Only Dictatorship Works!

Folks, Only dictatorship works, OK? First China and its Chicom, Vietnam and its ViCom have done a “wonder” over the “deadly” COVIDxxx… Now it’s Russian One-Man Show turn, to show the world how important dictatorship-government is! The world will be a hell without uhmmm dictatorship government! What did I say? In the Fog of Fear, People beg for government’s iron fist and iron feet! This Grand-Covid Sympohy is composed to glorify the role of dictatorship, the need for government iron fist and iron feet!

Folks, if you love humanity and cherish liberty….please, please, watch, read as many and as much as you can … and analyze them with your critical thinking…and come to your own conclusion!

However, some free people would strongly disagree!

Meanwhile if you are the people that the fucking Jews hate and fear the most, you must suffer the worst more than just the common PLANDEMIC!

Anyway, Folks… I have been infected with psycho-engineered- Jewid20 so severely…that I just can’t stay home… so I have to be off screen for some days.. See you next week!