Folks, look at these headlines below They are today 11-Apr-2020 news!

What do you see? What do you hear? What is the message they want to “convey” to your consciousness and imprint into your subconsciousness?

Anyway, Just be patient! Let things reveal and sink in…Then I will tell you about the composers of this “Covid19mastershit”, which is designed to kill your Liberty and Humanity as I warned at the very beginning.

Meanwhile, please question everything! And please, please Be calm and be kind, and treat other fellow human beings, especially the elderly with compassion, affection and respect.

Please just remember we all will die at anytime by millions different causes.

And that we all can live happily and meaningfully without technology, without accessorial, ornamental materials, but we cannot live happily and meaningfully without humane affection.

Please, Go out and say hello or just smile to people around you!