PQC: What did I warn? When THEY see more people starting to see through the fog of fear and begin to resist, THEY will instill more “new” fear to “legitimate” their authoritarian thuggery!

Folks, Please read the “news” with big question mark and a red flag!

1-“Canada shooting: 16 killed in Nova Scotia in deadliest such attack in country’s history”

  • Police officer and the suspected gunman among dead after 12-hour shooting rampage in Nova Scotia
  • Killings were worse than a mass shooting in 1989 where a gunman murdered 14 students in Montreal college
Associated Press

Associated Press

Published: 4:13am, 20 Apr, 2020

The suspect was arrested at a petrol station in Enfield, just outside Halifax. Police later announced that he had died. Photo: AP

The suspected gunman Gabriel Wortman. Photo: AFP

The suspected gunman Gabriel Wortman. Photo: AFP

2-Bizarre online community, fuelled by sexual frustration, linked to Toronto rampage26 Apr 2018

Workers with the medical examiner's office remove a body from petrol station in Enfield, Nova Scotia. Photo: AP

Canadian police arrest ‘urban Rambo’ suspected of shooting three officers dead6 Jun 2014