Folks, this morning, Easter Monday 13-Apr-2020, I went out early. First, I rode along the Maribyrnong River Trail as I had planned. However, the bridge was “lockdown”, I could not bike further. So I turned back and went to Brunswick, Melbourne Victoria, biking around some streets, and then to the Princess Park, around Melbourne General Cemetery and University of Melbourne. Geeeeez! I saw quite a bunch of people here and there! These Melbournians were really “reckless!” Didn’t these “reckless” people know that they were endangering all these insects and fauna and flora around here!

Anyway, I decided to post all these (two) full clips , so that any of you, who has never been in this Melbourne City of this “Arse End of The World” (Hey, these are not my words, OK! Ask Paul Keating, the former PM of Australia) can have a glimpse of this famous four-season-in-a-day City… under the stupid lockdown!

I am not going to say anything. If you have enough patience to watch thru these two clips in their entirety, (approximately 30 minutes each) you would see how stupid the lockdown has been and how “reckless” “some” Melbournians are! Otherwise, just ignore this post!

(hints: look at the parks’ facilities e.g drinking water taps, kids playgrounds, workouts etc)

Maribyrnong River Trail, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 13-Apr-2020 Stupid lockdown
Brunswick, Princess Park Melbourne 13-Apr-2020 “Reckless” Melbournians and the stupid lockdown!

That’s all for the day folks!