Thomas Dalton has a good book that just came out: Eternal Strangers: Critical Views of Jew and Judaism through the Ages. The Jews have always had a deep hatred of all others.

Thanks larryzb: I will read his book. However I read his new article at UNZ Review, “Tax the Rich! An Alt-Right Plan to Virtually Eliminate Income Tax” it seems that he did not get the whole picture of the State! He still naively beleive in the State that is separate from the Jewish power, which, according to Dalton, based on being rich. Even though he did admit at the end “But don’t hold your breath.” He missed the main point: The Jews control the political system, so everything comes with such power.

And who, exactly, are these poor buggers who are about to personally fund the federal government? We know the big names: Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, the Koch brothers. But they are just the tip of the iceberg. When we run down the list of leading names, we find a striking fact: around half of them are Jews. Among the top ten, we find five Jews: Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Larry Ellison, and Michael Bloomberg. Of the top 50, at least 27 are Jews, including Sheldon Adelson, Steve Ballmer, Michael Dell, Carl Icahn, David Newhouse, Micki Arison, and Stephen Ross.[22] More broadly, we can cite once again Benjamin Ginsberg, who wrote, “Today, though barely 2% of the nation’s population is Jewish, close to half its billionaires are Jews”.[23]

Based on such data, we can infer that up to half of the top 3-percenters are Jews.[24] As a whole, they therefore own or control up to $28 trillion in assets. On my proposal, they will correspondingly pay half of the annual $2.1 trillion to keep our government afloat, and to fight foreign wars on their behalf. As the prime beneficiaries of American economic policy, this is only fair.

Being rich even in large number is not a problem. I don’t care even if they have deep hatred for other, The problem is the system of authority that ALLOWS them to wield their hatred over the rest. The Jews, or whoever before them could have never been able to cause such tremendous harm to people and humanity if it was not for the State Power that people believe in. This is what the Jewish controlled Cabal has successfully used to rule people indirectly. but effectively. With such power of the State, they created a unique power for themselves : The power to print money at will without government interference! The Federal Reserve System!

Taxation was needed in the past because fiat money did not exist. Government had to rob/tax gold and silver even raw crops directly from people to party lavishly and to survive . Since fiat-money was invented, they actually did not need tax people to spend anymore, but taxation become an effective mean of surveillance to control the masses. That’s why there is no record as complete as tax-record! Today when central banks around the world can print money out of thin air indefinitely, taxation is much more than just a theft, it is a system of pillory!

In the Jew-Ish-A, the Federal Reserve system was designed (by the Jewish Controlled Cabal 1913) in such an absurd way that even Government has to borrow from it with interest! For fuck sake, If I had a power to print money out of thin air, I would not even bother to ask people pay me back the principle much less the interest! Unless I want to control people and enjoy of giving them a hard time! (Dada is right in this observation-). Well, the Americans have swallowed this absurdity dutifully for more than hundred years without a hiccup!

Look at China, Mao and a bunch of his commies were just a bunch of pervert thugs, THEY themselves did not DIRECTLY murder 50 millions Chinese including hundreds of thousand intellectuals, the ordinary Chinese did it FOR THEM in the belief of authority!

Look at the Indians who are in billions but obey an idiot Modi and his thugs into death without resistance! They have been beaten up with stick by government thugs like slave without a smallest of resistance and outrage!

Look at America, people, ordinary and intellectuals, gun owners, ex-soldiers, women, kids, young and old have been groped at airports… have been beaten up and shot dead on the streets and at their own home without resistance! All because they respect power of the State, the authority they believe in.

Jewish power or whoever power is not being rich or because of being rich. Jewish power and power as a whole is to control people belief in authority.

The covid plandemic is to consolidate the Central Authority! The Jewish Controlled Cabal only rules successfully and effectively through the native centralized government system whether it is in USA or EUROPE or Middle East, or Africa, or Asia. (In my next article I will deal mainly with this Cabal and the current plandemic)

Thomas Dalton seems naive to me! He seems do not understand the root of true power.