Folks, I know when people have been constantly bombarded with increasing number of deaths in a very fast speed not only by government but experts… Even the usual bright and smart people will buckle down and call for government iron fist measures. I don’t blame Joes and Janes for this hysteria.

I just want Joes and Janes out there just pause for a minute and ask some simple questions.

As of this writing, the unreliable, entrusted official figures are:

Total cases 771,120, total deaths, 36,944, total recovered 158,883

But I am generous, for the sake of clarity and contrast, I give these figures a neat and beautiful rounding touch so that they would look more “terrifying:”

Total infected cases 1,000,000,000. Total deaths, 50,000. Total recovered= None, Zero, 000.

So, you can see it’s a clear cut issue: death or alive, infected or clean!

Don’t forget that these figures are WORLD WIDE TOTAL!

Now, go to your country own CDC website and look for the statistics of any leading causes of deaths annually in your own country. Or go to WHO website and find any RECENT statistics of deaths by leading causes in 2019. Unless you cannot read numbers or never go to school. Does the COVID19 still look like a PANDEMIC to you?

Now, go a little bit further, a little bit more realistic, closer to our reality. I ask every one of you, especially the experts, please set aside this COVID19 for just a minute, and give me the statistics of any of other CURRENT causes of death, which are killing people in your own country and around the world right now, right at this very moment you are reading this foolish opinion of mine!

You don’t know where to start? OK! Would you be so kind as to allow me to suggest:

How about the deaths from war in Middle East? OK , forget it, this is too far from us, the Westerners. Besides, most of them are brown Muslims!Who cares! (Wink, wink!)

How about the deaths in Africa from malnutrition, hunger, of which many, if not the majority, were children ? OK, they are BLACKS, so they don’t count! Besides, Africa? Too far away!

(I am Asian. Did I say Asians are the worst racists?:-))

How about the figures of deaths from the recent 2020 winter common flu, the seasonal influenza? Have Governments around “our” Western world stopped doing these statistics?

Has anyone kept the recent records of elderly deaths in the last three months from whatever cause in nursing homes around “our” Western world? I have strongly suspected that most of the COVID19 deaths are “mis-categorized” from these nursing home statistics!

Why do I ask focusing just on “Western World?” Sorry folks, let’s face it! The life of non-Jew and non-white is not important at all! You think I am joking or being sarcastic?

The fucking Jews and Yanks murdered 500,000 Iraqi children, but they said it was worth it! Any outrage? War crime? Crime against humanity? Where was the fucking ICC? Many of you don’t even know such atrocity even took place!

Let’s recall that when Hubei, Wuhan announced the death of some thousands of their citizens, (whether this number was true or not is another issue) was there any serious “international” concern for Chinese people? Or the Western world was jumping for joy instead? I am not accusing at all! I am just asking! But I am sure with you my ex-Viet tribe did jump for joy! Anyway, I digress!

Folks, around the whole world, the governments have treated their population worse than they normally treat their own kids. They have just been pumping up number of deaths without details or explanation, without proofs, and then forced people to surrender every right or else! Just like that! They just virtually shutdown the whole planet in just 48 hours! Just simply like that! Hitler, Stalin could not have dreamed about this!

But the worst thing is, even the usual bright and smart people among us have jumped into the trap calling for more Government iron fist measures! All of the sudden, the ChiCom that they hated and strongly criticized becomes world hero and governing model, without even mention the fact that it was the incompetency, if not its deliberate purpose, of the ChiCom itself that let it happened and worsened the crisis at the first place, at least according to the official information! Remember the gigantic banquet was held even after more than 50 cases had been reported, folks!

Let alone the fact that the COVID19 is the “fruit” of a co-work/research of CHINA, USA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA to say the least! That means this fucking so-called Covid19 Pandemic is deliberately created and worsened by the governments themselves, at least according to their own information and statistics!

Don’t forget that the Princess Diamond was deliberately made a floating Covid19 incubator! And in Italy, “health authority” deliberately quarantined infected people in a ward full of other patients!

Well, their medical experts and health authorities are…just stupid aren’t they?

Anyway, so much for a Bio-attack or Bio-accident that they have comically accused each other later on. This blame game red-herring works beautifully! Some even suggested the World War 3 was coming because of this serious accusation! And then “Medical cooperation: China-US pledge to work together to fight pandemic”! Great news!

But, the catch is to fight this Pandemic Hoax, freedoms and rights must be sacrificed! ChiCom style is needed. The whole economy must be reshaped, the way of doing business must restructured to guarantee safety and good sanitation, in which “dirty cash” must be abolished, and people activity, movement must be constantly and permanently recorded so that any infection will be easy to be traced! Bla bla bla.. Sound perfect paradise for six-pack Joes and Janes soccer moms!

I don’t blame these Joes and Janes. Look at Ron Unz, Paul Craig Roberts, Moon of Alabama etc.. They all buckled! Ron Paul is a rare species!

Corona-Madness: Authoritarianism Is Not The Answer!

That’s all folks! As Always, the last word is yours.

Stay healthy and be defiant folks!


PS: By the way, wish me good luck folks! For Australia is coming to winter very soon. Melbourne is a capital of asthma. I have both asthma and diabetes II for 20 years! I have not taken any Western medication for diabetes . My diabetes II remedy has been Loquat leaves, and my asthma remedy is mainly garlic and Symbicort, which only used when emergency! I have not touched Symbicort for three years!