PQC: While the whole world has been sucked deeply into the pandemic hoax, or to be precise, the COVID plandemic, something took place in the door step of Iran: A HongKong oil tanker was hijacked and then released in some hours later by a group of “unknown” gunmen! According to RT and its experts. So far nobody has claimed or even commented on the incident. All is just guessing and rumoring.

My two cents is they want to test people’s attention! I do wonder even if this incident even took place at all!

However, if it did take place at the door step of Iran at this time and during “the oil price negotiation”, then it must have been the Jewish state that wanted to test the world and to thumb their nose at the incompetency of Iran in particular and at that of the Muslim world in general!

You see folks, the Ruskies, the Yanks, the Chinks, to say the least, have been watching this planet 24/7 with all sort of hightech devices other than the “usual” satellites … Yeah and “nobody” knows!!!

I am not a “hightech” guy, but if I really want to know who these “gunmen” were, I just only need to “interview” the crew members of the tanker! So far even the tanker crew and its owner have not uttered a single word! Besides, we are in the cellphone, electronic surveillance zeitgeist, are we not?

You see folks, living in the world today, you must always have a bag of salt ready in your pocket!./. PQC