Folks, this morning I went exercise with my bike. Riding pass my closest local shop where I just bought a bag of Basmati rice last week now closed down!

As I went down to the station, the PA gave out a loud warning that Victoria Melbourne has been at “Alert level 3” (uncontained deadly virus -community transmission/multiple clusters virus breakout)! I know that “Alert level 4” will follow next week!

Did I say that this bloody Covid19 must be a commie or at least a socialist? You see folks, construction and road workers still working hard outside without being scared of it! No mask! No social distance! Well, this bloody COVID19 must also be a cowardly capitalist too! They would not even dare to attack Government goons and thugs, who were roaming around in groups without mask and “social-distancing!”

Certain shops still opened with X signs on the floor for “social-distancing”, which “few” customers observed anyway.

Overall, those Melbournians, who disregarded “alert level 3” , went out trolling around the City, seemed relaxed, happy, and enjoyed themselves!

I noticed though, there were some people dragging their heavy suitcase with Melbourne Airport tag along the footpaths. I guessed these people are oversea students or foreign workers, who have been trapped between the international lockdowns with no place to go!

The Iconic Queen Victoria Market was quiet. And the famous Lygon Street where predominantly Italian Cafes and restaurants located were empty. However people who dared still trolling around and seemed to enjoy the day.

Folks, I biked with one hand to record this famous Melbourne Lygon Street, where you would find predominantly Italian Cafes and Restaurants… Notice though folks, there was a noisy chopper of the government sniffing dogs hovering above me. My hand were all busy, otherwise I would give them my middle finger as I would usually do whenever they try to intimidate me this way! Apart from this stupid sniffdog chopper. Melbournians seemed very relaxing and enjoying themselves

That’s all for the day folks! Take care, and please try to help others in any way you can! Please try to remain humane despite this evil plan trying to make you otherwise, folks!

Let’s wait and see what the “Alert Level 4” would look like. See you then.