By Yoichi Shimatsu
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Noted here is the absence of a Jesuit pontiff when humanity, especially in Catholic-majority Italy, is beset with a demonic of coronavirus contagion when palpable fear spreads due to an official Italian state policy of euthanasia by neglect for the abandoned elderly. At last report, only 4 individuals inside the Vatican City havr been infected, that is, unless the cardinals are not confessing the whole truth while their finances at sink into a flood of red ink.

How disappointing it’s been not to witness idealistic priests prepared to face martyrdom while tending to the ill and nuns following in the footsteps of Mother Teresa in the realization that giving of ourselves, whatever agonies may beset us and doom that awaits, in service to a higher purpose gives profound meaning to our short existence. When the cynical Italian government condemns elderly patients to lonely death, why is not the Church providing hospices, as safe as possible for medical staff of course in the fresh air of the countryside, as it did during the AIDS contagion? Are last rites being provided before the bodies are dispatched to crematoriums? Where is the courageous compassion that underlines faith?

If religion shows anything of value in crisis, here from the teachings of the healer Jesus and his apostles, it’s that the great unknown called death is not the end but a portal to something infinitely better. Fear of dying is not part of the catechism, which explicitly asserts “The soul is immortal. It does not perish when it separates from the body at death, and it will be reunited with the body at the final Resurrection” (CCC 366). That’s not Gothic macabre, but a humane doctrine cushioning people from the shock of loss and prepares the dying for a journey to the next chapter, in a way that science or secular philosophy cannot comprehend or convey to suffering people. To the smug rationalist, the afterlife cannot be tangibly proven, but its assurance certainly represents a counterweight to the anxious thought that we are convicts on Death Row doomed to the electric chair.

Aspects of the Italian crisis are discussed here, in recognition that the more than 8,000 deaths related to coronavirus are equal to the mortality numbers in the United States with its 33 times larger population than Italy’s. Before looking into the specifics, another rejoinder is necessary against the mad scientists of biowarfare, this time at Tulane and the UK-based journal Nature, the latter closely allied with MI-6.

The Tulane Syndrome

Let’s note here the important role of religious leadership in a time of crisis to stand against the pseudo-scientific deniers of biological warfare as represented bay that mouthpiece of British imperial domination and technological terrorism over the developing nations, the journal Nature in the footsteps of bioweapons denying Lancet. The bogus theory of “natural” origin of COVID-19, with its spliced-on HIV proteins and m.tuberculosis strand is now being promoted by microbiologists at Tulane University, which according to biological warfare expert Francis Boyle, had a sinister role inside the state-run Kenema Hospital in Sierra Leone even prior to the 2013 West African ebola outbreak. Notorious microbiologists from Tulane were in place exactly at the right moment to test monoclonal antibodies on ebola victims and monitor every stage of that horrific pandemic. Ebola that mysterious arose during an unscheduled UNICEF vaccine campaign in nearby Guinea was a classic biological warfare project aimed at shattering West Africa’s self-reliant plans for mining-based economic growth. Local fears of a deliberate contagion spurred China to dispatch medical teams into the region to quell ebola, and therefore we’ve just witnessed the payback with the British-Japanese-Israeli bio-terrorism attack against the CISM World Military Games held in Wuhan in October. This is the new era of neocolonial rivalry, fought with pathogens rather than battleships and cavalry corps.

Meanwhile, the home turf of Tulane, New Orleans has, strangely, one of the highest COV infection rates of any American city, despite the suspension of U.S. tourism during Lent and the low volume of business relations with Asia or, for that matter, Europe. COV in southern Louisiana is crippling the American energy industry, along with the Saudi-instigated collapse of the world oil price, hitting the Gulf of Mexico region, where BP (British Petroleum) was a major player before its Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster. The city of New Orleans has been an irritating reminder to the British Royals ever since Andrew Jackson defeated their invasion in the War of 1812, so go figure why COVID-19 is haunting Bourbon Street, the birthplace of the American cultural force known as jazz.

The slogan for the American resistance led by Old Hickory and the pirate Jean Lafitte was “Don’t shoot till you see the white of their eyes.” Right now, we’re seeing a vast amount of white blood corpuscles being drained out of COV patients for the black market in serum. So open fire. The question Is whether the state of Louisiana is somehow being used as an open-air laboratory by the bio-terrorist scientists, as it was during the chimpanzee lab scandal during the ebola outbreak? The Tulane sports teams’ mascot is the Green Wave, which looks awfully similar to a virus.

The defense of genocidal research at suspect laboratories including the University of Wisconsin at Madison, the National Microbiology Laboratory of Canada, the Pirbright Institute, Porton Down, and as some have asserted UNC-Chapel Hill. is not only in violation of the letter and spirit of the Nuremberg Trials, it is a demented assault against the moral and ethical code of every world religion and the philosophical standard for social ethics from the Age of Socrates to Existentialism.

The inability of the Vatican inner circle, and to be fair Protestant and Jewish clergy, to get off their knees to stand up against the diabolical abuse of science is due to the secularist brainwashing at state-run educational systems and the politically correct academic ideologues who insidiously support global population reduction by sinister means including tainted vaccines, gene-modified crops and now the institutional refusal to provide medical care and shelter to thousands of vulnerable COVID patients. What is now happening by a conspiracy of neglect is nothing sort of mass murder on par with the “scientific research” of the infamous Unit 731 and Nazi-era medical experiments on prisoners in labor camps. Humanitarian principles demand our opposition to this global tyranny by every necessary means to protect the innocents from the “medical” vampires draining the blood of patients to sell at shameless profit to the rich and famous. Physicians, heal yourselves!

Begging for divine mercy in public prayer at the Vatican was completely inappropriate when this diabolical bio-engineered contagion was done not by avenging angels but my unscrupulous scientists and “charity” fakers, the outcome of sinfulness in the drive for domination over “lesser” swathes of humanity . Instead we should be seeking forgiveness for our own laxity in failing to track down and punish the criminal scientists who concocted the chimera for their political patrons. It was our lack of vigilance and fool willingness to believe in honey-dipped lies that enabled morally devoid crooks to prepare, plan and carry out the bio-terrorist attack against the CISM military games in Wuhan. Repentance through deed and word, action is the ethical responsibility of people of faith in defending human dignity, the first priority of all major religious traditions and reason-based philosophy.

However one defines the greater spirit, the larger intellectual capability and totality of consciousness, our moral imperative from the wellspring of goodness is the same, to halt this murderous contagion and secularist state-sponsored authoritarian campaign of fear based on disinformation. COVID-19, although man-made to kill indiscriminately, can be overcome with reasonable health-protection measures and avoidance of unnecessary contact over a limited period of time. After the gross perversion of the concept of crusade and jihad in recent years, this at last is a just holy war to defend the noble belief in the sanctity of the body made in the divine image.

Remember by name those liars who have cynically chosen, for reasons of career or profit, to spread the contagion and promote irrational public fear of a “natural cause” from some ecologically impossible source, a scary little bat that eats insects never known over past centuries to cause coronavirus pandemics in tribal societies prior to the introduction of medical science. Yet now, after all the advances of genomic diagnostics and drug therapy, humans are suddenly is defenseless against a SARS-like virus, which indicates bio-engineering to be the root pathology.

There do exist zoonotic diseases crossing over from animals to the human population, , which we contend with as factors possibly promoting COVID-19 infections, discussed here but, oddly, not in the bioscience and medical journals, which show next-to-no interest in public health approaches to preventing and halting the spread of coronavirus.

Therefore instead of casting blame on the divinity by asking for mercy for a crime that is not his work, we should pursue and confront the evil in men that unleashed terrorism by gene-modified virus. To put it in old-fashioned rhetoric, it’s fault of the Devil and not God’s doing. Hunting down and punishing the mass murderers in diabolical service is our responsibility, opening the way to a remote possibility of redemption in this utterly debased and corrupted world. It is not the task of angels or patron saints to restore justice; this is an ethical test for men and women to uphold the law and suppress the criminal instinct, especially inside state laboratories and public institutions.

All that should be asked of the supreme Catholic prelate and other religious leaders is a blessing for this mission of justice, an endeavor that unites all good people across lines of religion and philosophy in common cause for humanity, expressing the highest values in defense of the gift of life. Your prayers do matter, immensely.

Stages of the Cross

A lesson gifted to me at the Marist Brothers elementary school in Kobe was after the morning service in the chapel to be assigned to gaze on and contemplate one of the successive 14 stages of the Cross. How calm and collected he was, compassionate and thankful to those who remained true in their hearts despite knowing full well the inevitable outcome after a devious kangaroo court followed by an ordeal of public humiliation and tortuous execution. Lies lead to murder, then and now.

That sort of fearlessness teaches anyone Christian or otherwise who can comprehend faithfulness in the face of imminent death to endure and move ahead in an ever-shrinking finite and increasingly hostile space through to the very end in this-accursed world. Only by sheer defiance of worldly does resurrection become possible. And this process is what we must go through now, a passage through the valley of death over to somewhere beyond, confronting the finality of death for so many condemned people to arrive at a deeper awareness otherwise unattainable, to recover the truth.

Here, in Part 15 of this COV series, we examine the ongoing tribulations for a sadly rudderless Italy, crestfallen due to its treacherous political class and abandonment by coward religious elders, and worse the fall into expedience disconnected from the concept of sanctity of our brief time in this world. Italy has become a soul-less peninsula shorn of its essential Christian philosophy. The loss of a nation’s ethical compass is incalculable, forcing a different approach to investigation. Where and when reason ends, blind faith begins. In the darkness, we must learn to see again.

Genuine defense of the environment

The expert team of microbiologists and herbalists that I gathered together to combat SARS in Hong Kong and who later crushed avian influenza outbreaks in Thailand in defiance of misguided health officialdom, hewed to a simple formula of combating pathogens in the environment, outdoors and indoors, since by the time any medicine gets inside the human body that is the last line of defense, often inadequate, flawed or even self-destructive. Here again, this quest has been immensely aided by proponents of the early scientific method of Ayurvedic medicine, which enabled breakthroughs in this present report on Italy’s traumatic crisis.

Wings of Volare

Italians are among the nicest people on the planet, warm-hearted and kind, green-thumbs in their gardens and masters of slow cooking, always ready for a splash of vino and a game of boccie. In the north, especially, the elderly man likes nothing better that tossing bread crumbs to the pigeons while the older ladies dutifully take a pitcher of fresh milk outside for the stray cats. Yet, per capita, Italy is Hell on Earth during the COVID-19 contagion.

In a knee down in genuflection, we ask “why”? The answer booms down with a clap of lightning – “Quit feeding da stray cats, you stupido paesano! And don’t bother me with dumb questions.”

Dio caro, the caring Father answers in strange ways to us lowly loathsome ignorant fools. So what does feeding stray cats, out of the kindness of our hearts, have to do with the contagion? Everything.

Life science vs. pet food

OK, you’re allowed to give those lovable furry friends some leftover vongole on fish Fridays, but knock it off with those little cans, bags of kibble and the colorful treats, the spoiling of their appetite, only to flatter yourself with a pretense of charity. Strays are born to be hungry, famished enough to wait hours by a hole in the wall listening intently for squeaking, the signal to thrust a paw into the crack with bristling razor-sharp claws. The snatch is followed by tossing the rodent around like a stuffed toy, then crunching and chewing and gnawing another awful bearer of pestilence. Have you ever seen a cat with hairless tail hanging out of its throat? The last part is the toughest to swallow. No, then you haven’t lived near a barn or worked on a farm, meaning you’ve never had a proper upbringing.

The next level for the adept feline in its reintroduction to nature is pigeon stalking, which requires crouching like a tiger by the inside edge of a long shadow, while the flock is distracted by an unwitting fool, tossing popcorn or bird seed to get a bit of attention he doesn’t deserve. Just as the greedy fowl flock close in on the chum, the tom hits full stride and takes down a pile of squawking feathers. One more filthy fowl in the bag, as the hungry cat strides like a pickpocket from the plaza for a messy feast on someone’s balcony. Cats are heroes not beggars, saving humanity from the plague and other vile carriers of infection, as in the tale of Puss’n Boots (now deemed too politically incorrect to read in school, which prefers polite fantasies).

Foolishly, to fill our own emotional vacuum, we’ve quelled the feline killer instinct with leftover pizza, half-eaten gelato and basta pasta along with morsels from those little cans, all of which should banned as hazardous to animal health and a crime against nature. Spoiling cats is like bribing the police, allowing criminal elements and contagious diseases free reign over the city. Also all the sugar in the processed food is fuel for infections in cats. This warning now becomes more serious with the discovery of rat-borne hantavirus, a renewed epidemic legacy from Unit 731.

Taking cats out of the equation against pests, by over-feeding them, is suicide for humans. The Black Plague was brought on after Pope Gregory IX, founder of the Inquisition, banned cats as minions of Satan. Soon thereafter the rodent population swelled and rat-borne fleas spread the Black Plague throughout Italy, eventually killing more than half the European population. Pope Gregory was right about cats being sinners, which is obvious from their howling on the back fence during mating season and scratches on their faces, along with confrontations with dogs, but these nasty creatures are taking out even worse evil-doers, like rats and pigeons.

Diseases on the wing

Mites are not the only gift to mankind from those lovely iridescent-feathered beggar fowl, which not only crowd the pavement spattering plazas where tourists loll at outdoor cafes over a feces-specked cappuccino but also flutter upstairs in roof-top cages used to raise fowl for the Italian cuisine and as racers in flying contests. Italian cities and towns are continuously bombarded with pigeon droppings, which contain spores, fungi, bacteria and viruses.

As pointed out by a supporter of the remarkably insightful Captain Ajit Vadakayil in India, psittacosis is a zoonotic disease commonly called parrot fever caused by Chlamydophila psittacil bacteria. Low-level chronic lung infection is an underlying condition among millions of Italians, which promotes pneumonia, TB, other lung diseases and schizophrenia.

Pigeon droppings also can harbor Cryptococcus yeast infections, which are devastating for HIV carriers, and Histoplasmosis fungal disorder that can spread to the brain and spinal cord. Needless to add, but I will, these sorts of widespread bacterial infections cause lesions in the lungs and weakens the human immune system, the preconditions that explain why Italians, and probably Spaniards as well, are so susceptible to COVID-19.

Demons of war

During the American Civil War era, the Rothschilds in an attempt to transform the Confederacy into their dynastic Big Cotton fiefdom (to supply their Lancastershire textile mills), hired thousands of Chinese coolies to mine vast guano deposits, rich in nitrogen and phosphate, on the Chincha Isles off Pisco, Peru. The purpose was to provide raw material for industrial production of chemist Ascanio Sobrero’s new formula for nitroglycerin, for an experimental explosive to defeat the Union forces of the United States, which barely won the conflict before powerful bombs and sea-mines could be manufactured and detonated.

It’s derivative TNT, however, played a major role in the new oil extraction industry and mining in the U.S. and around the world, enriching the likes of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, at the cost of the forgotten Chinese guano miners who died of respiratory infection and whose bodies were fed to the sharks, their labor contracts were annulled and wages never paid to their families. The guano-derived lung infections set the precedent for the death toll in pigeon-infested cities like Milan, Madrid, New York City and New Orleans.

Food as poison

The dietary preference for light-meat chicken and eggs has promoted mass-production chicken-raising and the downside of chronic outbreaks of avian influenza crossing over into humans. The false impression of “bloodless” chicken has convinced ignorant consumers as being less cruel and healthier than the flesh of red-blooded steers, bison, mules, goats and sheep grown on pastures and open ranges. This visual illusion is also perpetrated by the Italian preference for the veal from male calves, which for reasons of economy should not be slaughtered until putting on more weight.

One of my irregular jobs, to pay my college tuition, was at chicken-raising operations in central Indiana, where the crew reported to work late at night to load live hundreds broilers from long coops into wire cars on trucks. Each 3-meter high coop was packed with bird droppings, leaving us only 1.5 meters to stoop while grabbing fleeing chickens by the leg and carrying them outside, 2 per hand. The air was basically unbreathable due to the dense ammonia. The orders were to kill any injured birds, which was done by grabbing them by the throat and snapping the neck like a whip and then dumping the carcass into a bin to be sent back with the loaded truck. By the early morning light, the task was done, everyone in the crew was coughing, wheezing and spitting, all for minimum wage from the Campbell’s chicken noodle soup division. Hog farms and certainly cattle had better sanitation and were immensely more humane to animals, so the semi-vegans have zero ideal of what farming is like or any comprehension of why I’ve preferred beef or lamb raised on pastures. Even after a week of shampooing the hair twice a day, the stench of ammonia refused to diminish. Anyway, that’s my way of explaining India’s preference for milk cows.

Right on the dinner plate, humans are trying to dictate terms to nature, rather than accepting natural processes, one of which is the efficiency of conversion of pastoral grass into protein by ruminants. The extremist climate-change fanatics are a delusional subgroup bought into the myth of cruelty in meat production. If killing intelligent animals is horrific, why haven’t we banned war? Where were their self-righteous voices when Kandahar, Fallujah and Aleppo were blasted?

Sure, cruelty to animals should be monitored and lessened with painless non-traumatic methods of sacrifice, and eating 20-ounce steaks should not be promoted for obvious health reasons. Meat in moderation is a reality of a diverse global environment in which most of the Earth’s land mass is unsuitable for vegetable production unless one is willing to dump million more tons of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides on dirt, and chop down all the forests and plow under the steppes and irrigate the deserts, which would of course end in an super-expensive catastrophe.

That’s not to encourage over-consumption of meat. Out of consideration for Hindus and herding societies, of course, milk-producing cows and their female calves should not be summarily dispatched to the abattoir but protected due to the benefits of milk in healthy childhood development. As in the case of cat food for strays, our modern society’s preference for chicken breasts and Popeye’s sandwich is promoting avian influenza, salmonella and all sorts of fungal and bacterial infections, while limiting demand for large mammals with stronger immune systems and cleaner living conditions. Meat production is cruel but so long as the economy makes the demand for working people to toil with heavy loads, animal protein consumption is what keeps them from bodily destruction. It is outrageous for politically correct climate-change opponents who sit at desk jobs never once considering physicality of labor, yet preen themselves like Pharaohs demanding the slaves be fed with beans and gruel.

Killing with kindness

The main prescription by Italian doctors for COVID-19 is intravenous solution of acetaminophen (better known as Tylenol) with the intended aim of reducing fever in patients. Unfortunately this one-sided opinion ignores acetaminophen’s synergistic effect of promoting coronavirus infection by rupturing the blood vessels in the patient’s intestines and kidneys-urinary tract, thereby opening points of entry for COV. Tylenol also can trigger sores on the lips, mouth and skin; stomach cramps and diarrhea. Here again, as in chloroquine sulfate (CQ), the cure can be more lethal than the disease.

It is unethical for doctors treating those with minor symptoms with CQ or Tylenol to be touting their efficacy when there’s unacceptable levels of risk in more severe cases. Another issue that needs to be examined, even during an emergency, is whether some doctors and health experts are being paid by pharmaceutical companies to tout these miracle drugs. American and Chinese patients are especially prone to “painless” panaceas due to their extensive reliance on opioids, which has actually increased their sensitivity to pain and inability to mentally detach from unpleasant sensations. Unfortunately due to the horrible state of medical ethics in China, there exist no reliable data from physician’s notes, although the few observations available so far from Wuhan indicate that patients with a precondition (and therefore have organ damage from heavy medication in the past) were more likely to die.

A basic Roman diet not La Dolce Vita

The other precondition for infection, besides exposure to bird droppings, is a sugar-rich diet. I’ve emphasized that coronaviruses demand high blood-sugar levels in their frugivore or fruit-eating hosts like civets. Present-day humans make those palm toddy cats seem anorexic. The Italian diet is world-renowned for its “healthy” foundations of olive oil, salad greens and fish, yet a contrarian fact is that Italy ranks No.6 in the world for average daily energy consumption, basically carbohydrates and sugar, at 3,650 kilocalories for each person per day. Pasta mostly consists of high-gluten wheat starch. Sugar is added to nearly every Italian dish, including pasta sauce.

To satisfy your curiosity, the least caloric diet at the bottom of 172 nations is in Eritrea (not the poorest country in Africa) at 1,590 kC or less than half of the Italian diet, and among major European nations Sweden ranked 44th at 3,110 kC. The carb heavyweights include in ascending order, Luxembourg due to strudel and beer, Belgium with its hoppy beer and chocolates, Greece of moussaka and baklava but mostly just over-eating (and you believed Syriza’s claim that Greeks are starving because of Goldman Sachs, the IMF and the Nazi regime of Hitler’s hefty daughter Angela Merkel), Austria as in Viennese Sacher torte, and No.1 USA, 3,800 kC, king hog at the trough. Is it any wonder Americans now surpass the Chinese in confirmed COV cases? The coronavirus goes to where the calories are. Well, that’s a somewhat unreliable factoid, since the numbers coming out of China have been consistent with a roulette wheel, all over the place and probably rigged.

Still, calories spell bad news about COV vulnerability for foodie Americanos over the coming month. Whatever became of all the jogging, healthy diets and bottle water while I was away in Asia? OK, it’s been those Popeye’s chicken sandwiches, Krispy Kreme donuts, Big Gulp soft drinks and driving instead of walking. To be fair, Americans tend to be taller and have larger body frames and so the mostly shorter, lighter thinner Chinese at No.61 and 2,990 kC are also suffering obesity and increasingly diabetes, thanks to smart phones, social media and food delivery.

Does a low-to-moderate caloric diet mean starvation? My ideal of an Epicurean society is New Zealand, a low No.80 on the list at 2,810 kC but where people enjoy a meat pie with a beer, organic beef or venison with a bottle of world-class pinot noir, deep-fried scallops and oysters, vitamin-rich fruit and abundant vegetables, all in small portions, without a lot of sugar, starch or oil, and remain in fairly good physical condition as attested by the rugged All Blacks rugby team.

A magic bullet against this bio-engineered COV is being charted out at this very moment but is unlikely to be available until May, when the pandemic should be long gone and panicked people will have forgotten the lessons of the downside of their sugar-rich self-indulgent lifestyle. Meanwhile, boost your natural immunity with brazil nuts rich in immune-boosting selenium, turmeric, cinnamon in tea or coffee with sugar or milk, USA-grown oranges, old-fashioned chicken soup, beet-and-beef borscht, and dark red wine. Eat to boost your life energy but resist pigging out on cupcakes to die for. As for Italian foodies, remember that Rome was built on a basic diet of olive oil, flat bread and wine, not on butter, pastries and fake fruit soda. Coronavirus is a test about one’s eating regimen, general health and your body’s immune system, so try to get some exercise during the lockdown and replace garbage with healthy food items and that ancient but effective meditation practice of occasional fasting.

As for Spain, much the same applies for their mama’s boys, who have not the least resemblance to their conquistador ancestors or the courageous knights of El Cid. The domestication of men, followed by their feminization, has ruined once-powerful societies, now being buried under sickeningly sweet promises and tooth decay that’s spread to the brain. If you little boys cannot stand up to the challenge of these character-testing crises, go off to some dark corner to whimper.

Instead always trying to fit in to a group, whether that be family and circle of friends or work mates, the reality is that moral and ethical are an individual choice, and thinking on one’s own without care for social pressure and groupthink is vital when this planet and every living organism on it is facing a multi-level extinction crisis. Faith is something one must discover and decide on your own, before cooperating with a faith community, whether it be a religious group or an organization or a business enterprise seeking to move the economy away from brutal exploitation of people and natural resources.

The first step is to stand on your own before attempting to change this endangered world, but be warned even the noblest visions of change can become terribly misguided toward evil ends, as in the case of Greta Thunber who’s essentially a poster girl for the nuclear industy. Besides change, therefore one also needs to be rooted in the better traditions from the past.

Some of us will rise to the defense of traditional values against the mindless barbarism of consumer capitalism and the corporate media fraudsters. Their global biological warfare against humankind has failed, which accounts for their cover-up mode in denial of biological warfare.. The ambitious perpetrators of this heinous crime of COVID-19 will be hunted down and their collaborators humbled and cast into the pit. As put by Marcus Aurelius to his brave good centurions, “You have power over your own mind, although not over external factors. Realize this and you will find strength.” And also remember Constantine’s vision of the cross, emblematic of crossroads in life and history, that victory was not to his own glory but for the principles of a faith that would cleanse the empire of its ancient evils.

For exhausted truth-tellers, outnumbered and weary and wounded, who need a morale boost, relisten to Quicksilver Messenger Service’s message about the virtue of humility.

“Turn around, go back down,
Back the way you came.
Babylon is laid to waste,
Egypt’s buried in her shame.
Their mighty men are all beaten down;
Their kings are fallen in the ways.
Oh God, pride of man
Broken in the dust again.”