The whole world has been ushered into the New World Order through the Covid19 Grand Symphony, which has been conducted by the “infamous” conductor the ChiCom (Chinese Communists) with all “famous” major musician such as the Jew-Ish-A, the EU, Japan etc. Yet, as usual, the audience at large, the epople of the world just listened to the Symphony and focused on the Conductor and the main instruments, but very few ask about the Composer(s), the Jewish Controlled Cabal.

The New World Order

For years, people have heard and talked much about the NWO. Now the NWO has been in placed for months since the “Wuhan event”, but few have noticed, and even fewer discuss about this. All because the NWO, the real, true NWO is not the One World Government as those dumbshit nationalists imagined and have been babbling about for years.

There is no such thing as one world government, and there never will be! It’s not because they don’t want it, but because it impossible for the Cabal to rule the world directly as One World Government. They need the nation-state, its local government, and the silly nationalism and patriotism to successfully rule in a very classic but effective method “divide to conquer”

For thousand years, Empires and emperors ruled through vassals states and their local governments, for it has been well understood that foreign direct rules would be opposed directly, strongly, and fiercely. And that only through local, native vassals, the opposition would be minimized. All the Power needs to do is to control the local governments and remain the less visible the better.

Imagine that tomorrow, in the whole West, instead of controlling the State/Government system from behind the Jewish Controlled Cabal come forward and declare that “We, the Jews are now your ruler” and discard all the nation-states and their native Governments…What do you think would happen to the Cabal? My “wild guess” is the Cabal and every Jew, whether they are with the Cabal or not, will be beaten to death in 24 hours!

In the land of Giao Chi, or Nam Viet (now Vietnam) that the Chinese conquerd and ruled for thousand years, and every time the stupid Chinese governors applied direct rule there would be a major revolt! The successful Trung-sisters revolt is a case in point (39–43 AD) when Thi Sach, the native lord, the husband of the elder Trung was discarded and beheaded by the chinese commander To Dinh (Sū Dìng). The fact that this “native noble family” had been collaborator for a long time did not bother the Viet GiaoChi at all, as long as they were “native.”

Humankind has been ushered into a NWO, where all the nation-states still remain intact even highly promoted to dictatorship, police state level following ChiCom “conductorship”, in which decrees (lockdown), regulations (social distancing) have been declared overnight at will without debating, or passing into law!

As we all have been witnessing, the new way of life has been in place with total electronic surveillance, absurd social distancing, stupid social contact tracing, dangerous mandatory vaccination, cashless transaction.. The whole new “cultures” have been imposed in which there will be no more handshake, hugging, social cheek kissing etc . The NWO where every nation-state functions in the same paradigm without privacy, without cash, fully elctronic and digitized every human activity.

The NWO, where fake international conflicts and war have been and will be hyped up to instll fear and to divide peoples and keep people at bay while the real war is the war the Governments colluding with one another constantly wage against liberty, against human rights upon the whole humanity under the banner of nationalism, national interests, national sovereignty!

In short, the true NWO, where the Jewish Controlled Cabal rules the world through major nations-states with the national governments as their vassals that are manipulated/controlled through the local agents who can be but not necessarily native Cabal members.

The Jewish Controlled Cabal

Have you noticed that the term “deep state” which used to be exclusively in the realm of “conspiracy theory”, has become mainstream at least for the last decade. Why? It is because it has been so obvious that government policies increasingly solely benefit the 1% (big corporations, banksters, which are predominantly Jewish) and the Jewish State. This is the case particularly in the West, which virtually has controlled the international, if not global affairs at least for the last century.

However, the “deep state” has been used misleadingly by the mainstream media (which is Jewish dominated) to distract/divert attention from the Jewish controlled Cabal. In the USA, the “deep state” can be the Neo-cons (again predominately Jewish) or the DNC, or just “renegade high rank bureaucracy/technocrats, depends on who do the talking!

Some authors even suggest that the deep state are the oligarchs of the society, such as the Rothchilds, Rockerfeller, Bill Gates or many well-known Jewish billionaires such as Sheldon Adelson etc..Well they could be. But not necessarily so!

Being rich by owning certain business or product does not guarantee absolute ruling power. Why? Simply because these Rich People must rely on their products and business to remain rich. And their business are subjected to the “law”. These riches such as Bill-Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheldon Adelson, jeff bezos, etc… can be bankrupted or broken up to pieces by a stroke of a pen of the “law makers” as Robert Maxwell, Jeffery Epstein. These “rich oligarchs” at best are the second rate members or just as the Cabal’s instruments. That’s why Henry Ford was not in the Cabal, but the Rothschilds have been ever since!

The Jewish controlled Cabalists are those who would never let their names known publicly. They do not need, depend, rely on “known” business to be rich! They have successfully acquired the power to print national money from thin air since 1913! And not just in the USA! Thus, these Cabalists have the unique power to install, make (s)election of presidents, prime ministers, high judges etc. They can make an idiot, a retarded, a clown, a criminal become “national leaders”. And therefore they also have power to discard and execute a president, a prime minister, judges or any government official… when needed.

The Cabal possesses and controls a set of “secret team” operating within government system in various institution as the late L. FLETCHER PROUTY
Col., U.S. Air Force (Ret.) described in his famous book “The Secret Team”. The Cabal can even make a revolution such as “communist revolution” in Russia, and created China Super Power as professor Antony Sutton documented with hard evidences. Not to mention the two devastating World Wars!

The Necessary Limited hangout

We all know by now that Woodrow Wilson, the -28th President of the United States was just a Jew’s puppet who had been made president by the Jewish controlled Cabal. It’s obvious because of his instrumental role in the establishment of the mother of all evil power, the Federal Reserve in 1913 (please read this book “The secrecy of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins), and the following “war to end war”, that General Major General Smedley Butler later called “A Racket”.

But why did Woodrow Wilson, the Pawn Of The Jews writee, or rather made several speeches that “accused” the “secret group of men”, who controlled the nation from the shadow without spelling their names?

Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it. “The New Freedom : A Call For the Emancipation of the Generous Energies of a People” by Woodrow Wilson, (p. 13), 1913.

Woodrow Wilson employed the tactics that we now called “the limited hangout” to deflect attention from his dark relationship with Jewish secret power at the time while running presidential election campaign. Yet, he signed the deadly Federal Reserve into law on Dec-1913, after only eight months in office.

It was because people at the time, in general, knew that there was a secret power, but could not define it clearly. Therefore the best way to hide it was to put it in “the limited hangout”. JFK knew and felt the same when he became President, and he also did a kind of “the limited hangout” in his famous speech before the American Newspaper Publishers Association in New York 1961. Just as we know now that there has been the Jewish power all along, and the so-called “deep state”, “fake news”, and “conspiracy theory” have been used again by both MSM and politicians as “the limited hangout” not only as the deflection from their true identity and their own fake news and their conspiracy facts, but also ultimately to silence truth tellers.

As you can see, money is never their concern. Wealth is not that they seek. They can create national money from thin air and control the supply and flow of money, through which they possess the power to control the way people create wealth and get rich or stay poor. Their ultimate goal is ruling. They enjoy ruling the world like people enjoy a chess game or a video game.. . To them, people are just pawn objects! All because they believe that they are the chosen ones.

I have to repeat for it needs to stress again that the Jewish Controlled Cabal is the one who has the power to create and control national money. Thus they can put an idiot, a retarded. a criminal clown, an unknown black community organizer to the position of State Authority, and summarily execute a sitting President or anyone who dare to defy them in broad daylight, and get away with it easily with the protection from the very State Power! All is done through the Power of the State. Thanks to the Statism that people believe and obey! People like Bill-Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheldon Adelson, jeff bezos, George Soros etc at best are just instrumental second rank members, who can be discarded by an accident, or suicide or bankruptcy or being investigated, indicted, and jailed any time. The Jewish Controlled Cabal has existed long before these “oligarchs” were not even born yet.

The Grand Covid19 Symphony Conductor: The ChiCom

I am trying not to repeat myself since I have cast my “final judgement.”

However, since the blaming game has become so comedic, and both camps have treated their own favorite government as if they were innocent teenage in the playground, Thus, there is a need to revisit and “re-listen” to the Grand Covid19 Symphony from the beginning since new information has come out such as the European Flu and especially “the New York Flu” or rather the “New York Covid20” as I accidentally “guessedicted”. Please remember, I am no doctor, no virologist. I am just no body with no medical background whatsoever. My tiny knowledge, like every ordinary person, comes from all the reading (in this case Whitney Webb, Yoichi Shimatsu, Francis Boyle etc) I’ve done at my free time. If I happen to be right and correct, it’s just pure luck in my guessing as I coined the term “guessediction” (predict by wild guessing)

How come a ChiCom with a track record of murdering its own 50 millions, and with a largest dragnet intelligence and security force in the world to successfully control 1.4 billions people, and successful brutally swallowing the whole Tibet with bloody racist rule imposed on Tibetans ever since, is so innocent and careless that allowed 300 US military personnel into their own soil to carry a bio attack without knowing anything until it became so obvious?

How can or could the USA, a master of bio-weapon, the most experienced and the most Bio-weapon maker in the world be so innocent and careless that allowed the citizens of its arch enemy China freely come and go in its own soil even after it was “informed” that the “novel virus” had been accidentally released in Wuhan without even testing and quarantining its military sport team to say the least?

Does the whole sound like Hegelian dialectic to you?

Now, we know for a fact that at least the USA Government and the Chinese Government for years had co-funded the Covid Research, which were done in the USA, Canada, Australia, and China by the “scientists” of those nations. Not to mention that the USA is in the top of this Bio-weapon research with thousand Bio-labs inside the USA and around the world, especially inside China. Therefore the so-called Covid19 may be “novel” to all the rest, but not to those “scientists” and “intelligence community” of these mentioned governments above.

We now know that the family of Covid had been around even before it broke out in Wuhan. And that the Covid strain in Wuhan is not the same as the Covid in the New York or in Iran, or in France etc.. They are different and un- related in bio-engineering term.

Yet, they are all bio-engineered for different targets and purposes. Since they are Bio-engineered, it is not necessarily that they are only for mass-killing purpose.

Bio-Engineered with Limited Genetic Target for political, economic purposes

Please recall that the ChiCom kept celebrating the new year of Rat with a gigantic banquet even after had been briefed about the outbreak with 50 or so deaths!

During this “epidemic”, only Chinese persons were infected and died even though there were millions of Caucasians person living and working among local Chinese in the region!

Right after Wuhan, the city of Qom in Iran was “attacked” with a different strain of Covid with high rank official infected and died at the beginning!

And than Italy, France, Spain all with different strain un-related to Covid19 in Wuhan. And now in the New York USA with political inflated number of Covid deaths!

The deliberate acts to get people infected

As this Covid happened to be not effective in contagion and killing non-Chinese, “THEY”, against all basic medical rules of contagious disease, deliberately put infected individuals together in the Diamond Princess until more than 600 hundreds were infected then flew these infected people back home in the same airplane with other healthy passengers!

In Italy, the Health Authority deliberately “quarantined” Covid19 patients in the same ward with other patients (sick, low immune system people)

And now in the very USA:

On March 25, New York’s Health Department issued a mandate that state nursing homes could not refuse COVID-19-positive patients who were “medically stable,” meaning facilities that housed the most vulnerable populations were forced to introduce the virus into their midst.

Do you really think the Japanese Health Authority, the land of notorious Unit 731, whose members later became the “step-fathers” of the USA Bio-Weapon program, is so stupid and careless? Do you really believe that the USA Health Authority with the most “respected” CDC which employs all the renounced experts in the field of the current master of Bio-Warfare, was so dumb and careless as such? How about Italian Health Authority? Were/ Are they stupid too?

And when the real statistic has not been matched with the fearmongering, they have tried to inflate it:

CBS admits to using footage from Italy in NYC coronavirus report

After (4) months of Plandemic, people started being calm down and question with the help of many intelligent and brave authors and doctors and nurses. People now can see that the vast majority of deaths are elderly people, many of whom were literally abandoned to die of lonely and uncaring, not because of the Covid19 at all! So, the fearmongering has intensified to pets, animals, and children!

Pet owners and vets warned after cat tests positive to coronavirus

UK, Italy investigate possible link between rare syndrome in children and coronavirus

At least 12 UK children have needed intensive care due to illness linked to Covid-19

‘Very worried’: Britain issues alert as possible new coronavirus syndrome emerges in children

Final Judgement

As I wrote before, the ChiCom was in it and was double crossed. They all agreed to reset the world into One World of All Police Nation-States and culling the burden of “useless eaters” on the way. One World of All Police Nation-States is the New World Order.The World Order where every nation-state becomes police state with total submission of the population under the total control of the State, which are under “advice” of the Cabal. And the ChiCom with its China is the conductor

Remember how the world had been before the Grand Covid Symphony was played.

Before the Plandemic, the West’s economies had been utterly broken; the global economy as a whole was deathly sick. Popular protest were taking place around the world. Especially, the Chicom was in deep trouble with Hongkongers and the threat of Hongkong copycats inside China! All are gone now!

Now all the economic problems can be blamed on Covid19! Government is again needed more than ever to “solve”our multi- problems!

Why do you think the ChiCom, thanks to the Covid19, now become the role model in many things such as lockdown, quarantine, “quarantined infected cash”, social contact tracing apps, QR immunity passports, mandatory testing, 5G, and in the very near future, mandatory vaccines when available!

All the rest has used China/ChiCom “success” in fighting the Covid19 as example and also as a “threat” to shift their own public perception on the necessity to give up rights and freedoms to fight “pandemic” as well as to “catch up” with and against China! With all the “legacies” such as rights, freedoms and privacy we can compete with “evil” China!

You see, the super high tech USA, and the whole advanced technological Europe suddenly were unable to produce the fucking simple masks, which can be made even by all the sweatshops full of new migrants and illegal migrants in California, Toronto, or Sydney or even just by inmates! Instead, the USA and the West had to import from China, Russia and even from a shithole like Vietnam! While the USA and the West have spend billions of free money to bailout virtually everyone even to the people for just staying home! How can you, the people in the West, swallow such absurdity and stupidity?

Anyway, the reality now is for the last four months, we all have already been in the New World Order in which everyone of us , regardless of nations, have been and will be the State’s guinea pigs. Vaccine after vaccine will be injected into our body with our consent through fear! We all will be happy to use tracing apps, immunity passports, and mandatory testing…Because …we have been trained to believe that It’s for our own good, for our common good, our collective safety!

We all have been being trained to feel normal not only to spy and dob in our neighbors but also feel normal to abandon our loved ones, especially our elderly when “social distancing” required! We have accepted that desperate situation needs desperate measures!

We have been retrained to worship nationalism and nation-state. The survival of our own “race” is the most important task of our human life, without knowing that “our government” is working for their own exclusive club! We are now living in an absurd New World Order, where every nation become communist and nationalist and capitalist at the same time, just exactly like China and Vietnam have been!

After all, as far as I am concerned, the thing that has been terrifying me the most is that most of the usual smart people that I know off around the world now have turned absurdly stupid because of Covid19, except Israel Shamir and Gilad Atzmon!

There is no one world government, and there never will be! But the Jewish Controlled Cabal will remain in the shadow of statist system using the power of the state in each the nation-state to divide and enslave humankind.

As always, this is my “six cents”(three “two cents” put together 🙂 ). The last words is yours!

PhiQuyenChinh NKPTC

Please bear with my spelling and grammar! I feel so sleepy now, my vision is so blurry now! I may have to re-edit this next week after roaming around on my bike!