Folks, today Sunday 19 April 2020 was a beautiful day! A full sunny morning with almost no wind! So I set aside everything then mounted on my bike. This time I went to visit Springvale, a suburb that, I think (please don’t trust me on this!), has a largest Asian shopping center in Melbourne metropolitan area. This is a second time I visited this town in my entire “Australian life”! So you know what I mean!!!

Normally, it would be very very busy and very crowded I guess!. However, under the lockdown, it is still kind of relatively busy! Have a look and judge for yourselves folks, if you have never been here before!

After Springvale, I returned to the inner Melbourne to visit St Kilda Beach to see how this famous beach as being closed would look like on this sunny Sunday. Well ….you decide!

I hope you enjoy these clips!

By the way, have you noticed that most bloody Asians were wearing mask, whereas most non-asians were not! Actually, I did see just one or two. That was all!