! Human rights, the rights of man, the rule of law, the constitutional rights etc.. all just evaporated from the whole planet! All governments around the world just gain absolute power overnight without the need of doing anything at all, thanks to the COVID19 plandemic! And most of people on this planet have voluntarily submitted to this new-old statist power following China Chicom example with consent!

In one word, people suffering and loss are not disasters or unwanted things for Governments. On the contrary, history has shown that people suffering and loss are often planned by governments for political purposes even to strengthening government ruling power!

The Simple Truth and Facts People Should Have Known

I thought these information below were common sense and common knowledge but I was wrong as I look at the way people behave submissively in following dangerous and harmful instructions from government i.e wearing mask, social distancing stupidly with fear.

Not every one knows that PEOPLE ARE DYING every single second around the world of various causes. let alone contagious diseases such as annual seasonal influenza, WHICH CAUSES MILLIONS OF Global Deaths EVERY YEAR more than this “deadly COVID19!”

There is no effective vaccine for even seasonal influenza, that’s why millions people keep being infected and re-infected and still get killed every year by seasonal influenza!

As matter of medical fact that flu vaccine (and vaccine in general) make people with pre-existing condition become vulnerable to other viruses attack after being injected ! Simply because the flu vaccine is actually FLU VIRUSES but weak or inactivated viruses themselves, They are injected into your body to make your immune system respond to them! Thus imagine if your body is attacked by other viruses during this vaccinated period! That’s why a study found that influenza vaccine can increase the risk of other coronaviruses such as Covid19!

Basic Inflation lesson

When the whole population is lockeddown/ quarantined, the aggregate supply of goods and services will be disrupted and many items become less available, while the aggregate demand remains the same or even higher due to panic hoarding! This cause an absurd situation that many perishable goods such as essential foods have to be wasted away while many people in need could not access to these available foods, because the normal distributing system has been disrupted by the stupid social distancing and criminal unlawful lockdown.

At the same time Government prints more money from the thin air to stimulate the economy! (WTF) The consequence is high inflation. Prices are rising as more fiat money but less goods and services available in the market to buy!

Final Judgement: New World Order with New Organized Habits

Please, just don not take my words. Just look at yourself, your family around you, your neighbors, what have you seen so far?

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organised habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.” ~ Edward L. Bernays (1930). “Propaganda”

As far as I am concerned with all the circumstantial evidences I have at hands, I can conclude with strong confidence that the so-called covid19 FAMILY is both bio-and MSM engineered and created by multi-governments, or rather should be called multi-government made.

As I said before at the beginning of this crisis. The Covid19 family is a well engineered viruses. they are designed differently for different targets in different geopolitical places. The aim is to install fear and cause disruption for total control in a grand scheme to reset the world statist system. And They got it, unfortunately, despite a number of brave nurses and doctors and experts spoke out to expose this evil plan. The anti-lockdowm has been proven ineffective because it is too politicized mostly by dumbshit right-wingers and supporters of the criminal clown in the whore-house. Most of these protesters are out protest not for true freedom nor because of true understanding of liberty. It’s such a waste of energy and “bravery” indeed!

The particular virus that was released in Wuhan (remember the emblematic the bio-attack drill during the military game and the new-year grand banquet ) targets only Chinese with particular Chinese/Asian bio-characteristic with different symptoms and different way of dying: many just dropped death! Remember Chinese is not a race or ethnicity. That why I pointed out that only certain Chinese mainland were infected and killed whereas billions of other Chinese are not, and millions of Chinese descendants living in South East Asia such as Vietnam, Cambodia , Laos etc have been spared!

The virus that released and attacked in Iran is also distinctive. It targeted QOM, a heart of Shia Muslim in Iran, where many Senior ranking clerics of Shia Islam live. Qom is the heart of religious studies with the largest Theology school in Iran, the Hozeye-Elmiye-Qom.

Even the Virus that was released and attack Italy is distinctive different! It killed mostly elderly people!

Whereas in the USA and UK, all of them, the whole family, have been operating together! WTF!

But still, despite of their “great effort”, these COVID19 some how have been slow down and have not done their job properly. That is why these Bloody Viruses need to be more engineered by the MSM presstitute and rogue doctors to “kill” more victims for them so that in newspapers and in official records their job would be accomplished!

But not yet, many experienced medical experts and certain section of the population still have doubt and shown no fear! So these Viruses have been engineered again by the MSM and court doctors/experts so that this COVID19 can be able to relatedly kill some more children. Yeap! make these kids died of COVID19 related illness!!!

I have to admit that THEY have achieved what they planned for: a total submission from a almost total population in the whole world! But you know, power is paranoid and never be satisfied easily. They need to make sure they got it 100%. That’s why they need to double down and make sure the population must be kept in constant struggling and fearful mode. They feign more new conflict and war to hype up nationalism. Divide and conquer, classic but very effective!

So we all have to be prepared for the second wave folks! I really mean it. Because we really don’t know how many kind of other viruses they already have in their bio-war-labs around the world waiting to be released when they need. But I do know for a fact that in the time of the second wave, they will mostly deploy the MSM-engineered viruses to blame and crush the anti-lockdown and anti social distancing for good, once and for all: Social shaming them and jailing them!.

Last but not least, be prepared for the most heart-breaking experience if you decide to live as a free person: Your family could be the first to attack you and may even sell you out to government thugs!

Be brave folks, we all will die at anytime and by any cause. But please let’s die in liberty with human dignity!

When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind.”
― Jiddu Krishnamurti


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