By Yoichi Shimatsu
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The most galling aspect of Beijing’s shameless behavior in the coronavirus pandemic is its arrogant attitude of “victory” after so many reckless policy decisions in the Wuhan crisis, including permitting outbound flights of its citizens without COV testing, repeated under-counts of coronavirus deaths, appalling rights violations of Wuhan residents and unprecedented censorship, all unworthy of a major power. That said and yet to be addressed honestly by Beijing, the Chinese did not bio engineer COVID-19, not due to any moral qualms but because of their lack of sophisticated bio-engineering and the research experience required to craft a masterwork of synthetic biology.

The science gap makes Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s accusation about a Chinese origins of COVID-19 laughable. His deficiency in science aptitude is due to his pre-Copernican obscurantism typical of his fellow Opus Dei cultists. Oh, well, there’s no point in haranguing him about his responsibility to be diplomatic, since two wrongs made a neocon right.

His irrational diatribes actually does a vital service for the Beijing regime to distract public attention from their own responsibility for crimes against their people and the international community. After casting himself as a loud-mouth ignorant fool in Chinese eyes, Pompeo has become a convenient jackass that arrived just in time to take the blame off China’s leaders prior to the big political meetings this month. Never mind coronavirus, foot in mouth disease remains an ever-present risk inside the Beltway. Anyway I suppose Xi Jinping owes you a letter of thanks, Mike.

Pomposity on display

While the Chinese are taunting him with outright laughter, I’m trying to alert Secretary Pompeo to quit making an ass out of himself, like a second Hillary. America’s sinking deeper by the hour, going the way of the former superpower Soviet Union. First thing first, meaning pull out of the nose dive.

The sneaky Opus Dei has been quietly allied with Falun Gong, the banished bizarre Chinese qigong sect that publishes Epoch Times, a fount of disinfo on the Wuhan outbreak. The cult was founded by ethnic Korean Li Hongzhi, born in the former capital of Manchukuo, who emerged as a pseudo-Buddhist fraudster hyping Tai Chi-type group calisthenics and targeting patients with psychiatric disorders for recruitment. Coming from an ancient Buddhist family tradition, I find FLG’s wacko behavior insulting to the philosophical teachings that have similar historical roots as Christianity. I have passed countless sit-down protests in Hong Kong by their pathetic and obviously troubled cult followers being bossed around by organizers who were slick secular college-educated middle-class British-born Chinese (BBCs), many of them quite good-looking youngish women, who caught my eye but were obviously run by the MI-6. Watch out, because the British spooks are back inside The Beltway, thanks to odd fellows Jesuits and Opus Dei.

Something to note is that Pompeo family’s hometown of Santa Ana, with its majority Spanish-speaking community, is the major hot spot of Opus Dei organizing activity in Southern California. Inspired by a papal bull issued by the late Polish pope John Paul II, OD is a major supporter of a Catholic political alliance with the Evangelical movement. (Think here of Pentecostal death squads in Guatemala and MS-13 out of the Salvadorean contras, bosom buddies of the Francoists in the Reconquista of the heathen planet.) The Opus or “works” cult founded by Josemaria Escriva, a high-ranking spy for Franco against the dictator’s foes in the Church (the confession booth being the ticket to the firing squad), had his historical roots in the closeted Jewish conversos who spied for the Jesuit-led Inquisition hunting down openly defiant practitioners of Judaism aka honest-to-goodness real Jews who disdained the notion of Christ as Messiah. Opus Dei in essence are the Sanhedrin brain-washed flagellants inside the Catholic Church killing their honest brethren. Martin Luther was indeed correct in asserting that faith alone not dodgy “works”, tithing, bank looting and land confiscations, is the key to Christian spirituality. You either believe or you don’t, no fence-straddling, which is fine for both sides rather than going nowhere in the muddled middle.

Pompeo is the first Secretary of State to visit the Wailing Wall, the must-do destination for Orthodox Jewry, and while in Jerusalem visited the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. That’s what’s called muddled. The Knightly Order of the Holy Sepulcher is the Vatican’s team in Jerusalem and also bridge to Israel. I suppose on Passover the Jewish state celebrates “Good” riddance Friday but not Easter. An apology is not required nor should be demanded by either side. What was done in sin happens all the time, and besides Jesus was totally cool about it, the good loser as ultimate winner, which is why his side won the contest, at least until 1947 or soon thereafter. Those were different moments in the larger cycle, whereas neocon subservience to Tel Aviv kowtows to a Euro-Yiddish regime that despises Christians, like those descendants of Aramaic-speaking early Christians, now known as Palestinians. Stop accepting second-class status, be honest to yourself and convert, Mike, get circumcised and wear a yamulka and have a bagel. Hava Nagila, whoopee!

Otherwise, the failed Navy officer Pompeo should keep his agitation on behalf of bizarre cults and Zionism to handing out flyers on the Liberty University campus instead of sullying the office of Secretary of State as did his forerunner Hillary Clinton with all her recklessness during the Arab Spring. Keep deviant pseudo-religious leanings out of politics and diplomacy, and get back to the straight and narrow purely personal doctrine of the Cross. Before defecting, meditate on this, Mike and the other Mike: Jesus died for your sins.

Further detail on Pompeo’s neocon bias. He’s a major supporter of Falun Gong, the bizarre Chinese qigong sect that publishes Epoch Times, a fount of disinfo on the Wuhan outbreak, founded by ethnic Korean Li Hongzhi, born in the former capital of Manchukuo who emerged as a pseudo-Buddhist fraudster hyping taichi-type group calisthenics and heavily recruited patients with psychiatric disorders. Coming from a Buddhist family tradition, I find FLG’s wacko behavior insulting to the philosophical teachings that have similar historical roots as Christianity. I have passed by countless sit-down protests in Hong Kong of their pathetic and obviously troubled cult followers being bossed around by organizers who were slick secular college-educated middle-class British-born Chinese (BBCs), many of them quite good-looking youngish women, obviously run by the MI-6. So watch out, because the British spooks are back inside The Beltway.

One last grisly detail of note is that Pompeo family’s hometown of Santa Ana, with its majority Spanish-speaking community, is the major hot spot of Opus Dei organizing activity in Southern California. Inspired by a papal bull issued by the Polish pope John Paul II, OD is a major supporter of his concept of Catholic political alliance with the Evangelical movement. (Think here of death squads in Guatemala and MS-13 out of the Salvadorean contras.) The Opus or “works” cult founded by Josemaria Escriva, a high-ranking spy for Franco against the dictator’s foes in the Church (the confession booth being the ticket to the firing squad), had his historical roots in the closeted Jewish conversos who spied for the Jesuit-led Inquisition hunting down openly defiant practitioners of Judaism aka honest-to-goodness real Jews. Opus Dei in essence are the Sanhedrin’s brain-washed flagellants inside the Catholic Church. Martin Luther was indeed correct in asserting that faith alone not dodgy “works”, tithing, bank looting and land confiscations, is the key to Christian spirituality. If you don’t really believe, then leave.

Pompeo is the first Secretary of State to visit the Wailing Wall, the must-do destination for Orthodox Jewry, and while in Jerusalem visited the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. The Knightly Order of the Holy Sepulcher is the Vatican’s team in Jerusalem and bridge to Israel. I suppose on Passover the Jewish state celebrates “Good” riddance Friday but not Easter. An apology is not required nor should be demanded by either side. What was done in sin is over. Those were unfortunate moments in the larger cycle, whereas neocon subservience to Tel Aviv bows lower than the liberal Deep State to a racist Yiddish regime, which obviously has penetrated Team Trump much like the Zionist-Protestants were converted inside the Clinton-Obama establishment to illicit affairs with Islam and Rothschild liberal Judaism.

The failed Navy officer Pompeo should keep his agitation on behalf of bizarre cults and Zionism to handing out flyers on the Liberty University campus instead of sullying the office of Secretary of State as did his forerunner Hillary Clinton with all her madness. Keep deviant pseudo-religious leanings out of politics and diplomacy, and get back to the straight and narrow purely personal doctrine of the Cross. Meditate on this, Mike and the other Mike: Jesus died for your sins.

Britain’s suspicious ‘flu’ season a year prior to Wuhan

Bats are innocent of charges. The actual start of the global coronavirus pandemic, unfortunately for the accusers blaming China, was in late winter of 2017-18 in Britain, where 45,000 people died of a mystery flu amid a massive cull of more than 100,000 badgers with a suspicious infection blamed on bovine Tuberculosis, which also happens to be a key ingredient in COVID-19. That’s roughly equal in total number to all the COV deaths in China, but for an island country with less than 1/20th of the Chinese population.

As shown in Part 21 of this series, the outbreak coincided with bovine tuberculosis research at the University of Bristol in Glouchestershire near Oxford, commissioned by Anthony Fauci’s NIH and Jeh Johnson’s Department of Homeland Security. The offshore work to complete the HIV-COV-TB chimera was necessary due to the 2013 start of a U.S. moratorium on Gain of Function research that increases the virulence of pathogens.

Meanwhile, funded by NIH and USAID grants, there were American researchers and a British-origin nonprofit called EcoHealth Alliance working at the much-vilified “Chinese” Institute of Virology in Wuhan. The foreign researchers posted there insist that the lab was clean and not involved in biological warfare development, obviously. Would it make any sense for the USA to fund Chinese biowarfare research prior to the then upcoming world military games in Wuhan? The ludicrous conspiracy theory spewed by the likes of Falun Gong, ZeroHedge and Mr. Pompeo should raise suspicion that they are part of Version 2.0 of MI-6’s Russiagate hoax.

Significantly, Pompeo has been dismally silent about the heinous biological warfare attack against the CISM World Military Games held at Wuhan from October 18 to 27, which infected American, continental European and Chinese soldier-athletes in droves. So the Secretary of State is knowingly pushing a false narrative without any basis in facts on the ground in Wuhan, much like his Deep State liberal predecessors invented wet mattress scenarios out of thin air. No, the bats being collected in China were part of a US-sponsored program and not part of a nefarious Chinese bio-weapons program. Actually, the study of viruses in bats is not some nefarious plot, but run of the mill research on zoonotic diseases, which is why I haven’t gone after EcoHealth Alliance, which is simply an over-staffed British-origin NGO scam of limited benefit, but arguably better than outright crooks like Conservation International or Sea Shepherd.

To quote the bat collector’s mission statement:

“EcoHealth Alliance partners with USAID on the PREDICT subset of USAID’s EPT (Emerging Pandemic Threats) program. PREDICT seeks to identify which emerging infectious diseases are of the greatest risk to human health. Many of EcoHealth Alliance’s international collaborations with in-country organizations and institutions fall under the PREDICT umbrella. Scientists in the field collect samples from local fauna in order to track the spread of potential harmful pathogens and to stop them from becoming outbreaks. Scientists also train local technicians and veterinarians in animal sampling and information gathering. Active Countries: Bangladesh, Cameroon, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Guinea, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Liberia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Sudan, South Sudan, Thailand, Uganda and Vietnam.”

Their most notorious project is omitted from that list, a CIA-packed bat project in Georgia, which is following up on Soviet-era toxins research. On a scale of 10 for illicit lethality, I would rate EHA a 6.5, meaning potentially harmful but far from dangerous, since the Yunnan horseshoe bat is more myth than any likely source of a COVID pandemic in humans.

If the Wuhan-based Institute of Virology had invented COVID, then it was created on contract for the CIA-front USAID. If that is the case, Mr. Pompeo, it means you’re directly to blame for a quarter-million deaths worldwide, which indeed Opus Dei is capable of doing in a wet dream. Of course, his feigned accusation is actually to divert away an international investigators from looking at the DHS-NIH supported COVID project in southwest England. The British badger research since 2013 for the NIH and DHS account for the actual origins of the earliest “European strain” of the COVID pandemic. See Part 21 for details.

As this series has revealed in detail, the bioengineering of the SARS-COV2 chimera required genius of the sort that China hasn’t been able to muster since alchemist Zhuke Liang’s wonder-works against the vast armies of the tyrant Cao Cao in The Three Kingdoms period. The pedagogy of imperial civil service exams has discouraged the Chinese people from thinking creatively, confining them in the slow lane of rote memorization. The synthetic biology for transforming Hong Kong SARS coronavirus into COVID requires state-of-art lab resources and the innovative problem-solving that only the United States and Europe possess in abundance. An apt comparison is the automobile assembly industry in China, where the top-of-line cars are Buicks and Audis made with imported parts designed by Western engineers. China is conditioned to repetitive work routines and basically has nothing in the way of design genius. COVID is a diabolically clever puzzle still mystifying the world’s top microbiologists after these many months.

The Iceman Speaketh

The meticulous Icelandic microbiologist Kari Steffanson, founder of deCode Genetics, recently stated: “The virus came (to Iceland) from the Alps and Great Britain. While the Icelandic authorities responded by trying to contain the spread of infection from high-risk countries, the virus was actually sneaking into the country with people from other countries. And the most notable there is Great Britain. So it looks like the virus had a fairly wide spread in Great Britain very, very early in this epidemic.”

A wide area of spread early on sounds much like rural southwest England during the badger cull more than a year before Wuhan outbreak. Yet the supposed first British infection was attributed by the London tabloids to a sole Briton super-spreader who after a conference in Singapore stopped over at an French ski resort near Geneva, as detailed way back in Part 6 of this series “Wuhan CoV Proves Useful For A Malthusian Cull Of Aging Societies”. To quote and summarize from my early scoop:

“The Swiss ski resort where 4 Britons, including a child, were infected (January 24-28) by a fellow Brit flying in from Singapore is called Contamines Montjoie, which strangely sounds like bad French for ‘Contamination is my joy’. Contamines, properly translated, refers to plowing. The infected middle-aged man in transit between Singapore and London caught the coronavirus at a three-day Servomex conference at the Grand Hyatt in Singapore along with a Singaporean male, two South Koreans and a Malaysian. A staffer from Wuhan had attended the meeting. (Note in hindsight: This is a key clue on the MI-6 role in the biowar attack against the CISM World Military Garmes in Wuhan.)

“Servomex manufactures, installs and services gas-detection sensors to monitor chemical composition and the presence of any contaminants. Servomex is controlled by Spectris, a corporation spun off from Fairfey Aircraft, the builder of Halifax bombers for the Royal Air Force during the Battle of Britain in WWII. Spectris is the leading UK producer of sensors and detectors, used for tracking nuclear, chemical and biological (NBC) substances. One of its directors, Bill Seeger was with the jet propulsion division of GKN, the producer of AugustaWestland military helicopters and Fokker Aircraft. Another director was president of European operations of Eli Lilly, the pharma that produced LSD for the CIA MK-ULTRA program; and an independent director was formerly with Imperial Chemical Industries, which produced research-grade explosives in competition against IG Farben and DuPont, and has since produced insecticides through its Syngenta division. Another director has been involved in the telecommunications sector in Russia and Ukraine. Spectris also is active in biotech and conducts vehicle testing for the defense sector.

“The Spectris headquarters is located at Egham in Surrey, nearby the CABI (Centre for Agricultural and Bioscience International) facility, which boasts having ‘one of the world’s largest collections of microorganisms’ with special focus on fungi. Please, you ladies with the blue rubber gloves, don’t touch the white cat or go near Sir Blofeld, OBE. “

EcoHealth Alliance made in the UK

Meanwhile, American intelligence experts report that they cannot pin down any lab escape from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which was funded by NIH and USAID via the Britisher-led Eco Health Alliance, which has been amassing a global collection of bat-borne viruses in areas surrounding Russia, out of exaggerated fears of the Soviet-era VECTOR lab in Novosibirsk, Siberia. Falun Gong churned out all sorts of false alarms, about bloody bat attacks on lab staff like a Dracula movies, but if you believe Epoch Times, then I’ve got a bridge to sell you, sucker.

As I’ve shown in Part 19, insect-eating bats do far more good for humankind, with the actual source, of the COV-SARS virus experiments is the family Mustalidae including civets and badgers, which harbors the same beta coronavirus category as humans. The badger cull in southwest UK and massive “flu” outbreak being simultaneous with the bioengineering of COV-SARS is telling to say the least, meaning bioengineered COVID version 1 had escaped with badgers into the British countryside killed thousands of human Brits.

The connection to COVID being of some interest, Contamines-Montjoie in the French Alps is connected by train with Geneva, headquarters of the WHO and also the major Swiss virology lab at Geneva University Hospitals (HUG), which has conducted PCR studies on COVID-19 since early January weeks before the arrival of the Briton from Singapore, meaning the lab is either on contract with the WHO with samples secretly shipped from Wuhan or were likelier conducting tests for Swiss army athletes infected in the biowar attack against the CISM World Military Games in Wuhan. Switzerland since then has registered about 20,000 reported cases and more than 1,700 related deaths in a total population of 6.4 million.

Crisis of the U.S. health system beyond COV

Back in the 2008 sub-prime crisis, “Too Big to Fail” applied to New York’s major banks and insurance companies. Today, amid the coronavirus debacle a failure too great applies to the huge financial institutions that pass themselves off as health providers, which in financial terms are a key component of the investment cycle between the big banks, insurance sector and institutional investors (of which HMOs are a major player), these being three spokes in the wheel of America’s unicycle economy.

What about the once major role of American industry? Coronavirus taught Econ 101 Lesson 1: Something as simple as face mask, a piece of cloth and string, can’t be made in USA, so what industrial economy are we dreaming about? Make America Great Again, dream on! Over the past 4 years, promises, promises! Forgotten, neglected and rejected New York style with an economy now in ruins. If you want more of kosher, order a blini at Katz’s. The GOP convention could use a change of guard to make MAGA real for once. Out with a corrupt Opus Dei and usurious Orthodoxy, and in with the Protestant work ethic.

It used to be that rich people in New York would patronize Park Avenue doctors, who charged a lot for the latest treatment, whereas ordinary working families got house calls from a personal physician. The term “horse doctor” didn’t mean a veterinarian back then, but the doc who arrived on horse and buggy to take your temperature. Medical technology changed all that prompting the rise of the big health organizations, major insurers and Medicaid. The big ticket items included CT scanners and positron emission scans ($2.5 million each) and surgical robots ($2 million), with additional charges for technical support, online networking and staff specialists, so out went the horse doctor and in came the world’s wealthiest crooks to your local HMO. Thus allocation of technical resources and specialist time became an issue, velvet gloves treatment for wealthy donors, especially foreigners enured to graft under the cover of charitable contributions to the HMO, versus your average local Joe or elderly lady sitting patiently in the waiting room for hours for an insulting 5 minutes of staff time. Nowhere does the inequality gap between foreign intruders and neighborhood losers get worst than the Big Apple.

OK, the kinder right side of your brain is telling you, we’re all human, so why vilify some poor fellow from overseas and discriminate against him like a redneck racist? This guilt attitude is exactly why nation’s medical system cannot be fixed until it is totally broken, because the hospital administrators need rich people’s donations to keep their HMO out of bankruptcy court, so no questions asked if dirty money’s from the drug trade, gross exploitation of child laborers, the sex industry, embezzlement of foreign aid or bank robbery.

Nobody anymore arrives on American soil with 25 cents in their pocket like your great-grandfather who risked everything to work at a back-breaking job to send a few dollars to save his homeland village from starvation. Immigration is not what it used to be, and the attitude of the new foreign upper middle-class and rich immigrants has radically changed to wealth accumulation at the expense of American citizens. Get that straight in your do-gooder egalitarian mind, when you’re becoming less than equal by the hour and minute. Sure it’s nice to be friendly and open, but beware of medical pickpockets and wealthy patients who are hogging up medical equipment and nurses’ time while your mother is dying unattended. Wake up and stop smelling the anesthetics and medical marijuana, put there to numb your mind from harsh realities. The national system is not just broke, it’s been broken, which has been proven beyond any doubt by 70K deaths and rising in the killing fields of COVID-19. Americans are being exterminated.

The basic question of who should get priority in the mega-health system, the average American or rich foreigners, is key to comprehending the factors behind the untimely death by supposed suicide of Dr. Lorna Breen, chief of the emergency room at Allen hospital, a rare community-care facility for the working poor and local retirees, in the New York Presbyterian Hospital system, a misnomered non-Christian health organization that otherwise serves the wealthiest clientele in the world.

Flagship of Health-care USA

If there’s a health-care equivalent of Bear Stearns, the high-profit brokerage that triggered the 2008 financial crisis in the Big Apple, it’s the nation’s wealthiest urban medical group, New York Presbyterian Hospital, net worth dramatically reduced since $14 billion at its height and annual income plummeting with a projected $300-to-450 million loss anticipated for fiscal 2020. This nonprofit flagship of the American health system is being transfused with federal cash injections of $12,000 per COVID patient, which is expected to rise with the next tranche from Washington, but that will not suffice to stanch the financial bleed.

NY “Presby” has been a cash cow for Wall Street, which in turn plows back asset growth and dividends for the mega-hospital, which explains the many finance-industry tycoons on its board of directors, notably from those Too Big To Fail survivors of the 2008 bailout, Morgan Stanley and AIG. Medicare and the high price of medication are what keeps the system going, but balancing the books is not the immediate concern, which should now be on survival of patients with coronavirus infections or any of the host of aliments afflicting the body public in this bleak crisis. Presby is still afloat on its own cash trove; but the City’s public hospitals are long beyond repair, short of drastic national health reform. When the biggest collapse, however, that’s a national crisis when penniless Americans in places like Wichita or Louisville are asked to pick up the extra tax bill.

Basic Care or Exotic Therapies?

The looming financial collapse raises the ethical priority of which comes first, basic care for all or gene research on exotic ailments? In the aftermath of globalization, the harsh issue arises, should the U.S. medical system give priority to American citizens or immigrants and foreigners? Basically, the USA cannot afford to take care of its own, so that means hospitals must cater to rich outsiders while neglecting lifelong taxpayers.

These hard questions focus on the Presby group, which is not just one but several venerable institutions. Its New York Hospital predecessor was founded in 1771 back in the colonial era, and Presbyterian Hospital started in 1868 soon after the Civil War. New York Presbyterian is still the financially healthiest hospital in New York, with double the annual income of Mount Sinai, so these issues must be raised now before the biggest hub of health care collapses under another New York city default as in the mid-1970s.

Being a herbal treatment type into personal health maintenance, I’m maybe not the best person to raise this issue but am doing this as an outsider looking in, because it seems nobody dares touch this topic as if it’s more lethal than coronavirus. As stated before in this series, I’ve survived on herbals through the SARS for 6 months in Hong Kong without ever wearing anything as toxic as a face mask and lived through the dengue fever and avian influenza contagions unharmed due to diet and outdoors exercise. Meanwhile, I’m watching the finances of entire families wiped out by “health care” that’s ruining their immune systems with countless types of medication. So I’ll say the unspeakable.

Death of an ER doctor

The first harbinger of this emerging social-economic catastrophe is the reported “suicide” of New York’s most valiant and dedicated emergency room doctor, Lorna Breen MD, in an ongoing mystery that threatens to blow apart the smug leadership of America’s richest hospital. The core issue in relation to her removal and subsequent death, in a nutshell, is whether a “non-profit” medical group, which receives massive income from a public Medicare system, should be caring for the local community of working poor and elderly, mostly U.S. citizens, or if its business priority should be catering to a wealthy donor class including a ill-gotten rich foreign clientele, who comprise the most lucrative market share in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Westchester County and Long Island? The very fact that the flagship hospital is located in mid-town Manhattan, makes NYPresby the hospital of choice for the UN, meaning this hospital group is political asset for the State Department, USAID, the CIA and so on.

It’s guaranteed that when the hospitals start shutting after the COVID typhoon, and laying off staff, more people will die unnecessarily than from this questionable pandemic. My personal understanding and sympathies go back to New York City residents’ protests against staff cutbacks and hospital closures by Mayor Ed Koch, boss of the gentrifying gay invasion in the 1970s. That was a nearly half-century ago, would you believe, and ever since NYC health has been skating on thin ice that is at last cracking apart and melting now. New York is the bellwether of a national heath-care system that is the costliest and arguably the worst in the world, when considering the USA has more coronavirus cases than all the patients in China, where at least they had the decency to cremate infected corpses instead of dumping bodies into the mass burial trench heartlessly in Hart Island.

NYC to Charlottesville

Since this story’s not going away soon, I’ve leave the generalities there to focus on the mystery that surrounds the causal factors in the death of Dr. Breen, the late ER chief. There’s been a paucity of details in press statements from the two hospitals involved, New York Presbyterian’s Allen Hospital where she heroically led a community-based effort to treat a surge of coronavirus patients and the University of Virginia (UVA) hospital in notorious Charlottesville where her death was reported as a “suicide”.

I am, as usual, skeptical since she was a devout Christian, a faith opposed to suicide as an out from worldly problems. Her faith and personal sense of mission for those in ill health meant there exist grounds for suspicion of foul play. In these times of pandemic, proof is hard to obtain when a slew of malpractice issues are being tossed out with the body bags from nursing homes and hospital wards. Whatever our notions of compassion, pandemics are a time for house-cleaning, out with the old and in with the new. Show me a Mother Teresa nowadays or for that matter another Dr. Lorna.

New York Presbyterian has 12 major hospitals, some of these upscale research units focused on clinical trials for the pharmaceutical industry and others patient-care centers located in solid middle-class districts in the boroughs. NYP Allen sticks out like a sore thumb in city gentrified other than northern Manhattan, by the Fort Lee Bridge, serving the last pocket of Latino working poor, a lot of Dominican immigrants, and from adjoining the Bronx, Irish-American retirees. Allen is kept on for PR reasons, as your friendly neighborhood urban myth, the New York of West Side Story.

For an aspiring graduate from an elite medical school straddled with students loans and credit-card debt nowadays, it’s the last place one would want to be assigned as opposed to more professionally advantageous positions in the “Presby” system at its prestigious facilities such as Morgan Stanley pediatrics center, and its research hospitals for pharma-sponsored clinical trials in partnership with the Columbia College of Physicians and at Weill-Cornell, the treatment center for Wall Street brokers and UN ambassadors. Wealthy patrons, rich patients and research grants pay, caring for the poor is the leftovers.

By contrast, Dr. Breen, a graduate of Cornell medical school whose first job was at the Jewish medical center, saw Allen center as the action hub she’d been hoping for, a real-world emergency room, with Saturday night gun-shot wounds, pregnant mothers rushed in with water breaking, and grandmothers with broken hips instead of upscale HMO clientele of hipsters, sportscar-crash victims, and fashionistas in need of plastic surgery. A snow-boarder and salsa dancer during her off-hours, she was the physical type who met challenges head-on with enthusiasm, just the sort of personality you’d want in charge if you’ve just been pulled out the Hudson after a boating accident or getting sideswiped by a semi-truck on the Fort Lee Bridge.

The surge in coronavirus cases was obviously the greatest challenge in her career, quickly filling 170 of Allen’s 200 beds, with an out-patient flow in the thousands. The dying, of course, was nearly unbearable to watch, but that’s she was made for, as the daughter of Phillip Breen MD, who had done volunteer work in horrific conditions at refugee camps in Africa. For more dedicated physicians, life-and-death crisis is what medicine is about, a situation to engage with all you’ve got and more, not to shrink from. Of course, doctors with a real calling are an exception, and Lorna Breen, by all accounts, was exceptional as a Christian doing God’s bidding.

Then she came down with a coronavirus infection, and had to go into isolation at her mother’s home in Charlottesville. After about 10 days, her health recovered and so she returned to here post. Then the unexpected happened at Allen, for some undisclosed reason, Lorna was told to leave the premises. She returned to Charlottesville to stay with her sister, where she reportedly tried to commit suicide by an undisclosed means and was rushed to University of Virginia hospital, where she soon died. Suicide seems out of character, so perhaps there was way more to it.

Obviously, key facts are missing from the received account. NY Presbyterian issued a bland statement in praise of her, but no details about why she was relieved of duty. During the ongoing COV pandemic, answers are not forthcoming. What little there’s to go on will have to do as to what precipitated the events leading to here death.

Oxygen in short supply

So what was at issue, the underlying controversy simultaneous with her death? If her Allen hospital was the bright hope for the Presbyterian group’s eventual redemption and rediscovery of mission among the city’s lower-income residents, the polar opposite is the Weill-Cornell Medicine center in Manhattan’s swank Upper Eastside, the clinic of Wall Street and the UN rat pack. Weill-Cornell has a sister campus, a medical-degree mill, in Doha, Qatar, the Gulf emirate allied with George Soros and Hillary Clinton during their jihadist-run Arab Spring, which eventually culminated in ISIS in Iraq and Syria and the ultra-violent militia groups in Libya, in short state-sponsored terrorism. The Weill-Cornell ER chief of India extraction had an “innovative” concept about COVID response for his client base, as reported by Reuters.

“A new program at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital is an example of how doctors are adapting and loosening normal protocols to ease the strain on emergency rooms and intensive care units in New York state, the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. Since last week, more than 200 people with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 have been sent home with a pulse oximeter to track their oxygen levels. A doctor or nurse practitioner follows up with them via video conference.

“‘Some of these patients might have been on the borderline of admission,’ said Dr. Rahul Sharma, who is overseeing the program as the chief of emergency medicine at Presbyterian’s Weill Cornell Medical Center.

“An oximeter is a small electronic device that clips onto a fingertip to indirectly measure the oxygen saturation of a patient’s blood. In severe COVID-19 cases, the virus can block up the lungs, hindering their ability to pass oxygen from the air into the bloodstream. While most who contract the virus recover, it has killed at least 4,900 people in the city, according to a Reuters tally.”

It gets worse, thanks to orders from above for putting priority on wealthy donors by allotting them scarce equipment, just in case, depriving critical patients of needed breathing apparatuses due to their lack of money.

“Some of the NewYork-Presbyterian patients are also being sent home with a 30lb (14 kg) portable oxygen concentrating machine which sends oxygen-rich air through a nasal cannula, a two-pronged tube inserted into the nostrils.The patient is asked to log their oximeter readings to share with a doctor or nurse practitioner at 12-hour and 24-hour consultations. The patient may be re-admitted to the hospital if they take a turn for the worse.

“At least two other hospital systems outside of New York unveiled similar new programs using oximeters in late March. Doctors at other hospitals said Presbyterian’s approach could have benefits for patients with a disease about which they still have much to learn.

“‘There’s no guarantees in either direction, there are risks to hospitalization and there are risks with sending people home,’ said Dr. Laura Burke, an assistant professor of emergency medicine at Harvard Medical School. For patients that turn up at an emergency department with other COVID-19 symptoms, giving a pulse oximeter to use at home could be one way to ‘err on the side of safety,’ she added.”

It’s better to err on the side of safety for the rich and powerful rather than save the life of your average American citizen. That’s one way to make up for the financial deficit.

If Dr. Breen did not react in furious rage at mass murder by medical deprivation to give reassurance to some fat cat ambassador to the UN, well then, she’s wouldn’t that spirited gal Lorna. Moral laxity, illegal favoritism, bribery? How does one describe this betrayal of native New Yorkers? Add 20 pieces of silver, to make up for the anticipated annual loss of $450 million in income for fiscal 2020, due to the Wall Street collapse in share values in NYP’s stock portfolio.

Deep State Board of Directors

The leadership and board of New York Presbyterian Hospital is comprised of Deep State insiders and Wall Street financiers, as well as for CIA and State Department intelligence and political influencers in developing economies, war zones and regions targeted for vaccine campaigns. On the Democrat side of the aisle, NY “Presby” board members include Morgan Stanley chief executive John J. Mack; China economic guru to U.S. presidents Maurice “Hank” Greenberg, former head of AIG; investment banker Roger Altman, the Treasury heavyweight during Bill Clinton’s first presidential term; Hillary funder Daniel S. Och who runs the Och-Ziff hedge fund; Guardian Life CEO Deanna M. Mulligan, boss of the Empowerment Board at the Clinton White House; Sarah E. Nash who took over the L.Brands leadership from Leslie Wexner, the Rothschild crony and accomplice of Jeffrey Epstein; and the list or corporate crooks goes on.

This is no surprise considering New York City was headquarters for global-influence racket known as the Clinton Foundation and the funding base for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s two terms as a senator from New York state (2001-09) and then as a UN mover-and-shaker during her appointment as Secretary of State (2009-13) in the Obama administration.

On the other wing of the rogue’s gallery in the Presby hospital board are prominent backs of Mitt Romney and members of CIA director Bill Casey’s Iran-Contra operation known as the Manhattan Institute. Notably missing from this VIP list are any descendants of that outstanding Scottish businesswoman from the Hebrides, who was a devout member of the Church of Scotland aka the Presbyterian congregation, Mary Anne McCloud Trump, the current president’s mother.

UVA as IRC refugee hub

Lorna’s mother, on the medical staff of UVA hospital, had her admitted, apparently for sedation, but she reported died of a self-inflicted method, as yet unreported in detail. Here again, we must part from the official narrative to examine the Deep State context in Charlottesville, known best in the news for the anti-protester violence exploited by former Governor Terry McAuliff, a Jesuit-trained Clinton crony in the state of Governor Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 running mate. As I covered in the past, Charlottesville is a major “refugee” resettlement center for the International Rescue Committee (IRC), a joint CIA-MI6 operation to recruit spies and agents provocateur from the developing countries, with recent focuses on trouble spots like Somalia and Yemen, basically a terrorist training program. Thanks to funding from ISIS-sponsor Qatar, the city has a splendid mosque and Islamic education programs. My previous articles on this travesty of international justice included: .

Under Virginia governor, the liberal neo-fascist Ralph Northam, the university is run top-down by Democrat yes-men. The de facto head of UVA hospital is Bobby Chhabra, originally from India who attended CIA central Johns Hopkins and did his residency at the Scottish Rite Hospital in San Antonio. As in the case of many Silicon Valley executives, persons of India origin trained under British colonial influence are yes-men implementing the orders from their political bosses who want someone with inbred courtesy to please the uber-wealthy families of tycoons and foreign dictators. The open immigration policy of the CIA-MI6 spy organization IRC is largely designed to ensure rule by obedient colonial immigrants without any of those long-held American egalitarian values or awareness of constitutional rights of native-born U.S. citizens of whatever racial group. Immigration today is very much neo-slavery to ensure obedience to central authority while destroying the notion of sovereignty of the people. The tyrannical regime in Virginia is cunning and utterly ruthless in the footsteps of Terry McAuliffe, and certainly not above doing a favor for their fellow corrupt Democrats in New York.

One point to note is that Lorna’s father was interviewed by CNN’s Chris Cuomo, the brother of the would-be American dictator, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of the COVID lectures (I am flabbergasted to return to the USA to see the sorts of neo-fascist posturing by governors that would not fly in dictatorial regimes of Asia, which have the sense to soft sell their corrupt policies.) Dr. Phillip Breen is a private practitioner in Fulton County, Pennsylvania, who was in Charlottesville to drive her from New York. He asserted she had no history of mental issues.

Frontline Fighter

Christian ethics betrayed

Dr. Breen’s visible distress and anger on her return from New York to Charlottesville would be difficult for anyone accustomed to the “therapeutic society” that views righteous rage as a fit of insanity. Nowadays the bibical prophets would all qualify for straitjackets on a diet of antidepressants.

I raise these issues as grounds of suspicion toward an official inquiry by nonpartisan out-of-state investigators once the coronavirus contagion subsides. Her case is important, not just in regard to an individual’s life and career but in relation to the fundamental policies and medical ethics of one of America’s pace-setting hospital groups, which is representative of the great potential and also the deep-seated problems in health delivery. The coronavirus contagion has brutally exposed the American health-care system, for all it’s high prices and research aims, to be the world’s worst medical system in terms of institutional prioritization of basic care, now dwarfed in comparison to most of Western Europe, Canada, South Asia and East Asia, even China.

New York, worst of all, is the black hole of medical care in America, a management disgrace despite the incredible self-sacrifices of the emergency care doctors, nurses and orderlies in this astounding crisis. Praise for the hospital staff must be accompanied by reforms to ensure that loss of life for health employees will never again be repeated due to management policies. Gov. Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill Blasio stand exposed as talkers not doers.

Everything about this multiple crisis exposed by the coronavirus contagion demands thorough review and reform, including the roles of the NIH, CDC and the medical research labs and federal health programs that have wasted vast sums on exotic research via USAID rather than tangible improvement of community-centered health care easily accessible to every citizen. The death of Lorna Breen is an American tragedy, but if her loss leads to much-delayed reform of the health system way beyond the now-expensive palliative of Obamcare, then her loss would not have been in vain and her wishes will be realized by a repentant society that again puts human life ahead of mercenary gain.

Prison Labor does the mass burials on Hart Island

Is there another country that dares use prisoners to haul cheap wooden coffins containing our once homeless diseased dead citizens to mass graves in sandy trenches like so much landfill? The outrageous spurning of human dignity and norms of equality, once guaranteed in the Constitution writ by the forefathers, is being done in the world’s wealthiest city, New York. What sort of hellish gulag are we living in, what pitiful excuse for a nation? Andrew Cuomo and Bill Blasio, never ever again dare speak about how you care for humanity when you let your fellow citizens shiver to death on frozen streets by the hundreds and dump their corpses like garbage on Hart Island without a prayer or an apology.

Where’s your objection, congressional rep from the Bronx, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez? Is there a pastor or priest in a city of population 8.65 million willing to give a benediction at makeshift funeral service for our compatriots who suffered in misery for most of their foreshortened lives? The score in the Big Apple has run up to 10,000 deaths attributed to COVID, so far, without a teardrop shed in the ranks of the Tammany Hall Democrats. Does it take the whole world to condemn this so-called society before a Michael Bloomberg coughs up the millions to pay our suffering hospital staffers and social workers for taking the personal risks and for a minimally decent funeral service for those died alone without seeing caring eyes?

It seems the only decency left that unforgiving metropolisis are the Ryker’s Island convicts who are willing to risk coronavirus leaks from flimsy pine coffins to stack and cover the dead by shoveling on dirt. America cannot anymore be called the land of the free or home of the brave, when this epidemic has been met with timid acceptance of house arrest and groveling fear. This country is consumed by a moral sickness worse than coronvirus or the Black Plague, a pandemic of self-centered greed and refusal to do one’s duty of helping others in need. This wretched excuse for a nation is plunging into the shadows beyond the pale into the coldest lower depths of Dante’s hell. The American Century is over, gone, dead, and from now it’s dog eat mangy dog, in a collapse of civilization. The shame of this grim spectacle will hang like a damp bleary sickening fog over pitiful generations yet unborn. And so we have reached the end of the dream, with the loss of hope and faith.

“This is the end,
My only friend

“The end of our elaborate plans,
The end of everything that stands.
The end, no safety or surprise
The end, I’ll never look into your eyes again.

“Can you picture what will be
So limitless and free,
Desperately in need of some stranger’s hand
In a desperate land.

“Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain,
And all the children are insane.
All the children are insane,
Waiting for the summer rain.”

Obama-Era DHS-NIH Funded TB Research
On UK Badgers for COVID BioWar – Part 21

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To

Here at long last in the 21st part of this series, we close in on the missing link in the bio-engineering of SARS-COV2 (COVID-19) after debunking the bat-origin disinfo and focusing on the nearest possible zoonotic host species, Meles meles of the Mustelidae, commonly known as the badger as the closest match with humans for type B coronavirus infection.

Any verbal or text reference to the tuberculosis strand in COVID-19 is a taboo utterance, being as it is the smoking gun evidence in the biological warfare against the United States, continental Europe, China and Iran by cowardly enemies in hiding following the coronavirus releases against the CISM world military games at Wuhan in October, a group of 100 armed forces with the notable exception of the UK-Australia, Japan and Israel.

The enemy is not entirely foreign since the muffled whispers about the TB splice in COVID-19 echoing through the halls of the NIH, CDC, Public Health Service and an invisible Department of Homeland Security indicates institutional complicity in COVID bio-weapons development approved at highest-level authorization by the Obama administration, which ended the ban on gain of function research (GOF) enabling the completion of bio-synthesis of the coronavirus.

We all would like to believe that America’s enemies are external, for example China, which has taken the brunt of accusation even though the Chinese were the obvious primary target of the bio-warfare attack. We assume, wrongly, that postwar allies including the UK, Japan and Israel will forever be friends who’d never consider launching a sneak attack against vulnerable military athletes competing in peaceful sports competition, with the aim of shattering trust between nations in an era when nearly all current weapons systems are capable of indiscriminate global genocide. We are living in a bubble of illusion left by a stronger generation that fought and won the Second World War and the Cold War. We, however, are not of the same mettle as our fathers and grandfathers in terms of raw courage and physical endurance, but have grown up comfortable and soft, and worse spiritless in defense of core values.

At this vulnerable moment when all of humanity faces extermination by an bio-engineered virus, we must make up the distance with the courage to face terrible facts and muster the intellectual power to resist propaganda from a corrupted neoliberal Deep State leadership in government, finance, tech, corporate management and the mass media, along with higher-education and inside research labs, all part of the global problem and none the solution. Put on your thinking caps! Figure out what’s hitting society and, more important, why. Either we hunt down and punish the prepetrators of the worldwide contagion or billions more are doomed in the next wave of biowar attacks.

My courageous colleague, law professor Francis Boyle, who drafted the law against bio-terrorism, and I have followed two different trails left by the microbiology researchers who created COVID-19, specifically his probe of the domestic culprits in the U.S. bio-warfare operation and my pursuit of the foreign researchers involved. Here in the 21st part of this series, these two paths connect back to the late years of the Obama administration’s clandestine operations under the DHS, NIH and CIA under the cover of “anti-terrorism”. As in “Sympathy for the Devil”, the cops are criminals and criminals like us just might turn out to be saints.

Another Battle of Britain

As asserted all along, the UK was the logical base for completion of the chimera due to the gathering clouds of suspicion over Yoshihiro Kawaoka’s weaponization of the recovered 1918 flu virus with an HIV protein complex to boost efficiency of virion replication in the host cell. That, plus his collaborator at University of Wisconsin Gary Splitter’s reprimand for unreported research at the BSL-3 veterinary lab done in secret, resulting in his ban from access to UW-M facilities. These overt violations of science ethics at a state university with public funds led to the October 2013 suspension of all Gain of Function (GOF) research that increases the virility of bio-toxins.

Faced with stingent inspections, the obvious way out for the UW-M team was secret collaboration with a longtime supporter and friend Dr. Frank Plummer, based just across the border in Winnipeg, Manitoba, at the National Microbiology Laboratory, which had amassed a veritable Alibaba and 40 Thieves treasury of highly lethal viruses, including SARS and MERS coronaviruses, precious samples ready for bio-engineering by Kawaoka and Splitter arriving incognito. I’ve traced how the now-legendary tuberculosis strand, of which the entire priesthood of microbiology has been in denial, was available at a collegial bison research program at the University of Alberta. Of course, all of contacts were possible only if the Dudley Do-Rights of RCMP were encouraged to look the other way, with a signal from Porton Down, the UK Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL).

Tracking the Badger’s footprints

After that all-too serious homily, it’s time to get down to the rollicking gospel style, which comes more naturally to my soul. So be ready to put up with some badgering.

A huge roadblock, so to speak, presented itself in that the bovine version of mTB is not sufficiently interactive with the human-derived parent stock SARS-COV1 from the Hong Kong SARS contagion of 2002-03 in the former British Crown colony. To divert attention from the reengineering of Hong Kong SARS, Porton Down had its media disinfo chorus chime in that bats are the natural reservoir of COVID-19. Yunnan insect-eating bats are too primitive by hundreds of millions of years, and yet the British (in the role of Sauron) commissioned microbiologists in Hong Kong (Gollum) to seek out Yunnan bats.

Those ancient insect-eating bats were ultimately a rejected as a candidate for the Jewel in the Crown, the most precious and powerful coronavirus then in the works. Humans are related to fruit-eating bats, better known as flying foxes, and not insect bats, a fundamental difference of biological families that rules out the Yunnan bat. Nice try, DSTL but you screwed up again.

Instead the Mustali family is the closest match with humans in the Beta type coronavirus category. Comprised of ferrets, civets, weasels and badgers, the Musteli family have dietary habits and metabolic systems similar to us hominids being carnivores with a sweet-tooth, sugar providing the quick energy needed for long endurance travel during foraging and hunting. These varmints are like us as reluctant vegans and omnivores eating brocolli and cabbage only if absolutely necessary to stave off starvation. I have no doubt that our furry counterparts wouldn’t mind a pint of ale or even a shot glass of Speyside whiskey with a chaser after a satisfying meal of red meat. As the saying goes, you are what you eat, and so we are at the same table with the Mustelidae, with ferrets in our labs and also as cute pets, despite the risk of shared infectious pathogens, especially flu associated with gastroenteritis lesions.

The B coronavirus subtypes that infect the badger and humans are close to identical. What’s more interesting is our similar emotional patterns of being promiscuous and naughty pranksters, while protective of offspring and with a temper that’s easily riled by rivals to our thrones. These critters are like us and we are similar to them, as fun-loving brawlers, reckless paramours and insatiably eager for a solid meal and a sound night’s sleep deep inside the quiet warm space of our burrows. We’re not known to be the nicest of creatures like the rabbit or deer, herbivores munching on the lawn, but thieving egoists pushing ahead to get our own way against the competition. Or so says wildlife authority Beatrix Potter, author of Peter Rabbit stories.

These shared character traits as gourmands and bar-room brawlers make me suspect even more that the reclusive insect-eating Yunnan bat, blamed for the outbreak in Wuhan a thousand kilometers from its habitat, was deliberately infected with a SARS-COV type forerunner to throw off any investigation of the globalist Deep State-hatched sneak attack against the CISM World Military Games at Wuhan in October later followed by the fish market outbreak. There are all sorts of sneaky things happening during this lockdown by the weasels in our midst.

Peter Rabbit’s dubious pal

My earlier assumption was that the badger is too fierce and aggressive, in other words too much like your average American male or a gun-toting woman from Texas, to be a docile lab animal for bioengineering research. That personal assessment by a former animal lab worker (during my organic chem student years) is based on my personal experience limited to rats, which are tame by comparison, even though tiny mice are fierce fighters, biting my fingers a couple of times, drawing blood, cute as they may be. Since not many students are willing to run the gauntlet of enraged rodents, lab animals must be naturally docile and even-tempered under prison conditions. Few critters tolerate confinement, as we’re seeing with the rallies against lockdown.

A living bulldozer, the North American badger, has a reputation for relentless scurrying along ia straight and narrow path (step aside, mister, or lose a leg), a burrower that kicks up dirt like a sand excavator, a battler fearless of dogs and with a coat of fur impervious to a bullet. “Don’t tread on me” is his motto, and so I’ve tried not to step on their turf since I do need both legs to get around.

Going to old-school classes run by a card-carrying Nazi German patriot after WWII, I was inculcated in childhood with Gothic horror stories from the Brothers Grimm, which prepared me for investigative journalism in a world of evil. The gentle Briton badgers were outside my range of comprehension, due to the absence of exposure of delightful tales enjoyed by English children, for example, Mr. Badger in “Wind in the Willows” by Kenneth Grahame, or Beatrix Potter’s Tommy Brock (old English for “gray”), a foul-smelling rascal who kidnaps young bunnies for the oven, but then gets into a brawl with his more evil rival Mr. Tod the Fox, a tale about the threat of pedophile rings like the one run by Mr. Savile at BBC. Brock redeems himself by fighting the clever fox, which enables Peter to rescue the babies. Due to my strict upbringing these cute fairy-tales with darkish undertones remained an alter-universe, which I wormholed into only a couple of days ago like a tunneling brock.

The country folk of the British countryside cherish their amusing badgers setts, families that share a tight-knit burrow and are fed kibble on colder winter nights. Had I never heard of the friendly brock, I probably would have set the hounds on them and fired shotgun blasts at the moon, for their own good. Never kill an animal that you don’t plan to eat, that’s the basic ethos. Actually badger fat is an excellent liniment and adds punch to your immune system when added to soup.

Every year, until the recent mass slaughters, more than 400 English badgers have been treated for injuries or cared for as orphans in animal shelters or homes prior to reintroduction to nature. Their partial domestication makes the neighborly English badgers, unfortunately, ideal experimental subjects for scientists crafting biological weapons aimed against humankind.

Being raised from infancy by humans, the rescue badgers are tamed enough for research purposes, a role quite unthinkable for their wild and woolly American cousins, the obnoxious Yank codgers, unruly populists vehemently opposed to lockdown, even in the interest of their own health. You see, badgers are exactly like the people on either side of the Pond. Don’t tread on me or I’ll gnaw your leg off, buster! Whilst by contrast, Oh, it’s tea time!

Country folk up in arms

The war-cry of English country-folk against the UK ‘s bloody cull of badgers never made it into the South China Morning Post or China Daily I’d read in Hong Kong, Tokyo or Nanjing over a cuppa Costa Coffee, the British chain that’s one of few alternatives to that dodgy Seattle brand. I’m no patriot when it comes to java. Actually, the reason I don’t patronize Starbucks is not just because of their awful over-roasted brew but because there’s nothing to eat there but creamy and sweet junk, whereas the Brit chain has a chicken-stuffed ciabatta and sometimes a beef pie plus a big ceramic cup instead of a grande plastic throwaway. Having missed that entire story, I’ve just read how the Telegraph newspaper did its utmost to vilify badgers as a muirderous filthy threat to the public, while the BBC urged Britons not to be so sentimental about non-endangered pests, meaning the badger cull was a high-level decision from the Deep State that wrote the script.

For all the political intrigue and economic criminality of Empire, the average Brits are all right by me, jolly good blokes. The point here being that I do resent being kept in the dark about one of the biggest wildlife slaughters in recent history. A few elephants are shot for ivory and some whales are harpooned for sukiyaki, and the whole world of furry toy huggers goes bananas, yet thousands of badgers are massacred in merrie olde England and Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd keep tight-lipped. So what gives?

Extermination by the thousands

Via an online search comes the news you’ve never read. Since 2013, more than 100,000 badgers have been trapped, caged and shot dead across southwest England, starting in Gloucestershire and then extending to a dozen other counties, in a seemingly senseless cull methodically conducted since 2013. Ostensibly, the extermination campaign was required to prevent the spread of bovine tuberculous to dairy cattle. Recent studies, however, have shown that cattle-to-cattle transmission is the major cause of infection rather than the proximity of badgers.

The indiscriminate killing spree led to widespread protests from local rural families and animal-rights groups, as well as veterinarians who questioned the scientific validity of mass-killing the brocks. You’d think the Brits were rebellious Yanks, but sadly with lockdown most American cousins have turned into polite obedient wankers. Trading places, attitude-wise, perhaps due to a coming magnetic pole shift.

DHS-NIH funding of biological warfare

To cut through the suspense, since I’m not Alfred Hitchcock or Christopher Nolan, let’s state my conclusions instead of laying out more bloody details.

First, the badger research project at University of Bristol in Gloucestershire, near Oxford, was ostensibly a study of the badger’s role as a carrier of bovine TB. This innocent pastoral narrative of “Save The Children’s Milk!” was just de-virginated with my discovery of research funding from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the UK government’s science budget. Why would the anti-terrorist DHS fund animal research in England having to do with brock terrorizing Guernseys? Badgers are not quite ISIS suicide bombers in sheep’s clothing.

Second, another major funder is the controversy-riddenl billionaire Rausing family, the Swede clan whose fortune is from inventing Tetra Pak. The late American wife of Hans Jr., was detained for drug possession while trying to enter the U.S. Embassy in London during the George W. Bush admin. (No big thing, since Elliot Abrams had an Israeli hit squad try to eliminate me, which failed since I grew up in South-Central LA and made them run for their lives in Hong Kong, with a helping hand from a buddy who’s a black belt at kungfu.) The entrapment of Eva Rausing, an American citizen, was settled out of court, apparently with an IOU to the CIA and State Department foreign intelligence.

The smack-down of Eva nee Kememy, dope-head daughter of a Pepsico exec, happened when she was investigating the assassination of Sweden’s prime minister Olaf Palme with leads to an MI6-Agency arms dealer and was about to speak with law enforcement at the Swedish embassy. According to news reports, the corpse remained in her bedroom for 8 days until a police inquiry, which led to slap on the hand for her husband. Obviously her body did not just lie there and rot. In other words, incoming Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had leverage on the Rausing family heirs, equestrians and nature-lovers who donated to the University of Bristol research involved in exterminating wildlife as a test run for the real deal on Wuhan et al. It took a week to negotiate the terms before the obituary could be written.

Third, Bristol’s Unabadger manifesto was supposedly issued to study bovine tuberculosis in badgers, which allegedly infect dairy-cow pastures with excrement. Independent studies, however, showed only 1 percent of captured badgers were bTB infected, so that justification of funding was hogwash, a cover story for a bio-war research and testing program to extract TB genes from infected badgers to test in unsuspecting human or perhaps prison convicts for installation into SARS-COV already modified with HIV proteins.

Prior to the final stage of mass production of COVID-19, likely done at Porton Down, a TB strand was spliced into the HIV-enhanced coronavirus, as a means to sabotage the infected human victim’s immune response. Caged badgers infected with bovine TB, therefore, were essential for development of the hybrid coronavirus.

As spelled out in my earlier articles, the earlier attempt at grafting bovine TB from Alberta, was attempted by Gary Splitter, a colleague of Yoshihiro Kawaoka at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, with welcome support from Frank Plummer, director of the National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The problem was that the rogue operation had no means of adapting bTV to humans without a badger. Presumably lab ferrets were tried, but probably died of internal organ damage from the initial infection. As well known in veterinary treatment, pet ferrets are prone to lesions in their gut. With enforcement of the GOF ban, the MI-6 and DSTL had to be called in by the Obama admin to arrange a British lab for this last piece of assembly of the superweapon.

Fourth, therefore to provide cover for the secret manufacture, from autumn 2013 (the start of the GOF ban in the USA) onward, the UK government ordered a cull of badgers carried out with the help of dairymen, on false premises of suppressing bTB infections in cattle. The dairy industry was given huge loss-compensation subsidies, worth far more than the price of cow. By spring 2019, more than 100,000 badgers had been captured, caged, blood-tested and shot to death. The senseless slaughter, on paper-thin proof of threat, sparked a popular backlash from countryside residents and animal rights activists.

Fifth, amid the intensifying badger cull over the winter of 2017-18, Britain experienced a massive three-fold increase of “flu-related deaths” in the human population, attributed to the Australian H3N2 influenza virus. (1,163 Australians died in that same period, while experiencing a wide range of symptoms similar to SARS-COV.) This may well have been actually caused by deliberate spread in field trials of a less-severe early version of COVID. If you assume any project that cynical is unthinkable for the British government to perpetrate, look up the typhoid experiments on Dutch women and children inside concentration camps in the Second Boer War. Mass infection is standard procedure for the “greater good” of the pharma industry and its major investors, descendants of Henry Wellcome and Lord Pirbright Henry de Rothschilds, the perpetrators of the Afrikaner typhoid vaccine holocaust.

Sixth, after the massive cull across southwest England was nearing completion, in winter 2019 the DEFRA agriculture and environment agency, began a program to immunize cattle with a bovine TB vaccine developed at the University of Surrey, in the county of the same name where the Pirbright Institute is located. The actual bTB research and vax development was done, in other words, not in Gloucestershire, location of University of Bristol, rather in Surrey.

The bTB vaccine’s release was delayed by years due to the government insistence on a skin test in cattle, accomplished by removing some interfering proteins. That was simply a delay action to cover the need to mass slaughter badgers due to the test-run spread of a more severe pandemic virus, the beta version of SARS-COV1.3 with HIV and TB inserts. How many local residents in southwest England died of coronavirus is, of course, not a news item for BBC or the London tabloids.

Note here: Gloucestershire borders Oxford, and so a contagion without the back-up antidote of a vaccine could have annihilated the sons and daughters of the Commonwealth elites. (Of course, there’s a vaccine for COVID-19 or they wouldn’t have released it, which should make you wonder why MI-6 did not have PM Boris Johnson immunized, unless he’s been deliberately left out of the secret.) The disappointment over his recovery is palpable.

So what was Obama’s DHS and the NIH really funding at Bristol? For what purpose would an expanding zone for culling badgers be organized? The time-frame and test-subject of badgers raises the strong probability of the 2017-18 “flu” outbreak in humans in Australia and the UK as actually being an early version of lab synthesized COVID. The spread of COVID-19 across Europe appears to have the geopolitical goal of eliminating by manmade disease the nationalist populism expressed in the Trump upheaval and Brexit movement. Which explains the NIH-DHS lockdown of the USA to install a globalist puppet into the Oval Office in November as well as to hide their crime of global genocide. All the cops are criminals, and all the criminals saint, so I’m pleased to meet you, I hope you guess my name.

In event of a tuberculosis contagion into the human population in England, the public health authorities could put the blame on radical animal-rights activists with Stop the Cull movement freeing badgers from lab captivity, without their knowing that these animals were test subjects for a new bioweapon developed with DHS-NIH-Rausing funding, commissioned by the outgoing Obama administration as a “time-bomb” against the populist anti-globalist movements in the USA and Europe.

The reality is that animal-rights activists were well aware of the technology barriers to lab break-ins due to heightened surveillance and security systems, including facial recognition and bio-recognition locks on animal-lab entrances. So there was a scapegoat handy in case the field trials bloomed into a Black Plague. Indeed it would have been a pity for chummy old University of Oxford professors and students to be killed off in droves before Wuhan.

DHS fingerprints

In a March 20 comment on Fox News, Obama’s DHS chief Jeh Johnson expressed disbelief at the low number of COV cases reported in China. His tone of disappointment can only mean his homeland security plan was to exterminate millions more Chinese civilians.

Also incriminating is his footprints in the UK, as described in the official biography, “Johnson has debated numerous times at both the Oxford and Cambridge Unions in England. His November 2012 address at the Oxford Union, ‘How Will the War Against al Qaeda End?,’ received international attention and acclaim. In November 2019 Secretary Johnson was made an honorary life member of the Cambridge Union.” That university is, of course, the top-ranked scientific research center in the UK.

In his November 2012 speech to the Oxford Union, Johnson who was then general counsel to the Pentagon made a reference regarding Al Qaeda about the transformation of war into peaceful engagement waged by other means, “Right here at Oxford you have the excellent work of the Changing Character of War program, leading scholars committed to the study of war, who have observed that analyzing war in terms of a continuum of armed conflict, where military force is used at various points without a distinct break between war and peace, is counterproductive. Such an approach, they argue, results in an erosion of ‘any demarcation between war and peace,’ the very effect of which is to create uncertainty about how to define war itself.”

In other words, coercion of an adversarial state should be done by “peaceful means” without any risk of sparking a war of resistance. The soft-power strategy is based on scientific cooperation, medical assistance and financial lending, in short, an Orwellian non-war form of regime change and political combat. Biological “accidents”, as done against the CISM military games and the Wuhan fish market, in that sense, are a peaceful means of diplomacy, not genocidal warfare with biological toxins. Did the word “Orwellian” just come to mind?

The vast gray area under the Johnson doctrine had its in-house critics who lambasted the separation of the DHS biological-chemical weapons office and the technology directorate, as opposed to merging these into single robust surveillance and deterrence program. The divide-and-rule tactic, of course, enabled the Obama admin to “work the gap”, funneling funds from DHS and NIH for the offshore TB research and final development phase of COVID without objections from or even awareness by American security officials. Therefore, the CIA and MI-6 could launch covert bio-warfare projects without accountability or detection.

My single quotation marks are inserted into the DHS bio-security boilerplate. “The science and technology office’s focus in biological defense encompasses risk-based biological threat countermeasure-development programs including threat characterization and development and transition of new and improved technologies, strategies, and procedures. These programs support multi-layered defense capabilities – threat awareness, prevention, surveillance and detection, forensics, and response and recovery – that address ‘intentional or accidental introduction’ of biological agents that threaten the nation’s human national security. Hazards to the population through inhalation, dermal exposure and ingestion are within this mission.”

Accidental introduction of bio-weapons hazardous to health through inhalation, skin exposure and food ingestion, are facilitated, in anything, by the divided authority of the two separate enforcement arms of DHS. That one sentence basically explains the present pandemic inside the borders of the USA and the EU. There are no accidents when it comes to anything as technically sophisticated as contemporary bio-warfare.

Digging for files

The DHS website does not enable visitor access to its list of foreign grants. A search at the NIH indicates that a grant of $800,100 was given to the University of Bristol, UK, in 2016, without any mention of project details. COVID-19 is a time-bomb left by the Obama’s intel officials along with MI-6, which exploded right at the start of this year’s presidential election campaign

Fauci’s Garden of Snakes

The NIH grants were funneled through the Fogerty International Center, an arms-length NGO inside the NIH, run by Fauci crony Roger Glass, an expert on infections of the gut. The advisory board includes Robert Bollinger with the Bloomberg school at Johns Hopkins; Myron Cohan at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; James Current at Emory; Jacob Gayle at Medtronic Corp.; Judith Wasserheit at University of Washington (Gates home-base); Michelle Williams at Harvard; among others. These are basically the high priests of the global population reduction agenda, presiding over the present lockdown and kill-off of useless retirees, who’ve already paid their taxes and are of no further use to the bureaucratic regime. In a minor note here, Medtronic in 2015 evaded U.S. taxation by moving its headquarters to Ireland after taking over the Irish company COVIDIEN.

Lift a rock to find one of Fauci’s snakes even in the island of Saint Patrick. Here’s the Wiki citation: “In 2012, Covidien acquired Newport Medical Instruments, a small ventilator manufacturer supplier. Newport Medical Instruments had been contracted in 2006 by HHS Biomedical Advanced R&D Authority to design a cheap, portable ventilator. At the time, Newport Medical Instruments had 3 working prototypes produced, and was on schedule to file for market approval late 2013. Covidien then effectively halted the project, subsequently exiting the contract, as it was not profitable enough. Government officials and other medical equipment suppliers suspect the Newport acquisition was largely done to prevent a cheaper product from undermining Covidien’s existing ventilator business. This contributed to the shortage of ventilators during the 2019 – 2020 coronavirus pandemic.”

Closing the Gap

As I’ve stated earlier there have been two different trails that biological-weapons legal expert Francis Boyle at University of Illinois and I, as investigative journalist, have been tracking, which with this discovery of the Obama-UK intelligence nexus, are converging onto a single globalist highway, aimed at crushing nationalist populism in the USA, Europe, China, Russia, Iran and elsewhere in order to reimpose the One World agenda of resource-preservation and population-reduction for the central banks and the financial elite, the badger cull applied to humanity.

And so the same old Deep State behind Russiagate and Pizzagate and ISIS is involved. As for Obama, he deserves a whupping for acting uppity again. But let’s be kind and multiculturally sensitive and deport the traitor back to his British Commonwealth birthplace in Kenya. Guilty as charged, you fraud! Whenever I do get back to Southside Chicago, it’ll an order of smokehouse ribs and hot links with a Colt 45 malt liquor, then get over to home-field South-Central LA for Redd’s Wicked Ale and a Tommy’s burger, and finally there’s Georgia on my mind for corn-meal rolled deep-fried catfish and a can of Olde English 800, to celebrate that faker’s departure from the ‘hood with his coronavirus scam that was made to kill people.

Leave us the hell alone when things were bad enough as it was. Here’s a send-off, Barry, out of Kalorama and back to Nairobi where you came from. Remember the Hawk back in Southside Chicago, that you and your CIA messed over with drugs after you took down the Blackstone Rangers with a knife in the back and a bullet in the gut? Now your minions have got us in lockdown, with the whole country becoming one damned Cook County prison. So let’s hear it again, from brotha’ Lou Rawls.

“One day we’ve got ham and bacon

The next day ain’t nothing shakin’

T’ain’t nobody’s bizness what I do.

No no no nobody’s bizness

Keep your nose outta my bizness cuz

T’ain’t nobody’s bizness what I do.”