Sorry larryzb for bringing our conversation into this “formal post”, for you force me to spill out some spoilers about my next post, which I consider very important that other folks need to pay attention to.

larryzb: 3 hourslarrysmusings Today, my wife and I went to the Walmart super center to buy some groceries. We had to go in one customer at a time and only after a customer had exited the store. While in queue, we had to stay 6 feet apart. This just went into effect in the past 2 days. Yet, there are so few cases in our part of the state where we live (central US).This seems more and more to be a psy-op and a power grab. We must consider that the Jews always profit and gain advantage through the suffering of others. That is the way they have been since the beginning of time. I am not asserting that the Jews are behind this hoax, but they will find ways to gain from it.

But first, my friend , your country is too small a nation in which I don’t know which state of “Central US” you live! Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, or even Arkansas? I did live in Arkansas and Oklahoma for a while, but I dare say you live in Missouri, St Louis! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Simply because there is a “thing” called Marian Days in St Louis where thousands of Vietnamese-American Catholics from all over the USA (some even from Vietnam) would gather there to make a “big mess” annually! It’s off the topic. I’d better digress!

“I am not asserting that the Jews are behind this hoax, but they will find ways to gain from it.”

At this moment with more things coming out every day, I dare say the fucking Jews are behind this hoax! That’s why I posted this photoshopped cartoon as a hint!

I will elaborate in my next post. However here are some spoilers:

1- When people have a very deadly false assumptions such as Government would never kill their own people- So, it goes like this “because there are many Americans, many Jews, many Chinese deaths, therefore THE CULPRITS CANNOT BE American government, the Jews, or the ChiCom!

Sigh heavily! Many people surely do not have a sense of their own history and experience at all! Do I still have to give evidences that government did mass murder their own citizens here at all?

The second most deadly assumption is that governments of friends and foes would never conspire with each other, especially to kill their own people! Well did the USS Liberty, Iran-Contra teach Americans anything at all? Of course the 911 never happened!

The third deadly common assumption is that people of the same “race,” same “ethnicity” would love and protect one another, would never mass murder themselves! uhm uhm …Folks, I have tried hard to find the word “civil-war” in dictionary but I could not find it! Please help me folks!

2-Since the hard fact is that the Jews have fully controlled the West, especially the USA, in almost every aspect of the society, every vital institution of the national system, then it must be these fucking “Chinese “, a.k.a the “Chinese” controlled Cabal that planned and orchestrate this hoax, which I said is much much bigger and much much larger than the 911! The whole thing fits perfectly with their Talmudic goals. And all the “Talmudic Chinese” up there are gaining tremendously from this hype and hoax! That’s why they have tried their best to make people shout “Chinese virus, Chinese virus, Chinese virus” (No typo in this paragraph)

You see folks, so far this “crisis” teaches all of us the most important lesson: It’s much easier to control the mass of billions than people “rationally” would think! All you need is simple crude public fear! These psychopaths in the Cabal are not super beings or chosen shit at all! They just understand the mass psych and the fear factor! All crooks have done it since political society established, or rather to be precise to establish political society a.k.a nation, the crooks used fear!

3- It’s “minor” issue, at least to me for now, but I disagree with you as you said “the Jews always profit and gain advantage through the suffering of others. That is the way they have been since the beginning of time… they will find ways to gain from it. My friend, not only the Jews, but every capitalist mindset of maximizing profit would not only “find ways to gain from it”, but creates it to gain through the suffering of others! As a matter of fact, these profit maximizing people will create crises and chaos to satisfy their craving for money and power! In “War is A Racket”, General Smedley D. Butler just saw and presented only a half of the whole picture of greed and power! As for the Jews, capitalism is not just anyone capitalism, Jewish capitalism is a mixture of vulture capitalism and statist capitalism a.k.a socialism/communism!

In one word, the 1% in every political – statist society, always creates opportunity to fuck the rest as hard as they can! That’s how they rule and maintain power over the mass! Not by loving and caring for the mass!

4- The key words in this hoax are “novel” and “asymptomatic”! Think very hard on these two words, folks!

That’s enough spoilers already, folks!

My dear fellow human beings around the world, please gather more information and think! Please keep questioning and don’t just swallow their “numbers”! Have you personally seen or known someone died of COVID19, or just infected with COVID19?

Most importantly, do not ever assume that Government represents people’s will and interests, much less cares about and for the people!

Let’s wait and see what the “alert level 4” would play out! We need more circumstantial evidences.

By the way, one of our readers sent me this:

nadejda sms
Is it possible that it was a joint venture?!?! Anyway here we have governments against the population. I’d like to share a piece of news I saw

Phi Quyền Chính
nadejda sms
Yes It IS a joint venture literally in every aspect from the creation of the COVID19 to the concerted measures!

Phi Quyền Chính
nadejda sms
However. as I explained from my perspective, it’s more than a “joint venture”, it’s a symphony orchestra playing a master piece . The question is who is the conductor, and most importantly who is(are) the composer(s)

As always, it’s strictly my own explaining theory, the last word is always yours, which is as valid as mine!



Folks, this is my medicine when I have coughing with phlegm.. A small bottle of smashed garlic and onion.. I would smash some cloves of garlic and onion (optional) , and put it in a small glass bottle and leave it for ten minutes for the Antibiotic element to form. Then I open the cap and have a deep sniff/inhale .. about 3 times a day and ONE day only! The phlegm coughing would be gone ! It’s just garlic and onion that your mom, your wife, your husband, or yourself would inhale when cooking anyway!