Folks, this lockdown Monday 30-Mar-2020, I took the train with my bike to the City, and rode around Melbourne CBD to see how people were doing.

The first thing I noticed is road workers and construction workers were working everywhere. These true working class people, who were truly working hard for the society working! But have you noticed in these photos that they were there working without masks without the fucking bullshit so-called “social distancing!” These true hard workers did not have time and energy to participate in that government shit game of fear and obedience! What a “pandemic” this is!

You see folks! The bottom line is: this is all fucking bullshit! Those government “measures” have nothing to do with “protecting people from Covid n” at all! But it is all about instilling fear and training people into total submission with mindless obedience!

And you know what folks? Those government thugs too! They did not even care about “social distancing” that they have been ordered to “enforce” on people!

Foks, I am not going to say anything. I had to bike one hand so that the other was free to record this!

I rode along the Yara River, it was quiet, almost empty. There were some people sitting there enjoy the tranquility, while others chatting amusingly. Obviously these Melbournians did not give a shit about the bloody Covid pandemic hoax.

There were quite a few small cafes still open here and there, but for take away “(to go” as called in the USA) only!

I noticed that even while the streets were completely empty all the time, but some “law abiding citizen” pedestrians still waited for the walking green light to cross!

Anyway, what impressed me the most is the delivery bikees! I have to admit that I did not even know these people/jobs exist at all if it’s not for the lockdown! Everywhere I saw young people on bike doing the delivery job for small business and to the people in needed (well maybe in fear as well). Most of them, this strictly is my guesstimate, are Asians (Indians, Indonesians, Chinese etc) who, I guess, are students trying to make some bucks in this difficult time!

Folks, whatever you buy, please buy them from your local shops, your neighbors. These small local businesses need your support in this deliberate government-made crisis. Even if you may pay a little bit more, but it’s worth it! We need to help and protect each other at this crazy time folks!

The system is rigged.They want us to think it’ll protect us, but that’s a lie.We protect us. We do.
Nobody else.Not the companies, not the scientists, not the government, Us.
A farmer with a 12th-grade education told me that. On day one, he knew, and I thought he was crazy.
Isn’t that crazy?
(Robert Bilott in Dark Water)

DO NOT GO TO THE SUPER MARKETS. These blood suckers will rip you off while receiving bailout from the State and bullying you into senseless stupid rules and regulations!

That’s all folks. As always, the last word is yours!

Please remember, always to have garlic, ginger, turmeric powder available in your house just in case someone in your family get “cold and flu.” Take good care of your immune system.