Folks, after having read some new development in terms of thuggery policy and the threatening language they have employed, I have a gut feeling again that THEY are desperate and determine to complete what they set out to achieve. Again I hope and I wish I am dead wrong!

Again, mark my words folks! They will prolong this “lockdown” and release more engineered viruses to ensure that as many as elderly citizens will be eliminated both by the viruses and by being deliberately abandoned. The extremely inflated death toll coupled with some kind of false flag (riot) will be carried out so that national total emergency will be declared. The economy will be in total disruption or stand still. . People will beg for government bailout and handout, which only provided through electronic account and electronic ID and verification QR Code et in order to ensure total compliance! Cashless transaction will become new law!

This is clearly a global war on humanity! I have no doubt at all!

We all are witnessing our humane civilization has been being destroyed: people are so scared that they have voluntarily surrendered away their privacy, their freedoms, and worst of all, abandoned their elderly , parents, grand parents to death and died in loneliness! The “useless eater” elderly, who once had worked hard to feed and care for them! People have tossed away everything humane just to “survive” as slave only to die later after all!

They will prolong this plandemic as long as they can, and will do everything to achieve their goals … Of course, unless the protesting lockdown movement gains momentum, or even better a general revolt being developed from a general civil disobedience as a beginning. THEY already anticipated this and had prepared an army of thugs for this!