PQC: Folks, for more than a week, Melbourne weather has been cold (6-10C), windy (gusty) and rainy. Apart from that, road works and rail works, 5G installment have been intensifying with speed. Thus I could not bike further as I had planned. So I stayed home, played a bit of music with my guitar and my alto, and read new articles coming out with new information.

Oh my my! I am “terrified” to know that I am not alone to be a “fool” in this plandemic, (such as the last american vagabond, please follow his works foks) who dared to suggest that China was in this grand-symphony operation as the Conductor with his performance in perfection as Israel Shamir put it. But still, very few have a clear mind or rather dared to look for the true composer(s) of this grand-symphony, much less dare to name the Jewish Controlled Cabal, except Israel Shanir and Gilad Atzmon intelligently and bravely suggested so! I digress here for I will discuss about this in my next “foolish two cents.”

Anyway, here is a “thing” about “us” that I have talked about for years, and our friend “DADA” nailed it “in half way” the other day : They are taking pleasure on having power to subdue and oppress. It is a very dark primeval part of human nature now allowed to come to surface due to this shit nonsense going on.

Then I asked myself : “Can such “dark primeval part of human nature” be so deadly as such without being “authorized” / state-sanctioned? And last but not least, where does such destructive “authority” come from?

What if all of us no longer believe that we need such Authority? That we no longer give consent to and bow down to such “authority”. There is no “order” and “power” for those “dark primeval part” to follow and obey.

At any rate, as I strategized for myself and my own purpose, that we should let things revealing themselves and sink in for a while. For as I had explained this “Covid operation/grand-symphony” is much much bigger and larger than the “911”. It’s more complex, subtle, but not so complicated though, so it would be much easier to discuss and comprehend when their “things” revealing by themselves.

Please watch and listen to this man, whom I only 50% agree with . Is “order follower” the main culprit of our human mess? Folks, please give this question a deep thought and come to your own answer and conclusion!