Folks, I am a “Cash on hands” person, unfortunately more shops in Melbourne are “reluctant” to accept cash!

Even though Australian banknotes are plastic… well, polymer! You see folks! It’s genuinely “coincident” that COVID19 is “forcing” us into Cashless society! I just wonder whose idea of the cashless society is at the first place? And now how people would help other homeless fellow human beings!

Anyway, today I am going to stay home to “tune up” my bike. So I made a quick browsing for headlines around the net:

UN: 95% of Europe’s virus dead over 60 but young not immune

Residents snitch on businesses, neighbors amid shutdowns

US snatches masks from Germany in act of ‘modern piracy’ – Berlin senator

‘America First’: Covid-19 exposes cracks in Trans-Atlantic solidarity as US snatches up France-bound masks

US bought France-bound face masks for CASH from China – French official to RT

Russian scientists retract ‘alarming’ coronavirus genome

  • Initial findings suggested virus was mutating at a dramatic rate that threatened efforts to create a vaccine
  • One scientist said the research was either ‘really weird or really wrong’

Chinese man jailed for breaking quarantine rules and lying about travel history

  • The man from Henan province had visited Italy and France at the start of March and then went back to work
  • The 29-year-old is the first case of someone being jailed for breaking China’s quarantine rules

Coronavirus: World Health Organisation reverses course, now supports wearing face masks in public

  • Surgical masks should still be reserved for medical professionals with the general population using home-made face coverings, global health agency says
  • ‘There may be situations where the wearing of masks may reduce the rate at which infected individuals may infect others’

Coronavirus: what’s behind Singapore’s U-turn on wearing masks?

  • The island state is no longer discouraging residents from wearing them in public, and will distribute reusable face masks from Sunday
  • Prime Minister Lee says the decision was made following new evidence that an infected person can show no symptoms yet still spread the disease

So does France still ban wearing facial cover?

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