by Mike Walsh

RESOLUTION of the emergency round table CORONAVIRUS: combating the virus or the rights of the people? 20.03.2020. Russian President Putin V.V. And to the Government of the Russian Federation, Prime Minister Mishstin MV. To the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare, The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.


Coronona in proportion

‘Coronavirus: fighting the virus or the rights of the people?’ We, the indigenous people of Russia, civic activists and the team of doctors with higher medical education, participants in the round table ‘Coronavirus: fighting the virus or the rights of the people?’, held on March 22, 2020, demand that you stop causing panic among the population of our country.

Currently, on all central TV channels and in all Internet news feeds, 70% of the news consists of terrifying information about the Coronavirus, while the true explanation of the disease has not yet been given by either the Ministry of Health or the Government or the media.

Coronavirus COVID-2019 is not a particularly dangerous infection; it is a classic heavy current ODS. According to statistics, acute respiratory infections and influenza occur every two or three years and pandemics every twenty to thirty years. Pneumonia, as a complication of the course of acute respiratory viral respiratory infections, only dies in immune-compromised persons. There are currently no pandemics or infectious diseases in the world by all classical definitions of the science of epidemiology and infectious diseases.

An epidemic is the spread of an infectious disease to 5% of the population, and a pandemic is an epidemic of an infectious disease that characterises the spread to the territory of a neighbouring state and countries of the world.

Medical experts say that there is no epidemic, let alone pandemic, in the world today! But their voices are deliberately drowned out by the screaming and panicking media.

In Russia on statistical data annually dies from pneumonia on the average about 30,000 people, the morbidity of pneumonia in the world about 445 million people annually, mortality from tuberculosis to 1 million 300 thousand a year! However, the media do not say that there is a pandemic of pneumonia or tuberculosis in the world.

We also believe that there is deception at the top floors of power around the world. Open sources report that the deaths of older people from age-related diseases appear to be fatal from coronavirus.  Well, we all know that the old die first.

Thus, in Italy, where the mortality rate is high, the vast majority of deaths are among the oldest population, the average age of the deceased is 79.4 years.

Clear and reliable information on whether there is a coronavirus test, not even doctors. Immunologists confirm that a test for a new virus cannot be done so quickly and on such a global scale. It is not known what kind of test is actually carried out for the diseased. Then what is the basis for the diagnosis of people sent to quarantine? That’s a legitimate question for the organisers of panic.

In this regard, we believe that there is an internationally planned panic campaign in the world to prepare the ground for the introduction of an electronic concentration camp, which looks like a kind of ‘teaching’ to subordinate the population to military repression under the pretext of danger to life.

And WHO, having declared a pandemic, seems to have simply fulfilled the order of the world elite, who want to subjugate the population of the whole planet, as required by the theory of the ‘golden billion’ to introduce a New World Order!

In our opinion, people are being thrown into death in terror in order to agree to self-isolation. It is known that loneliness traumatises the psyche much more than other stresses. Alone, a mentally unstable person loses his last immunity and common sense. So forcibly fragmented and in a stupor of horror, society is very easy to manage the strength of this world. And the mortality rate just from such stressful measures and can increase.

Also, we believe that under the pretext of quarantine and behind a screen of panic the digitalisation of all society is introduced. Everything says that distance learning, telemedicine, a single database containing information about every citizen, which will be tied to the cameras with facial recognition, is an electronic concentration camp, which told the world about the scout John Coleman on the basis of his studied archives of Western intelligence services, containing plans of the world government. But as society protests against such total control measures, they are being enforced under the pretext of an epidemic.

It is believed that general quarantine is a pretext to introduce 5G technology. During quarantine, people are forced to work, learn, and order products through the Internet, and the load has increased several times.

But the public has long protested against the introduction of 5G because it believes that this technology is harmful to the health of citizens, as it requires an increase in the number of cellular base stations. Independent scientists warn that electromagnetic fields of 5G base stations carry out total irradiation of all those people. PETITION raised by the People of Russia.