Pompeo Calls on Maduro and Guaido to Step Aside
for New Venezuela Elections
! WTF! Why don’t the Yanks just mind their own business?

White House COVID-19 Coordinator: Don’t Go To Grocery Store Or Pharmacy Unless Essential.. Why? Do her Government and she know something people don’t?

“No Hope”: Canada’s Nursing Homes Prepare For Mass Death They have tried everything to get rid of old people!

‘Modern Piracy’: Germany Joins France & Canada In Accusing Trump Of Stealing Masks! Oh my my! the Clown is playing clownish clown clownishly for clowns!

Ankle-Monitors Ordered For Kentucky Residents As Crackdown On ‘Covidiots’ Begins ! If this is true, then the New York White Flu KOVID20 has won big!

Police App Encourages People To Report Neighbors Who Violate Stay At Home Orders (UPDATED)! That’s how modern slavery works in the USA!

HUGE! From CDC Website: Hospitals to List COVID-19 as Cause of Death Even if It’s “Assumed to Have Caused Or Contributed to Death” – Lab Tests Not Required! Oh Yeah, they need this kind of statistics!