PQC: Folks, like you people out there, I have no way to verify any figure at all. The vast majority of us doesn’t have even just the basic medical knowledge, much less virology. Yet, Governments, MSM, both corporate and government scientists have been lying to us, deceiving us… As a matter of policy, they do lie to us all the time! Thus we all need anyone, everyone who is non-government, non-corporate that possesses certain knowledge on the issues to help us not only understand, but also more importantly question the official narrative and figures.

What does this headline from the MSM tell you “Spanish flu survivor, 108, among latest victims of coronavirus“? That’s all about COVID19! By the Covid19, from the Covid19, and of the covid19! No question, no analysis, nothing but fearmongering!

This report and interview reflect all the questions and doubts that many people and I in this blog have raised since the beginning of this then “outbreak” and now “pandemic.”

Please, watch and listen to their analyses and arguments and the facts they presented, then draw your own conclusion as always.