PQC: Folks, it’s time to come back to our friend, Dada’s comments the other day:

I got one of these acabs when I went to the grocery store with my house partner as we went to farm. The masked, arrogant cop imposing himself gave me the eerie chills and rage of living in a dictatorship regime. Authorities are living the dream of power lust on these sudden opportunities to overtake and have power. Like it is inprinted in the deep of these sudden given weapon carriers, the lust of oppression. They are taking pleasure on having power to subdue and oppress. It is a very dark primeval part of human nature now allowed to come to surface due to this shit nonsense going on. I feel like living in a dictatorship regime.

in which I later commented:

Yes, Dada nailed it: “the lust of oppression” and “the pleasure on having power to subdue and oppress”, these “urges” permanently lie deep down inside everyone of us…waiting for a chance, an opportunity to spring up and take over our mind. Everyone of us has it, though in different degree. But this “dark primeval part of human nature” is not what that bothered me and forced me in deep thinking this morning. Something else, something is more profound and more dangerous , more destructive than this “dark primeval part of human nature”. Yet it’s also imprinted in everyone of us!

While we rightly despise those who are “authorized” with some tiny authority such as those goons and thugs on the streets, at the airports, at train stations etc.. We must ask ourselves that what we would have done if we, ourselves, were given such “tiny authority”? What would we have responded to these thugs and goons if they were not “authorized”? Or to be more precise, why have we all put up with such brutal and deadly thuggishness just because it’s “authorized?”. Can such “dark primeval part of human nature” be so deadly as such without being “authorized” / state-sanctioned? And last but not least, where does such destructive “authority” come from?

Everyone of us can answer those questions easily if we are honest to ourselves. So I leave them to all of you so that hopefully you would take this opportunity to have some serious refection upon our belief system.

You see folks, We are rightly and correctly despise and treat with contempt those commit petty thief, those front door dogs, goons and thugs, who would steal some hundreds, or thousand dollar worth of things or would kill one or dozen of people. And we rightly demand and impose punishment on these criminals. What about those bigger and worse criminals?

Yet, we are more than often willing to “forgive” and “forget” those who, normally with a stroke of the pen, have thieved, robbed not only billions, trillions of dollars but also the livelihood of millions of people, and have murdered not thousands but hundreds of thousands, even millions of people! We even respect, adore, admire these mothers of all criminals! The worst of all! Do we not?

Power, in whatever form, is destructive, especially the authorized power. The ruling psychopaths, who love power which gives them the pleasure to rule, to watch others suffering under their boots begging for mercy, (which by the way they never have,) know and understand this concept of “authority” very well! They know, that without the idea of “authority” be imprinted deep in the mind of the people, they will have no power at all! And without “authority” they just cannot wield power at will with the “consent” of the victims!

They created and constantly brainwash us with the theory of authority, such as the non-existing social contract, the representative (power of the people) so-called democracy. But the most destructive but effective of all is the concept of the State, statism! In all and all, it’s the power of the State that we all fear and love. Thus, whoever represents the State, has such absolute power over everyone and everything!

To rule effectively, they device the division of “authority” to evoke this dark nature in those who follow them in order to serve them dutifully and diligently with pleasure! Have you ever seen THEM, the 1%, directly carrying out dirty works? Or just Joes and Janes? Have you ever wondered how an idiot, a retarded, a clown, a criminal has a “power” to decide the fate of millions, even billions people, among who are many smart, intelligent, capable, and wise individuals?

They know that, at the bottom of society, are those who lack , but love such designated “authority,” and wait no time to wield such borrowed- power over others to cover up and compensate for their lacks!

What if there is no longer authority. What if there are only nations but without the state? (nation-state)

Might I ending this piece of comment by telling you folks a “thing” I encountered and it gave me a kind of shock!

I have not used public transport for many years. I really did not know that such “law” exist until now! I have been truly behind the curve! Please read the sign below:

I was born and brought up in a poor backward Asian country. I have also been in quite a few other poor and backward ones. But such basic decency and courtesy to the elderly, woman, woman with kids, the disables etc.. have never been in the domain of the State! People would just practice, observe, and enforce effectively and successfully these basic human decency among and by themselves for thousands of years! Do Australians really need the power of the State to enforce this basic decency with the threat of financial penalty?

I have been in Australia for 36 years. Every society has the goods the bads and the uglies!

When I just arrived in Australia, I lived in a migrant hostel (Endeavour Migrant Hostel) in Maroubra, South Coogee, New South Wales. My English teacher were tasked with the introduction of Oz way of life to the new comers. Among other things was Australian “pub” culture, which sadly has died out in this brave new world. One afternoon, I ventured out into a pub along (now old) the Pacific Highway. At the counter I politely ( could I have… please etc you know the drill) ordered a “schooner of tooheys” (as my English teacher would recommend). The bar tender, an old guy, looked at me in a “funny” way for some seconds, but he served me the cold beer in a cold way anyway. There was a local band playing country songs. People were chatting, laughing, and smoking. As I walked to an unoccupied table and sat down, there were some blokes approaching me grumbling with typical Australian accent. I knew something bad! My Shaolin skill would not help in this situation! The best way is to run as always!

I was about to leave the table without even having a sip of my beer. Suddenly there was a big guy behind me gently but firmly pressing his hand down on my shoulder and said loud enough as if he wanted everybody to hear: “Mate, everyone in this country has a right to enjoy his beer!” He gave me a typical Australian wink- “finish your beer, mate!”, then he walked back uneventfully to his table at a corner, sat down chatting to a woman who was sitting there in the opposite chair drinking beer as if nothing happened. He must have had some experience with this “thing” before, and must have observed the situation from the beginning. By the way, I only finished half of my beer then left! It was 1984!