By Bill Sardi

April 14, 2020

Speaking on PBS Newshour, billionaire and vaccine developer Bill Gates suggests the world threat of COVID-19 coronavirus infection will not completely subside and lockdowns of human populations will only open up “to some degree…… until we have very broad vaccination.”

Until then Gates suggests worldwide wearing masks, temperature monitoring, social distancing and tracing of individuals, probably via cell phone locators, who have been exposed to infected people.

So anti-coronavirus measures, which have closed restaurants and churches, grounded commercial aircraft and many other businesses, would be prolonged.  The financial harm appears to be worse than the disease.

If these coronavirus measures continue for a prolonged time, it is also possible the solvency of most medical practices would be threatened and most doctors would be out of business by the time a vaccine is introduced.

Such measures would seem onerous for an infectious disease that doesn’t induce symptoms for 80% of infected individuals.  This is what Bill Gates calls a “nightmare scenario.”  The “nightmare scenario” are the lockdown measures, not the virus.

While there are aggressive predictions a coronavirus vaccine could be approved and rushed to market in 6 months, other experts say such a vaccine may be 18 months away, and even then, that would “be risky.”

The International Vaccine Institute says a rush to market “may prove to be unsafe.”  It usually takes 5 to 10 years to roll-out vaccines.  The International Vaccine Institute says 93% of vaccines fail clinical trials.

More would suffer from the vaccine than the disease

Vaccines are tested on healthy individuals.  But hundreds of millions of people are not healthy and are at greater risk to experience severe side effects requiring hospitalization.  The unhealthy may not develop sufficient antibodies and acquire vaccine-induced disease which would likely be confused with community-acquired coronavirus infection, not vaccination itself.

Using a large flu study for comparison, around 6/10ths of 1 percent to 1.3 percent of people vaccinated for the flu experienced a side effect requiring hospitalization.  Among those hospitalized, another study reveals 1.4% would die.

Using these figures, even a relatively safe and effective vaccine if universally mandated among the world population of 7.8 billion could hospitalize 46.8-101.4 million and result in 655,200-1,419,600 needless deaths worldwide, far worse than the coronavirus in circulation without any vaccine.  There simply aren’t that many hospital beds in the world, let alone ventilators for patients who are on the critical list.

Over-estimated deaths being used to create demand for vaccine

Months of reported coronavirus deaths could result in public clamor for a vaccine, but in post-treatment review it appears 8 in 10 COVID-19 related deaths (Italy) were actually due to underlying conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  According to the CDC 83.3% of  of Americans with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 coronavirus infections have underlying medical conditions.  Yet the news media keeps blasting higher death counts which is irresponsible.

Then there is a financial incentive being given to hospitals to up-code cases of seasonal pneumonia by following newly issued CDC guidelines, to indicate they died of COVID-19 ($39,000 reimbursement instead of the normal $13,000).  So, is the CDC driving the appearance of COVID-19 deaths to push public demand for a vaccine out of what amounts to unsubstantiated fear?

Maybe it’s actually another infectious disease

There is a small undercurrent that many of the worldwide cases of pneumonia from COVID-19 coronavirus are actually from tuberculosis.  It is very difficult to distinguish flu-related pneumonia from TB-induced pneumonia.  Of particular interest is that nations that mandate TB vaccination have a coronavirus death rate six times lower than other countries.

Gates has the world in a guillotine

Bill Gates is currently spending millions of dollars to build seven factories to develop a COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine.

The world would be better to spend money on increasing immunity from infectious disease with nutritional supplementation, namely vitamins C & D and zinc, and the targeted use of medicines, which includes the anti-malaria chloroquine, to treat or prevent severe COVID-19 symptoms among high-risk groups.  Such an approach would be more appropriate and less problematic than mass vaccination.

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Meanwhile, according to “Dissociated Press” and Dr Kevin Barrett

At a press conference this morning outside his 350-billion-dollar mansion sprawling across three of Seattle’s poshest neighborhoods, philanthropist Bill Gates tearfully confessed: “Woe is me! Would that I had not hired the CIA to take Event 201 live!”

Spluttering, bawling, and blubbering, Gates toweled tears off his face and explained: “But it was…it was supposed to help with depopulation! They promised me it would! Instead, the whole world is locked down with their spouse or significant other, with nothing left to do but make babies! Horrible, awful little human babies! And there are no more condoms left, it’s even worse than toilet paper! If you order condoms on Amazon today you won’t get them for six months! And what’s worse, the abortion clinics have all closed due to social distancing!

DO YOU REALIZE WHAT THIS MEANS?! The coronavirus is creating another baby boom! The horror! And almost all of the victims, useless eaters though they are, are well past reproductive age! This damned virus isn’t solving the population problem! It’s actually making it WORSE!”

Gates’ closest advisor, a nice CIA germ warfare man from Fort Detrick, consoled the grieving billionaire by whispering in his ear: “Don’t worry, next time we’ll get it right.”

Biography Kevin Barrett