PQC: Sorry folks! My senile moment! Today is not Good Friday, which is tomorrow 10-4-2020! I checked with my grand nephew! What A Pho with my time machine!

Folks, I planned to finish some of my writings today, “Unfortunately”, this morning, Melbourne weather came out so perfect. It was sunny and almost no wind. I could not help but took my bike out and started pedaling …

This time I would ride around the Eastern side of Melbourne: Richmond, where there is a main Asian shopping center along Vitoria St with variety of Vietnamese and Chinese shops and restaurants. I decided to make a long video clip for those of you who have not been in Melbourne would have a glimpse of what Asian-Melbourne look like under lockdown!

From the train I could see road workers still working hard outside as usual. As I got closer to the city I could see more road workers working around and still without caring much about the Covid protection bullshit!.

I noticed that there were more people came out enjoying the day than some days before. I could not help but stopped to record a silly scene of people queuing in “social-distance” for coffee! It’s amazing to see how scared and obedient people have become in a very short time. Yeah it’s called “social-pressure!” Even the Swedish Prime Minister could not withstand!

Israel Shamir observed this “fear” quite sharp! Shamir is one of a few rare writers who still keeps his sanity intact despite being surrounded by a bunch of death fearing “intellectuals” and “experts!”

If you have enough patience to watch through my long video clip ( I edited and cut out a lot already! Otherwise It could have been 2-3 hours!) you would see somehow Melbourne is still alive and kicking very well under “level 3 lockdown” (whatever it means) indeed. People still love sunlight and going out and about. Kids , still on school holidays, were ridding bikes around enjoying the sunny day without parents and teachers nagging!

Perhaps it’s also because today is (not) Easter Good Friday! Besides, Melbournian Catholics must have been in celebrating mood with a “great” event that Australian High Court had overturned unanimously 7/7 the sexual abuse convictions and set their previously convicted Cardinal George Pell free from Barwon Jail!, just three days before Easter Good Friday! What a double happiness for them! (Shhhhhttt Please, don’t tell anyone that I knew from the beginning that this particular trial was a fight between the Jews and the Catholic Church in Australia! That’s why I did not give a shit about this legal show! However, for the sake of my despisement of the Jewish chosenness, I prefer to see the Catholics won this case! Hey! Don’t forget that I am atheist!)

Anyway, the greatest thing for all Melbournians is foodstores, butcheries, groceries, milk-bars, sea-food shops..etc still opened here and there with plenty in their shops! Especially fresh fruits, fresh veggies, fresh meat all have still been produced normally! Amazing! And surprise! surprise! Prices have not gone up at all!

That’s all for now folks! Stay safe. And please stay calm and sane so that you can remain humane, folks! Don’t forget to reach out your hands to others whenever you can!