Thanks larryzb for this:

Oh my my!!! larryzb He’s done it again! He again forced me to spill out some more spoilers, folks!

Anyway This brave intellectual was the one who was cut off by the dickhead Jew ass-kisser Rick Sanchez of RT (RT is part of the game) while he was trying to put every medical number in perspective. I did post the segment. Here it is RT, Jew Ass-Kisser Rick Sanchez Spinning and Fanning COVID19 Fear Mongering

However, I disagree with Shiva on the politic of this fake crisis. He is smart in science but naive, if not stupid in politics. (I know Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese just hate one another, that’s why they are the lowest among “Goyim” .. The Jews are laughing now)

Now, I feel compelled to rant!!!

It’s not China that is the crux and the master of this plot even though the ChiCom is complicit in this. Shiva himself has fallen into a red-herring China bashing trap, which has been set up and hyped up to redirect people away from the true composer: The fucking Jewish controlled Cabal!

As I said in my previous “hints”, this is a large grand-symphony played by a very large orchestra, in which China is just the conductor! Of course every one must see and look at the conductor! That’s what his role is! But who would ask about the composer of this “master shit” ? The composer is the fucking Jewish controlled Cabal.

People should have learned from what professor Antony C. Sutton (1925-2002) had spend his life to find out. Unfortunately no one seems did!

Who would have thought it was the New York Jews that sponsored the so-called Soviet Revolution with Trotsky was sent to Russia from New York by the American Jewish Banksters? Who would have thought the so-called Soviet achievement was supported and provided by the USA?

Professor Antony C. Sutton did not just speculate, he presented his findings with hard physical proofs and evidences in his thick books.

Decades ago, who would have thought that China would become supper power with the West, especially the USA technology? It’s was professor Antony C. Sutton who “controversially” predicted that by the year 2000, China will become super power with the USA technology … I added and money from Wall streets! Is it true facts or not?

You see folks, the Yanks ran away from the Vietnam war, not because the ViCom had beaten them, but because the Jewish Banksters through their agent Henry Kissinger had made a deal with Zhou Enlai, the ChiCom in 1972 in Beijing! Look it up in recent history folks!

After that deal done. The Yanks bombed the hell out of the ViCom (Hanoi Bombing) just to force the ViCom to sit down and sign the Paris Accord, and then the Yanks withdrew in “honor!” leaving a bunch of poor, stupid American foot soldiers behind as POW only to be executed by the ViCom later to smooth the way of their, the Jew-Ish-A coming back to Vietnam! Did the three millions Vietnamese and the sixty thousands Yanks deaths teach people Asians, Muslims, Blacks, Whites anything? None! Goyim remain to be just Goyim!

“In a private briefing in 1992, high-level CIA officials told me that as the years passed and the ransom never came, it became more and more difficult for either government to admit that it knew from the start about the unacknowledged prisoners. Those prisoners had not only become useless as bargaining chips but also posed a risk to Hanoi’s desire to be accepted into the international community. The CIA officials said their intelligence indicated strongly that the remaining men—those who had not died from illness or hard labor or torture—were eventually executed.”

The fucking Jews have gotten away with everything because they have succeeded in “luring” the dumbshit whites, a bunch of small mind racists, into a stupid fight with other dumbshit “Goyim”, namely Asians, Muslims and Blacks in the mud fighting of identity politics and racism!

White people, especially the White Yanks have been stupidly busy of hating and bashing of Asians, Muslims,and Blacks while it is the Jews that have been screwing them up, literally sitting on their heads and shit over all of them!

How on earth that the Jewish State agreed to let the ChiCom taking over their main port in Israel, while receiving free billions of dollars annually from the USA? Does anyone think the Jews are stupid? Or what?

It’s the Whites they themselves are idiots! That explains how the Jews, a small group of Khazars, who had been hated, despised, and prosecuted by every European country for centuries was able to turn the table and become the masters of all Europe with their Head quarter located in the Jew-ish-A! And they did not even try to hide this great “achievement!”

Don’t you see that every time the fucking Jews screwed up the Whites big time, their media network made the Whites blaming and bombing others!

The bottom line is the ChiCom will never be able to “take over” the Jew-Ish-A! Simply, the USA has already been taken by the fucking Jews!

Dumbshit Yanks wake up! You are already taken completely by the Jews! Look at your clown in tweets and his “family”. Look at your theatrical Congress and your comedic (s)elections! Look at your poisonous foods and drinks! Look at your fake journalism and fake journalists! Look at your crooked scientists, intellectuals and fraudulent experts! Do you smell the stink of Jewishness in there? Of course you can no longer smell, you have been already infected by Jewish COVID-X for decades!

Stop babbling about China taking over! If you really want to “kill the Chinese”, withdraw all kind of your investments from China! Oh shit! I forgot that the Jews have totally controlled your money, your banks, uhmmm your whole country, and your mind as well!

Oh poor you Yankees! You cannot do nothing now! The only thing left for you is Asian/Black/Muslim bashing! You love blaming everyone but not yourselves! Understandable! It’s the only game you can play well now! “J’ is forbidden!

Well, be my guests!