Folks, we all need to take a break and re-evaluate all information we’ve got so far. I need a week off screen to do my own things , painting or practicing saxophone, guitar, reading etc.. I don’t know. But I definitely need to be off screen for awhile.

I strongly urge you to re-read, re-listen, re-watch these three important conversations and give them a deep thought, a deep analysis.

1- Whitney Webb explains The Plan

2- Gerald Celente talks to Lew Rockwell about what’s happening. And why all, despite appearances, is not lost.

3-COVID USA – Larry Romanoff, #421

The New World Order has been in place since Wuhan event. Fourth months of “TEST RUN” have passed with no end insight. Everything had been planned before the family of Covid was released first in Wuhan , Iran, Europe, and the USA, all by the Cabal. The whole world, with very few exceptions, has copied cat everything the ChiCom has done in China to the Chinese people, while pretending they are all against China!

They are desperate to implement their plan: Mandatory Vaccination with Bio-ID-Immunity-Tracking (implanted micro-chip or Bio-tattoo) They will pass new laws and regulations within 12 months from now, unless the current public protests lockdown movement become global…But I have the bad feeling that it will die down because governments will be using the majority of sheeple in the “second wave” to silence and crush the movement.

I wish I am wrong, and I will be jump for great joy for being wrong on this!

Folks, See you next week hopefully with all the good news.