PQC: Folks, Today, Sunday 5-April-2020, I planned to ride around the Maribyrnong River Trail and then the city. Unfortunately, the bloody Melbourne weather gets angry with strong gusty wind. It’s getting cold in Melbourne, folks! I don’t mind cold weather and rain, but gusty wind is absolutely not compatible with riding a bike! So just stay home, read some articles and books. My mind at this moment is not for painting or the saxophone.

Anyway, Here are two new articles from the usual down-to-earth Yoichi Shimatstu. I disagree with him on some certain key issues of “speculation”. However, this one is “hard”:

Yoichi Shimatsu: “I have pondered this long and hard and am forced to conclude that it CANNOT be fixed. The corruption – the bad science – the egotistical psychopaths that run it all will not and cannot change. What is needed is COMPLETE and TOTAL collapse of the system and a reboot from ground zero. COVID may be it.”

Yes, may be it, just may be if people reset, or rather discard their statist belief first, the very statist belief that only produces kakistocracy, so that “we, the people” regain the capacity and capability to reboot their long forgotten natural right of self-defense against the government, its thugs and goons to defend and protect people’s freedoms. (That’s why I wrote “what is the hell the right to keep and bear arms for?” At least I have tried to remind the Yanks that they do have the means and the true law in their hands. The only thing the Yanks need now is the will!

…That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…

Unfortunately, for more than 200 years, the Yanks have only used this right to bear arms to shoot other fellow citizens and animals stupidly and senselessly!

Anyway, so far, You and I have heard only … calling for stronger and stronger government from “we, the People!” Not only Joes and Janes, but are even the usual smart ones among us begging for more statist solutions and measures. The “need for strong government”, the “role of government” have been strongly consolidated and expanded more than ever before!

It’s so “funny” to recall the situation of the world before this bloody COVID: demonstration, protests against Government failures and MSM fake news virtually everywhere! And right now? Well, I leave this to you, folks!

Folks, Stay calm, be safe, and please extend your hands to other people whenever you can. Allow me to repeat this boring cliche: You and I will die, as a matter of fact, we all are dying as every khanan goes by, but do not let liberty and the humanity die inside each of us before we do!

As always, the last word is yours.


CoV Test Kit Fail…Bad Blood From Alibaba,
Fauci-Kawaoka, The Bio-Weapons Treaty – Part 17 

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense.com

Several European countries found Chinese-made COVID-19 rapid test kits to be defective with a high rate of false negatives. The mainstream media has failed to report the tests with a 70-to-80 percent failure rate were marketed online by Alibaba fronting for fly-by-night factories using blood serum from “recovered COV patients” of uncertain origin. Fast testing is based on an antigen reaction with the test subject’s antibodies, which will react within 15 minutes in cases of infection. The rapid test cassettes require a small blood sample from the tested person, which is then exposed to the serum from a convalescent John Doe in China.

The lack of antigens in testing serum indicates the majority of CoV blood donors had not been seriously infected with coronavirus or that the serum had been chemically disinfected to prevent accidental infections and sold illegally to test-kit vendors, a serious criminal act. The other issue is that the early-version virus apparently did not create large quantities of antigens, which came later with increased virulence as the China contagion progressed. Whatever the primary reason, the Chinese national health authority and Alibaba are liable for medical malpractice damages for the false claims of 70-80 percent accuracy for the defective test kits.

Moral Hazard

Here in Part 17 of this coronavirus series, I examine the many risks and moral hazards of importation of blood products without verifiable patient records, the probability of serious “medical” abuses against patients for benefit of the lucrative blood serum market, and an urgent need for a total ban against repeat violator Alibaba, previously responsible for thousands of American deaths from opioids and now involved in the massive product failure of COVID-19 rapid test kits.

Also discussed is the looming threat of clandestine biological warfare between China and the USA, locked in mutual recrimination while failing to cooperatively investigate, track down, identify and punish the actual perpetrators, the prime suspects as traced in this series being Japan, Britain and Israel in the spread of COVID-19 against the CISM military games in Wuhan followed by disposal of surplus delivery animals, live freshwater fish, at the Wuhan seafood market.

The failure-plagued rapid tests are discussed in detail further below, along with Alibaba’s other product lines derived from human organs, the most public act of cannibalism since the premiere of “Sllence of the Lambs”. The volume of serum being offered for sale indicates extreme medical abuse, including the possibility of mass murder of younger CoV patients for their blood following recovery.

The next round of Biological Warfare

The world is facing the dangerous possibility of another round of biological warfare due to the unwillingness of China to cooperate with the United States in an investigation of the bio-terrorism against the CISM Military Games at Wuhan in late October and the later release at the Wuhan seafood market. Based on a long trail of facts cited in this series, the assailants were a Japanese-British and Israel consortium of intelligence agencies, which then organized a media campaign of false leads and hysterical claims, illogically accusing the Chinese for auto-suicide resulting in the destruction of their own economy. These accusations based on questionable “facts” and shadowy sources from the likes of the highly suspect ZeroHedge and self-admitted Mossad groupie and MI-6 Russiagate diversion theorist George Webb is unsupported by microbiology research papers and on-the-ground evidence.

The ecologically impossible hypothesis of a tropical insect-eating bat as the vector is being promoted by British intelligence fraudsters of the Russiagate ilk based in Hong Kong and at the London editorial boards of Lancet and Nature. COVID-19. One of their figureheads who flubbed the SARS response is Dame Margaret Chan, who went from the Hong Kong Hospital Authority to head the WHO with support from Glaxo and Wellcome. Methinks the British intel chorus protests too loudly.

These factually erroneous neocon claims, reeking of MI6-deception from the Victoria Nuland crowd, have met with a fierce rebuttal from the Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijiang, who claims that COVID “originated in the U.S.” and that patient zero is a U.S. Army cyclist at the CISM Military Games. The sensationalist Zhao, unfortunately, appears to be myopic, unable to see the forest for the trees. Here again, on the other side, we are seeing silence about the role of Japan, Britain and Israel.

The first cases of COVID-19 exposure did indeed occur at those games, as first pointed out way back in this series, infecting not only Americans but also participants from all of the NATO member-states, Iran and other Mideast countries, and the PLA of China, all with large delegations at the military sports contests. Neither the USA nor China were behind this heinous bioterrorism attack against the postwar geopolitical order. Notably the UK and Japan along with upstart crow Israel never joined the CISM group initiated by France in the postwar period.

March 26 marked the 45th anniversary of the International Biological Weapons Convention, that came into force in 1975 after the signing three years earlier. On that anniversary, the State Department noted “The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the importance of BWC parties’ commitments to reducing all biological risks.” That is the first official American allusion to biological warfare regarding COVID-19, which is significant however vague it may be.

That agreement has been signed by 183 states, including the People’s Republic of China, which acceded to the treaty on 15 November 1984 in lieu of the Republic of China Taiwan. Therefore, the present Chinese regime’s cover-up and refusal to disclose key information to other treaty nations is in flagrant violation of international treaty law, especially when considering the loss of lives and economic damage due to its irresponsible failure to prevent Chinese citizens from traveling to other countries, spreading the infectious bio-agent worldwide and also its refusal to allow entry and full access to investigators treaty member-states. Beijing’s two-faced policy of denial and insincere offers of aid to affected countries, with defective test kits, is a unreasonable and shameful betrayal of the basic security and well-being of 1.4 billion Chinese people, proclaimed on October 1, 1949.

“The people throughout China have been plunged into bitter suffering and tribulations since the reactionary government betrayed the fatherland, colluded with imperialists, and launched the counter-revolutionary war.” Those words by Mao Zedong at the inauguration of the People’s Republic certainly ring true today after the grim Wuhan events, don’t they? Like father, like son, I suppose, meaning China’s made only incremental progress at the human dimension since the Shang Dynasty.

Pervasive censorship in China, which includes denial of the actual extent of infections and treatment centers throughout at least half of its territory, in the greatest cover-up in modern times. On these grounds of protecting the corrupt elite rather than serving the people, the government of China abetted the spread of coronavirus to 180 countries and 200 territories, in a most egregious violation of the BW Treaty and international health protocols. Due to flagrant criminal behavior, verified by its own official statements, the government of China bears full liability for all losses of life, injury, economic impacts and other damage to the international community. Its refusal to admit liability and failure to inform and cooperate with international investigation puts the PRC into the status of a rogue state on par with North Korea, and therefore there can be no going back to the bilateral good will, not until its irresponsible leadership admits their gross errors in apology and admits full financial liability worldwide. Cut the posturing, because everyone can see that the Emperor has no clothes.

At some point soon, the US delegation should convene a UN Security Council resolution based on the Biological Weapons Treaty, demanding China comply with treaty enforcement. If China is innocent of the bio-terrorism attack there is no reason for this cover-up, which only tends to support the suspicion of conspiracy theory. It’s important then that invocation of the Biological Weapons accord be introduced for a vote at the UN.

Alibaba ban as a starter

Given the impasse due to a self-protective Beijing regime, compromised by their unspoken ties to Tokyo, London and Tel Aviv, the case against politically connected trading house Alibaba grows in importance to set the tone of a serious response to these crimes against humanity. Preventative measures to shut down potential pathways for bio-warfare should begin with a blanket prohibition of Alibaba from an online presence, sales, operations, investments, front companies and travel ban on its board and executives in the larger American market, with advocacy for similar tough measures in NATO and allied countries. Fines can be enforced with asset seizures.

Alibaba is one of the many agents of China’s relentless economic competition verging into asymmetric warfare. In this context, Alibaba sales of COVID-19 blood serum for rapid test kits. and suspected black market serum for IV treatment for the rich and famous, poses an emerging threat of a retaliatory trial-run contagion against an “ungrateful” USA, which is certainly possible due to contingency preparations by the Chinese military (not the incompetent microbiologists in Wuhan microbiology lab).

The potential attack will probably be with crude zoonotic diseases followed by antidotes for those willing to kneel like Kaepernik (the full kowtow is a bit outdated by now). Alibaba’s consumer product lines for women’s vanity include stem cells, human-derived hyaluronic acid, and embryo-sourced rejuvenation cremes. These little bottled products are ideal mediums to spread lethal biological weapons throughout American society. Frankly, I would not miss all those preening influencers and aging lipo-suctioned ladies in bikinis, the fake beauties of social media, but the harm after outbreak to the general public especially families would be horrific mass murder, at least from a Western values perspective. Any assault against the American public, of course, would welcomed as ethnic cleansing by the Extinction Rebellion, the Make America Mexico Again fanatics and other Democrats.

A cordon sanitaire around Alibaba and its partners in the Chinese medical system should not be expanded into another Cold War, because socialist rivalry is not at issue since China’s medical system is based in the military medical corps, privatized hospitals, pharmaceuticals and insurance companies copied after the American capitalism model since the Deng Xiaoping reforms of the 1980s. Chinese malpractice is a mirror image of the U.S. “health” system of lifelong illness till death do us part.

The conflict over human harvesting is a cultural issue between Christian ethics based on the sanctity of the body versus the cannibalistic legacy of the primitive tribal notion of wealth protection through human sacrifice to bloodthirsty gods. The majority of Americans still tend toward the ethics of sanctity, despite pressures from biotech researchers, wealthy women, the satanic lunatics and decrepit vampires like Kissinger; whereas Chinese gourmets relish eating anything with two legs or four, except the table. The Chinese are not unique since the blood-diet customs are shared by Mongol and Tibetan Buddhist followers of the Dalai Lama. As I’ve repeatedly heard up in the Himalayas, there’s nothing more refreshing than warm fresh blood. Protecting you jugular is one reason to always have an ice ax handy while trekking and to be wary of convenient rock falls. Don’t call me a sick racist, I’m merely a healthy survivor.

The majority of Chinese, especially younger people, dread the thought of consuming another human’s flesh or being themselves eaten, a practice revived due to the class system in post-reform China, now augmented by regime dictatorship between the better families and the herd. Vulnerable individuals need to be careful not be caught in a meat grinder during the national pork shortage, one of those unthinkable things that’s probably already been a convenient and practical way to dispose of blood-drained CoV patients on the altar of greed.

Meanwhile, foodie fans of late monkey-eating guru Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” might want to take a gourmand adventure tour while airfares are at rock-bottom to Foshan back alleys to nibble on little brown-pink cubes of jellied “pigs blood” for your first taste of the real deal or juicy “pork” with chives pot-stickers. Be sure to add lots of vinegar and ginger slices, but remember not to jot down all the scrumptious details on Instagram. Bon apetit, chi hao! BTW, a tip. Drink a lot of white alcohol and be sure everything’s thoroughly cooked to avoid parasites in your bloody stools.

Bloodsuckers profit online

Reports of huge shipments of faulty Made in China test kits have come from the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Italy, Slovakia and other EU health authorities, a product-quality scandal that can be compared with the Titanic. It’s the same old story as in that romantic movie – make way for the crew on the lifeboat, toss the women, children and elderly overboard. For positive publicity and image repair, China’s gone so far as offering “lifesavers” that sink.

Notably one of the test-kit providers on Alibaba’s menu is based in Hangzhou, the hometown of Jack Ma and site of Alibaba headquarters. Hangzhou Sehon Technology, which claims an 80 percent response (efficiency) rate, is actually a manufacturer of LED lights. That indicates Sehon makes the plastic test-kit case but the blood product is from some other unnamed source linked with corrupt medical authorities, a typical Alibaba sleight of hand. So far, thanks to Alibaba, late-arrival Sehon has racked up $8,000 in reported sales in 7 transactions with buyers, not including larger wholesale customers ordering batches of 10,000.

Guangzhou Leyte, another test-kit supplier promoting “whole blood, serum and plasma” has a “respectable” 7-year history in Panyu, not the best location for industry, marketing mainly forehead temperature detectors. Its promo video shows cardboard boxes but no assembly line. Also customers from Africa, who still learned their lesson after so many centuries of being defrauded. An early mover of blood, it’s listed $40,000+ in 36 sales via Alibaba. Please do not mention cannibalism because that would be, according to the Democrat party, a politically incorrect infringement on African sensibilities, another fact to ban from the fictitious American school curriculum.

Zhizhejing (Wiseguy) Network Technology does at least have a factory in the Whampoa district of Guangzhou specializing in assembling electronic components for automobiles. It is marketing “CE certified whole blood, serum, plasma”, although the official European CE mark does not appear on its boxes. It sells standard low-end masks and tiny vials of human-derived serum wrapped in plastic bags. The product response time and response rate is indicated as “Hidden”. That’s smart since there’s no way to sue them for lack of guarantee, sort of like those online video ads for free-energy devices.

The worst offender for failed test kits is not a fly-by-night but instead Shenzhen Bioeasy, which has qualified for a CE certification label issued by the European Commission. Since 2007 Bioeasy has been producing test kits, mainly to detect antibodies in milk for the dairy industry checking for contamination with mastitis or strep bacteria. It has a huge operation in the reputable Baoan district near Shenzen International Airport.

Despite Bioeasy’s above-board past record, its test kits have a high failure rate, as exposed in by massive product returns for refund from Spain, which purchased 640,000 test kits that turned out to have only a 30 percent accuracy rate, meaning the wrong sort of returns for Bioeasy. The scandal resulted in Alibaba executives meeting with King Felipe, to assuage national outrage. At a round-table news discussion, a Spanish commentator said “”First they send us the virus, then they sell us the medications to stop it and then defraud us. It’s great for China.” Hey, hombre, twice-fooled is your fault. Like those reckless characters in “Easy Rider”, it’s not a happy ending for Bioeasy either coming up with refunds.

A mere on average 30 percent accuracy rate indicates “they are useless,” according to microbiology Professor Victor Jimenez Cid at Madrid’s Complutense University. The embarrassing fallout prompted the PRC Embassy in Madrid to sheepishly tweet that “Shenzen Bioeasy is not licensed to sell the product and is not included on a list of recommended suppliers.” Wiggling out with some preposterous story is a typical Chinese reaction to being caught pants-down. A company that certifies milk safety must have official approval since Bioeasy is still taking foreign orders for test kits from dummies who don’t keep up with the news. All these deceptive sales were made through Alibaba, whose CEO Jack Ma was personally awarded a medal as a national hero by the President of China himself back during the worldwide epidemic of Chinese-sourced opioid deaths.

What the Bioeasy case adds up to is that the problem is not in the fluorescent-signal inside the plastic cassettes but rather in blood serum sourced from “convalescent patients” collected in the Wuhan Archipelago of mystery-shrouded “hospices” across southern China. In Wuhan proper, the urban population density required immediate cremation of corpses by funeral homes responding to a crisis inside overstretched hospitals. Drug treatment of the mostly elderly patients with pre-existing infection history, along with sulfa-drug (sulfoamide) spraying of corpses means the blood of those wasted corpses is tainted and, in any case, not a huge priority during the crisis period.

Wuhan Archipelago in South China

The statistically missing youths with CoV infections must have been given orders to leave the virus-contaminated epicenter for recuperation at unregistered “hospices” in southern China, where in gross violation of law and ethics they were subjected to excessive blood donation after recovery. The unlimited amount of serum now on the world market indicates that many of these convalescent children and youths were bled to death to supply the “underground” semi-official serum industry. The methodical network of patient transport from Wuhan in technical violation of local registration rules, establishment of unregistered hospices in several smaller cities, provision of blood-extraction equipment, disposal of dead patients after complete blood withdrawal, secret arrangements with serum testing and packaging companies, and then unreported sales of the vials to the test-kit producers indicates high-level official authorization of the blood trade. Death is not the end, it’s just the beginning of online sales.

Now does the total crackdown on Weibo and WeChat accounts, elimination of the last few independent news sites, disappearances of whistle-blowers, disconnects for 22 million smart-phones, and all the happy talk about “a people’s war victory” over COVID start to make sense? Well, it was more of a war against people.

Fast money from overseas sales, the global dumping ground for human-derived “medical” products is stock in trade for Alibaba. To show the extent of its role as frontman for the human harvesters are other Alibaba-offered wares including, quite boldly advertised stem cells, rejuvenation treatments made from unborn children aka embryos, and hyaluronic acid for aching joints from human umbilical cords, cartilage, bones and skin. Alibaba as the leading global free market for cannibalism should be totally banned from sales, business operations, investment and lending in a United States that opposes the commercialization of flesh and blood of one’s neighbors. When an Alibaba van rolls up to your back door, consumer beware. That may sound like a sick joke, but Alibaba teamed up with a don of the Russian mafia when it took over the Brooklyn Nets.

The underlying cause of defective fast-test results are likely due to youth blood donors in the early round of CoV infection, in late October at the time of the military games in Wuhan, when the virus had not yet realized its Gain of Function (GOF), which requires about three generations of viral replication to strip away antibodies from the host’s cells and transform them into antigens (for attack on the immune system) to achieve full virulence. This is why the symptoms were not severe in the earlier cases, for a duration of at least one month, about two generations of replicants.

Rothschild Redux

Now watch for curve balls, for instance, the secret importation into the USA of China-sourced blood serum via sanitary over-regulated Singapore is now being advocated by law firm Fox Rothschild LLP. The shysters from a distant minor branch of that rapacious clan have just gained FDA approval for rapid 15-minute test kits supposed from Ideal Rehab Care, which is not on any current list of hospitals, clinics or pharmaceutical manufacturers in Singapore. This leads to the tentative suspicion that Ideal Rehab is a typical front for a China-based producer to sell test kits under bogus country of origin exploiting Singapore’s reputation for quality assurance. Doctored documents and false-front offices are easy enough for organized crime groups to produce.

Fox Rothschild, which recently completed a merger with the Oppenheimer law firm, is based in South Florida, the Kosher Nostra headquarters of Jeffrey Epstein, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Meyer Lansky (to use a Wayne Madsen term for the Tribe). This is an echo of the Opium Wars that enriched the Sassoons and the Rothschild-financed British East India Company. The battle for human dignity continues against the instinctive impulse, which involved the Frankist-Asiatic Brotherhood of Jacob Frank and also runs like a red river back to the Khazar lord Vlad the Impaler, better as Count Dracula.

After being sue by a legal intern for sexual harassment and rape, representing insider traders and various convicts with homicidal tendencies, Fox Roth took on a more respectable client named Greg Lansky, owner of Strike 3 Films, the producer of porno series “Tushy”, “Blacked” and “Vixen”, the latter being uncomfortably in the Jeff Epstein category of young trailer trash actresses on the legal borderline, like the young lady doing her impression of Madonna’s “Material Girl” routine but followed by a lot of cork-popping. Crazy as Fox Rothschild took on the first porn industry contract to hunt down copyright infringement. A top expert in streaming media was hired on to scan thousands of hours of ghetto dudes banging white-trash MILFs, Professor Lincoln Bandow from the USC School of Journalism. Did I not just mention something about the Frankists, who invented and marketed every deviant sexual perversion, under the patronage of Meyer Amshel Rothschild and later the Hellfire Club by his descendants? It runs in the blood. Tushy is that Hebrew or old Khazar Yiddish?

Hold it there one second, the only porn-related assignment I’ve ever gotten as a journalism lecturer was from Japan Playboy to covered the Al El aircrash in Biljmeer, Holland, which killed a slew of residents due to the secret weapons shipment in its cargo bay load on at JFK New York. Going through the photos of dead burn victims and looking at radioactive tumors on firemen, well, I guess it qualifies as snuff porn.

Get one thing clear here, I am not anti-Jewish just anti-gangster when so much of the sordid economy is run on bodily abuse of fellow humans. For me, nothing’s better than a truly kosher pastrami on rye at Katz’s Deli on Houston Street, where I used to work at the famous paint store. I’m just as candid about my own breed of worst-offenders, the Japanese elites who went on from raping the girls of Nanking to sponsoring Unit 731 and then funding mad scientist Kawaoka’s research at U Wisconsin on the HIV-splicing technique to increase viral virulence, which turned up inside that “natural” COVID-19, as claimed by the Rothschild-controlled Lancet and Nature journals. Rothschild is German for “Red Shield”, a reference to the Exodus account of painting one’s doorway with blood to avert the avenging angels spreading death by pestilence over Egypt. Now it’s Chinese blood routed through Singapore.

Fauci’s Faustian Bargain

It was under the watch of Barack Obama that Fauci’s NIAID permitted the Kawaoka team to pioneer HIV-enabled Gain of Function in flu-related viruses, until a backlash of ethical scientists demanded a ban on GOF. Once the ban was prematurely lifted in less than 3 years, Anthony Fauci award Kawaoka with $600,000 NIAID grant to restore the biowarfare research with this appalling apologetic. “Yoshi went through the appropriate vetting exercise. It went through multiple layers of review and examination. It wasn’t as if we all changed our minds and said, ‘Oops, never mind, go ahead and do it.’ They got very appropriately vetted with all the appropriate caveats.”

So the Tojo-Mussolini alliance carried on with a few sheets of paper writ with lies was good to get back to HIV-splicing onto flu viruses, the lab technique crucial to the creation of Fauchi’s little baby COVID-19. Fauchi is a ringleader of biological warfare development, creating new infectious diseases in the laboratories of mass death.

Today once again in protecting Unit 731 successor Kawaoka, Fauci’s underlings at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases have pressured the entire corps of microbiology researchers to deny the splicing of HIV and m.TB in COVID-19 as a product of biological engineering. The current campaign of unscientific denial is consistent with Fauci’s career of denial and suppression of critical analysis of laboratory-altered Ebola, Zika, MERS. 2009 “swine” flu and HIV, an obscurantist position worthy of one of those priest-scientists under Pope Urban VIII who “debunked” Galileo’s observation-based heliocentric theory.

Fauci’s path to the inner circle started with his pre-med studies at the Jesuit-run College of Holy Cross in Worchester, Massachusetts. The illustrious alumni of Holy Cross include the FBI-CIA attorney Robert Mateu who ran Howard Hughes’ Nevada operations, Mark Kennedy Shriver who serves as U.S. director of pedophile-plagued Save The Children NGO, NBC anchor Chris Matthews, Timothy Leary the LSD guru for the CIA MK-ULTRA program, and William McDonough, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Never a private practitioner, Fauci’s entire career has been at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), including the 1980s-90s era that saw the unsolved murders of innumerable microbiologists, Italiano Mafia style in the name of the Godfather, Sin and the Unholy Goat.

Rapid tests kits are an accessory to contagion

The fact remains after the test-kit fiasco that PCR molecular analysis reminds the gold standard for spotting the signatures of viruses. Each test, however, requires two hours for the process of reverse transcription of RNA onto DNA, which can then be decoded. The process takes two hours, the long delays being due to transport time and backlogs. Given the increasing potency and appearance of viruses from distant environments puts stress on the need for precise testing at far more stations than today’s labs.

A public-private-community cooperative program is urgently needed to establish PCR stations inside major airports, where waiting time for international flights are already at two hours, which can be extended another 40 minutes to allow PRC tests during contagions or in suspect cases detected by thermal scans. A demographic-based network of PCR stations in clinics, local hospitals and larger schools should be established. Mobile fleets of cargo vans or small buses with PRC should be developed in hubs of metropolitan areas and larger rural towns to respond to local outbreaks and nation-wide pandemics.

During an outbreaks, these networks act as layers of defense that can filter out infected people, preventing the ridiculous global explosions of COVID-19. Thanks to Fauci’s patronage of the biowarrior researcher more Doomsday viruses are coming, so a bio-defense system is required along with much sterner investigation and prosecution of mad scientists who build bio-robots to wipe out humanity. Even more than doctors, the USA needs more science-savvy prosecutors to prevent bio-warred pandemics by arresting and punishing the guilty. Meanwhile a PCR network serves at the early-warning system for new outbreaks that will keep public-lab technicians nearly as busy as air-traffic controllers at O’Hare.

As for the stop-gap test kits, an alternative strategy versus the standard but viable immunoglobulin (Ig) recognition of COV is required. In theory, the most hopeful is based on using the capsule protein of CoV to link with the virus RNA in the test subject’s blood. The powerful attraction of the N-protein of the viral membrane to the virus RNA should greater accuracy in test results. Pending FDA approval for live-testing, the US-pioneered test for the N-protein appears at this moment to be the most hopeful candidate among the many contenders from pharmaceuticals and tech companies.

Before signing off, the test-kit candidate from the Oxford Suzhou Center (OSCAR) deserves special mention as a case for triple-checking after Oxitec’s massive spread of ovarian bleeding due to its bioengineered mosquitos released “against” the biowar-modified Zika virus in Brazil. The Suzhou method is to use a mini-heater to hasten RNA transcription to DNA in 30 minutes to detect an antibody reaction. The British biomedical establishment, tightly bound with Porton Down and Pirbright Institute, has every reason to cover-up the extent of the COVID-19 contagion that they did so much to trigger against the CISM member military forces gathered at Wuhan.

COVID-19 is ultimately a test of values of every society, which China has badly failed yet refuses to admit, which only means more setbacks ahead. In contrast, the principles of “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” are the golden keys for American recovery, restoration of national health, economic strength and mental wellness, and a bright future once again as the world’s principled leader.

Alibaba and its 40 Thieves

With everyone under lockdown, the shrinking world’s a hellish claustrophobic space with few options to Netflix’s dystopian fare other than escapism via Disney. So I recommend “Aladdin” after seeing the stage show version inspired by Cab Calloway’s Heidi Ho tripped-out song-and-dance routine and preferably the original not the PC-censored lyrics from the thief-turned prince wannabe.

There’s that romantic song of Aladdin, “Oh imagine a land in a faraway place, where caravan camels roam, where they cut off your ear if they don’t like your face, it’s barbaric but it’s home.” I just can’t wait to see it on stage at Disneyland Shanghai. Al, bro’, they sliced off your ear to the smart-phone but it bleeds a lot more when the royal henchmen cut the throats of us journalists.

Since we’re not so keen on the sounds of silence, let’s end on a happy hopeful note from the Genie-us in charge of political succession, so sing along:

“Well, Ali Baba had them forty thieves,
Scheherazade had a thousand tales.
But, master, you’re in luck ’cause up your sleeves
You got a brand of magic never fails.
You got some power in your corner now,
Some heavy ammunition in your camp.
You got some punch, pizzazz, Yahoo and how,
See all you gotta do is rub that lamp 

And I’ll say –
“Yes sir, we pride ourselves on service.
You’re the boss,
The king, the shah.
Say what you wish.
It’s yours to dish.
How about a little more baklava?
Have some of column A,
Try all of column B.
I’m in the mood to help you, dude, 
You ain’t never had a friend like me!”

M-Trump Made In USA, FDA On Serum,
Cholesterol vs CoV, Wenzhou-Italy – Part 16 

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense.com

The craving for sugar, carbs in cake and donuts, most fruit and super-sweet GM corn, soft drinks, pizza and sushi is the slippery slope down to illness, disease, death and, worse, weakness of spirit and mental loss of direction. So-called “healthy” salads and vegan diets input hordes of microorganisms and zoonotic viruses into the gut. As shown in a new study out of China discloses that COVID-19 patients show an extremely low level of cholesterol inside their arteries. The deficiency is partly due to viral infection of the liver, which ceases processing fatty oils, but also can be attributed in part to inadequate consumption of animal fats due to the two-year Swine Flu pandemic that killed off the national hog herd. Skyrocketing prices for imported pork and beef reduced meat in the Chinese diet. Inadequate diet weakens the human immune system.

If vegan theory was really accurate, then a reduction of meat consumption should have boosted Chinese health instead of the actual outcome of lowering immunity to coronvirus and flu. A daily diet of beef kept me going in Beijing during the unprecedented summer flu in mid-2019, which shut down swathes of the capital. I was there to video a conference on Buddhist history, carrying a heavy camera and big tripod for miles in intense heat and shooting in crowded lecture halls and rode subways but was not infected. Eating beef for dinner every evening and drinking red wine for medicinal purposes allowed me to sleep without fidgeting as my nutrition-boosted antibodies wiped out any trace of the human version of swine flu, a contagion unreported by a news media fixated on carbon emissions.

The beauty of fat

Cholesterol from animal fat protects arteries, thereby blocking viruses from penetrating into the lungs and other vital organs, while alcohol is an excellent internal disinfectant. Ancient dietary wisdom ensures health as opposed to the crank theories of nonsensical weight-loss diets that promote anorexia, which is the sure formula for fashionistas and models to have zero resistance to STDs (as compared with Kenyan sex workers) and going downhill with cocaine inhalation inside crowded discos. Coronavirus is merely the last thrill. The bubble-butt types, meanwhile, seem to be in good spirits as opposed to those grim stick figures.

The ideal is to be moderately lean but not overweight. The beef revival is due to a reduction of steroids and antibiotics in cattle over the recent two decades, making red meat especially from free-range steers the nutritious choice once again, as during my boyhood in Kobe, the world capital of marbled steak, or way back in the cowboy days as in Wichita and Dodge City. So I’ll let you in on a secret.

When I was doing ecological consulting on the Tibetan grasslands, helping local herders who produced yak milk to preserve their mix of wild vegetation in the mountain meadows, an organic herding expert from Switzerland came over to advise our project. His most insightful comment was that the grass diet bolsters ruminants with vitamin A, which is why they don’t need a lot of drugs or supplements. The positive effect of A on vision is established, but lesser known is how A stimulates collagen growth. This means beef-eating, especially the gristle as in the knuckles, makes for stronger artery walls and also helps protect your immune-response function in the subcutaneous “fat” immediately below the skin, the largest organ of the human body. Gnawing on a hundred carrots is not going to equal a pound of fatty beef.

It would unethical not to warn about steak broiled rare. Bovine tuberculosis cells can nestle undetected in the folds of cattle brains, so beef should be heated to a minimal medium or slightly well done to prevent infection as in sirloin rare, which has led to an entire generation of business executives suffering “dementia” and “Altzheimer’s”.

To avert medication with statins, it’s important to eat the right kind of fat. Grain-fed cattle in feed lots tend to have more “soft” cholesterol inside the hard fat (the terms are confusing). It’s best even in range steer meat to eat the soft fat (with “hard” cholesterol) and toss away the harder pieces of fat. In pork, it can be the opposite, since the dense subcutaneous layer next to the skin is excellent for vitality, whereas the greasy soft fat is ruinous to your waistline. Know the difference between good fats and fat cats, the latter like that ambition-oozing ignoramus Andrew Cuomo who came out against GM mass-production of ventilators, which is the starting line for national re-industrialization plus needed help for CoV patients. The comedian governor should stick to solving the in-fighting between residents and vacation-home owners up in the Borscht Belt in the Catskills.

Chinese to Italy

The new medical study showing low cholesterol in COVID-19 patients was done in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, a major city south of Shanghai, that according to official records a month ago has not been affected by the pandemic. Shanghai’s totally corrupt officials, in a bid to avoid a quarantine of the all-important crashing stock market, secretly shuttled patients south to Wenzhou, a distance of 480 km or 300 miles. During the news blackout, the national government reported no deaths outside of Wuhan, which obviously was outright propaganda harmful to public-health awareness of 1.4 billion Chinese citizens, who by now totally distrust the ruling inner circle. The big lie was spun to protect the crooked families of powerful officials trying to prevent a stock market collapse. Wenzhou had zero cases on record, even though the hospitals were packed with CoV patients. The figure was more recently amended from zero to more than 600 cases, although with omission of the number of related deaths.

The first CoV patient detected in Wenzhou was recorded on January 17, a month before the Italian outbreak. Over the past three decades, a huge percentage of city residents have relocated to work in the fashion and textile industry in Italy, especially Prato in Tuscany and Milan. There are many pocket Chinatowns throughout the Lombardy region.

The Chinese immigrants as a vector for the coronavirus contagion is not the only probable cause of contagion, since the Italians sent 139 athletes to the CISM World Games in Wuhan in October, some of them hit in the bioterrorist attack on NATO. Many of these soldiers and sailors are based across Northern Italy, including the NATO airbase at Aviano. Another factor for infection, of course, is Chinese prostitution behind the front of massage salons, which is “unofficially” abetted through a cut of the take for PRC consular officials and bribes for local police.

Chinese prostitutes, who have unsafe sex with as many as 20 customers per weekend in Spain, are drivers of chlamydia, gonorrhea, AIDS and now CoV. The sex trade is a precondition of OBOR, with freebie mistresses for politicians and other VIPs. And you wonder why Italy is dying, The Church should be excommunicating these crooks in power who have condemned their country to death.

Perhaps to evade liability, especially in countries that are key to the now-tattered OBOR dream, the Chinese leadership has been trapped by their own unethical denial that permanently damages any credibility throughout their remaining tenure, which hopefully will end soon to spare their nation further shame and distrust. The people deserve far better leaders than the criminal dynastic overlords.

Geopolitics of a COVer-up

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, while having justifiable qualms about Chinese dishonesty, needs to be careful not to become entangled and entrapped in the MI-6 web of lies as did General Flynn, George Papadopoulus and Carter Page. The journals Nature and Lancet are doing the MI-6’s bidding by spinning outright lies about insect-eating bats as the source of this bio-engineered virus, when in reality COVID-19 was final-assembled at the Pirbright Institute and mass-produced at Porton Down with Kawaoka’s prototype components from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and the National Microbiology Laboratory in Manitoba.

The absurd Foreign Ministry finger-pointing at the U.S. as “origin of the coronavirus” without any evidence other than Israeli Mossad-concocted nonsense about an alleged patient zero arises from the Chinese puppets of Shinzo Abe’s intelligence-and-bribery operation, which has turned top officials at the Foreign Ministry and the propaganda bureau. The pro-Japan insiders are the stay-behind descendants of Nobusuke Kishi and other Japanese officials in Manchukuo, a faction connected with the various J-intel-created new religions in Korea, including Shincheonji, which has 200 members in Wuhan.

The president of China, who’s a hostage of blackmail by double agents, remains the man who can change this treacherous situation with the aid of patriotic military officers who are not compromised by connections with the Rothschilds and Shinzo Abe’s yakuza. The anti-American campaign has turned into a disaster for these conspirators, and it seems by now Putin is keeping a safe distance from the international plot .

The secret connections with Tokyo, London and Tel Aviv of the Shanghai clique and its Kaifung Jews connected with the Opium dynasty of the Sassoons and the Rothchilds, is rooted in pro-Tokyo collaborators before and after the 1937 Japanese invasion of Shanghai, Nanjing and Wuhan. It is not by coincidence that a recent attempt was made to shut down the Nanjing Memorial followed by a ban against the new movie “The 800” about Chinese soldiers who resisted the Japanese invasion, to protect the familial guilt of collaborator families. Being born in Japan, yet committed to atoning for those horrific crimes against humanity to restore proper Sino-Japanese relations based on confession and respect, this sellout by certain members of the Chinese elite is absolutely unacceptable treason and a slap in the face to international justice. In that sense, the disgraceful cover-up of the lethal response to the China outbreak is an extension of the dark legacy of Unit 731.

The serum trade

Blood serum from “recovered” CoV patients provides the antibodies used in test kits, before cloned sequences are available from biotech labs. Over a relatively short time serum tends to oxidize and biochemically deteriorate. In the specific case of COVID-19, many of the so-called recoveries are probably due to failure of viral replication, caused by cumbersome strands of HIV and m.Tuberculosis complicating transcription. This means that many patient recoveries are due to malfunction of viral replication and not the result of interception by antibodies. As a consequence, blood serum from many, and possible most patients is ineffective as a treatment for new cases of infection.

This flaw in an over-engineered virus, which is difficult to replicate, accounts for the lack of antibody response in Chinese-made test kits, which are therefore fundamentally flawed. The Netherlands has returned more than 600,000 test kits to Chinese manufacturers. Spain, Chile, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Turkey have all found Made in China test kits to be defective.

The absence of antibodies also raises a medical-ethics issue regarding illegal sales of blood serum, as a bootleg “cure”, being sold at high price by the Chinese mafia to the rich and famous, including Wall Street bankers via their Jewish physicians, Hollywood celebrities and top government officials and politicians. How are you feeling, Nancy? This underground trafficking in blood serum, a type of vampirism, is unverifiable to whether the “donor” is a recovered patient or an infection-killed corpse. Given the history of infectious diseases in China, there is no way of determining the presence of other viruses in the mix, for example HIV, since that is a component of COVID-19. The near-total absence of medical ethics in the American privatized health system is a hornet’s nest of fraud, deception, misdiagnosis and utter lack of accountability along with insurance fraud. It is simply impossible for HHS or the CDC to track, much less probe this Pandora’s box of medical abuse and pharmacological criminality. The only alternative is entrapment of dealers by law enforcement agencies.

Adding injury to insult against their own people, high-level authorities in China are permitting the export of blood serum from CoV patients, as they still do for opioids. The sharp decline in COV cases to near zero indicates the disappearance of many patients who seem to have vanished into thin air. In standard practice, it takes the blood from nine (9) patients to fill a tiny vial with serum. Therefore the large volume of serum on the global black markets means that countless patients are being drained of all their blood to supply the cannibalistic cravings of the global elite. Given the extent of censorship in China, these illegal sales of human-harvested products must have official sanction, as in the organ-harvesting trade.

Buyer beware, since the anti-CoV serum has no credible guarantee of being free of HIV or clear of other pathogens, no verification of authenticity from an actual CoV donor, no proper registration or tracing system, or even proof it’s not just water or urine. The risks are enormous and the price is high. In addition, the shelf-life of human serum is extremely short due to decomposition.

How extensive is the problem of medical abuse in the serum trade? A estimated 5 million residents are missing from Wuhan, and the disconnection of more than 22 million smart phones over the past two months indicates “the killing fields” under an untrustworthy absolutist regime, where the elite and medical profession maintain a conspiracy of silence about the hidden blood bath. China’s civilization is a universe of glory and ethical propriety, but Chinese politics is a pit of murder and deception. The coronavirus outbreak could not have happened in a worse place, and the Japanese-British-Israeli perpetrators of biological warfare against Wuhan were well aware of this fact.

Regulatory guidelines for blood serum

According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA): “Although promising, convalescent plasma has not been shown to be effective in every disease studied. It is therefore important to determine through clinical trials, before routinely administering convalescent plasma to patients with COVID-19, that it is safe and effective to do so.” Due to the lack of time for clinical trials, the FDA added would also allow physicians to proceed on a case-by-case basis for patients with serious or life-threatening infections outside of larger research studies, but using only verifiable local-sourced serum.

Under FDA rules, plasma donors must have had a COVID-19 diagnosis confirmed by a lab test and been completely symptom-free for at least two weeks before donating. (Prematurely harvested serum can transmit COV to recipients.) The FDA also said it is working with the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to develop larger protocols for use by multiple researchers to coordinate the collection and use of COVID-19 plasma.

GM goes the distance

In line with the American labor movement, and as a former millwright at US Steel Southworks in Chicago, I’ve been for the past four years a disappointed supporter of reviving the industrial might of the USA, or MAGA before it got bent into a fan-boy club meme. Over the past couple of days, my enthusiasm has been reignited by the White House invoking the Defense Production Act to provide medical equipment in response to the COVID-19 contagion. The DPA can be the means, temporarily of course, to kick-start the reintroduction of industry to the American economy, which is now being exposed again as nothing but a house of cards dealt by Wall Street and the Federal Reserve.

Fortunately, American business still have the basic assets of tools, property, paperwork and design capability to jump into action. The biggest problem today is manpower, when all the useless, spoiled, lazy, self-serving millennials are reluctant and downright scared to on steel-toed work boots, rawhide gloves and protective eyewear and learn how to fix machinery, repair trains and ships, reopen canals and tracks, and hoist materials onto flatbeds, by working a real job for the first time in their precious spoiled lives without absconding with a student loan for zuck-butting up their slick managers in Silicon Valley.

If a willing and competent workforce cannot be assembled soon, then the option is a boot camp like the Depression Era CCC, the Civilian Conservation Corps assigned to work the burnt-out California forests and pick fruit and vegetables inside of foreign farm laborers. The perceptive man realizes that sweat is the only choice for the grandsons of Adam.

The tough-love negotiations between CEO President Donald Trump and the nation’s brand leader GM, under his invocation of the Defense Production Act of 1950 (DPA), is emerging as a classic case-study for MBAs in Economics and Political Science programs at universities, brimming with debatable points over the responsibly of the private sector to national security priorities rather than a venal self-serving profit motive. As the first challenger to the enshrined principle of laissez-faire free-economy doctrine since the Reagan era, the former New York City property builder is taking the bull by the horns, now at the very start of a bearish economic downturn as the stock bubble deflates after exploding at the arrival of COVID-19 to these golden shores. For all this antics, Trump stayed loyal to his hometown, New York City, when it was in the dumps of debt default, and that same grit is at last resurfacing in his friendly wrestling match with GM.

My gut reaction to his drastic DPA move was “It’s about the only way that the re-industrialization policy of his first presidential campaign, backed across party lines by hard-core GOP supporters on Main Street and predominantly Democrat-member labor unions, is finally getting kick-started. It took a threat to life and liberty as vicious as the coronovirus contagion to, at last, get the corporate executives to align with popular demand, at risk of their heads rolling like loose cannonballs off the deck if they fail America in this desperate crisis. After some understandable qualms, GM is now setting production lines for ventilators at its auto components factory in Kokomo, Indiana. Hoosiers know how to get things built.

Local heroes of Main Street

GM versus Trump was a head-on collision of beautiful minds, who came up with Made in USA ventilators to save CoV patients. Instead of reinventing the wheel, the solution came with a uniquely American side-step, partnering what once was the world’s biggest auto producer with a tiny health-tech outfit called Ventec Life Systems located in a place you’ve never heard of, Bothell in Washington state, nearby but a world away from the likes of Amazon and Microsoft.

The founder Doug DeVries was spurred to create the company’s sleek combined mulch-function system called VOCSN (ventilator, oxygen concentrator, cough assist, suction and nebulizer) due to his ALS-affected father’s reluctance to ever use the bulky and cumbersome separate systems. The founder’s concern for user-friendliness among patients and caretakers led to his service staff’s online communication with patient’s and caretakers in a community-based approach.

Ventec’s real0life networking is what grabbed my attention, due to past experiences with all the promising false starts by the tech industry, including Apple’s Berkeley MacIntosh Users Group (BMUG) for a user-based network and later the betrayals by tycoon brat Richard Li in the early tech boom in Hong Kong (Cyberport was a scam to build high-rise apartments without a dime for start-ups). The early promise of “telecommuting” and “distance learning” never got off the ground, with Google instead baiting millennials with sugary snacks to their hog trough on “campus”, more of kindergarten for retards, and Microsoft at least being honest as a brain-drain monopoly that hired corporate lawyers to bulldoze under independent developers and small tech companies for their patents. That’s the other side of Made-in-America, which was greed above all.

The Defense Production Act, if extended beyond the present pandemic has the potential to spin off a core group of activist executives, inventors and small business leaders as an open public forum and catalyst for American re-industrialization, while whittling away at that secretive Darth Vaderish DARPA, which has funded the likes of Porton Down, Pirbright Institute, the suspect lab at UNC-Chapel Hill, the University of Wisconsin at Madison and other creeping vines in the bio-engineering of COVID-19. Instead of creating new biotech threats against national security and public health, all the government funding should go toward civil defense of the homeland population, farm animals and native wildlife.

Issues in need of attention include:

– better health surveillance and emergency treatment of immigrants and illegal aliens entering the United States, to prevent a host of infectious diseases from becoming the next contagion.

– a campaign of reduction of America’s No.1 health enemy, too much sugar and carbs in the daily diet, contributing to just about every health disorder from diabetes to influenza. Also needed is a federal requirement for dietary supplements in basic food of trace minerals that boost the human immune system. The processed food industry is the worst health violator and exploiter of children and should be crushed and replaced like cardboard cartons.

– a national crackdown on exploitative doctors and HMOs sucking off Medicare like vampires and destroying the finances of millions of families across the nation. Repeat offenders in the medical field should have a special sentencing to serve as doctors in federal and state prisons, while financially penalized for gross violations of the Hippocratic code.

– restoration of the visiting doctor practice for medical interns and retired physicians, since the American philosophy is for medical care to reach patients and not to force sick people to die waiting in emergency rooms. Fat-cat doctors are, of course, going to lobby, which only means hat lobbying by professional get-rich schemes should be outlawed and severely punished as an organized crime threat to the public.

– the harmful and criminal influence of games and online movie subscription services should be examined by a board of psychiatrists, child psychologists and law-enforcement officials to determine the connection between withdrawal from societal contact, anti-social behavior, sexual violations and suicides among children and teens, with appropriate recommendation to warn and punish production studios, which are now overrun by pedophiles, addicts and influencers backed by dope-peddling rings.

– In addition, the White House should convene an online summit of world leaders on agreement for stronger enforcement of the Treaty against Biological Weapons with an enforcement regime against labs and state labs, demanding more transparency and inspections by a special inter-military organization apart from the WHO. This sort of summit can also spur international campaigns to crush producers of opioids, harmful drugs, organ trafficking and other abusers of public health worldwide.

A perennially sick and weak public cannot be defended against external enemies or their own addictions. Every society, from China to the USA to Japan and Spain, being hammered by COVID-19 is in an advanced stage of gluttony, lethargy, self-perpetrated chronic illnesses, entertainment-sourced phobias and psychiatric disorders, harmful snack addition and lack of enthusiasm for normative social interaction. The COVID-19 crisis must be the rallying point for deep reform of a citizen-led movement for responsible and holistic public health.

Since I tend to be an optimist, it’s important to balance the sunny outlook with a more “realistic” assessment of the current state of health care. To get an insider’s perspective on the destruction that’s promoted by the “health” industry beholden to cut-throat pharmaceuticals, here’s a comment from one of the doctors on my public-health team.

The Second Opinion

“My biggest issue with the way things are-is and as I am trained in allopathic medicine, this system is making people sick and broke. It really is all about disease creation and maintenance. Mechanistic, reductionist, vaccine- and Big Pharma-centric focused on ‘procedures’ (from ‘’scopes’ and incisions to ‘robot-assisted’ and vaccines (mandatory at gun point is the ideal!). There is no ‘prevention’, no nutritional or herbal approaches.

“The profession is solidly in the grasp of government, insurance, and the Medical-Industrial Complex (which includes the CDC, a private corporation whose main job is vaccine promotion, AMA, academia – all bought and paid for. Plus all of the ‘specialty’ boards). BTW, certain boards are among the worst authoritarians: pediatrics, family practice and psychiatry. (The old general practice physicians who could do anything and everything are dead.) In my many decades at this, things have gotten much, much worse. Super sub-specialization has proceeded apace (driven by creative new diseases with expensive new cures). No longer do physicians think outside of the box. Primary care physicians simply act as triage agents to the sub-sepcialties.

“One of the recent med-mal cases I reviewed was a Vietnam vet. He had survived a GSW to the head in Nam, buy managed to had a relatively good life but was being slow-killed by the VA. He had at least 20 diagnoses, 20 doctors (all the specialties except pediatrics and OB/GYN), and was on 30 medications. He was being treated for ‘opiate addiction’ and was on methadone, oxycontin, hydrocodone, a couple of nerve pills and a sleeping pill! Of course, he was also on heart meds, cardiac meds, GI meds, and laxatives. THIS is the state of medicine in the West.

“I have pondered this long and hard and am forced to conclude that it CANNOT be fixed. The corruption – the bad science – the egotistical psychopaths that run it all will not and cannot change. What is needed is COMPLETE and TOTAL collapse of the system and a reboot from ground zero. COVID may be it.”./.