PQC: Folks. I smelt Jewish stench from this story! When ever the name “New York Times” surfaces with “Stein… er… whatever” “reporting”, there’s a stinking spinning! What say you? Please, look at the guy with sunglasses who was standing down there at the bottom of the trench without wearing any fucking protective gears!

Anyway, If these poor dead persons were unclaimed, why were they, these INFECTED CORPSES not just cremated as in the “Covid19 model fighter ” of the world, China, has done ? Why did they choose to do such “hard but stupid solution” and wasted a lot of things at this “unprecedented crisis? Did the “Authority and Experts” really believe that these bloody deadly Covid19 were buried alive with the infected corpses and will stay there until dead by suffocation? 🙂 🙂 🙂 ..

Well, conveniently, there was no coffin, no corpse.. except THEY just said so! And the “drone journalist” guessed so! Unless…

Well, as always the last word is yours, folks.

NYPD seizes drone documenting mass Hart Island burials amid coronavirus