On this LOCKDOWN Sunny Sunday Morning 29-Mar-2020, my niece, grand niece and nephews and I had a good biking on the empty track

Folks, cuting straight to the chase, this horseshit pandemic is a world war on Humanity. This is a world war that is designed to re-arrange and re-shape our humane society into a total submission of a global camp of sheeple under centralized governments that are selected by the 1%.

In this world war, ALL GOVERNMENTS have been ganged up against all the people while pretending to be one another enemy. All governments around the world have been doing so far is to destroy not only the self-sufficient capacity, ability, and capability of the people, but also more importantly the spirit of liberty and independence of the people. However, such destruction and disruption do not terrify me as much as the plan of killing the humanity (compassion , kindness, tolerance) inside every one of us. The very quality that makes all of us human being! I explain these later.

This morning, a sunny Sunday (29-Mar-2020) my niece and I decided to break the lockdown by taking the kids riding around the track and to shopping. Although we all are not medical/health experts, but we know that long confinement will destroy human immune system psychologically and physically. And that the best weapon against every virus and decease is strong immune system. And that in order to have a strong immune system, the most important fundamental prerequisite thing is to be worry free, to be happy.

Do these stupid lockdowns give you such basic vital condition to fight viruses, any virus, not just this Government-made COVIDn?

As we were riding along the streets, we saw many small businesses were struggling. They risked everything to open in order to make some surviving income. Some even had to lower the price to get rid of all perishable items such as vegies, fruits, fish etc. Even such special “sales” would not help much, since the lockdown with all stupid “social distancing” rules has discouraged many customers, who had already stockpiled almost everything days before!

Worse, the government has threatened that these lockdowns would last six months! How would these small business survive? I don’t know. But I do know these owners, their family and employees will get sick , not by the bloody COVID19, but by all the worries of uncertainty. Oh yes, government would help with bail-out… but billions for big business first, and all rest just get some bandages!

Two days ago, Sydneysiders and Melbournians defied this stupid senseless lockdown by defiantly going to the Bondi Beach (Sydney) and St Kilda Beach (Melbourne) respectively. These smart and brave citizens must have known that to spend a sunny day to have fun and relax on the beach would improve their immune system and kill any virus with salty water and fresh salty air! But protecting and improving people health are not Government’s ultimate goal! All they want is to make people fear and control them. So the thugs were called in and closed the beaches! Please watch these two clips and see how absurd the situation was!

Just look at these government thugs, they are human beings like everyone of us, they are intelligent, decent people with family, and with brain I believe. But since they become “government” that possesses the power of the state, they have to act stupidly and inhumanly.

Under statist system, one must discard one own rationality and the very decency and humanity inside oneself to “do the job!” That’s exactly where brutality and the so-called ‘collateral damage”, and war crimes, crimes against humanity come from! Folks, I am no expert, no historian, but I learned a lot from the Vietnam War that I survive!

The problem is this does not only just apply to government people, those goons and thugs, but also ordinary people who are so selfish and cowardly that even voluntarily bully others into submission and dob in others who dare to stand up to these stupidity and absurdity.

In many cases, these “law abiding citizens” out of stupidity and fear, even abandoned their elderly parents, grand parents, and let these human beings, who had once worked hard to feed them, care for them, dying in loneliness! What the fuck have we all become? Don’t we realize that everyone of us is getting old and getting closer and closer to death in every khana?

Perhaps, we all will never know the truth about the original story of these COVID “n”, or who did what and how etc… But that is not important. The important thing is right now, the response, the solution is killing us. This “solution” is separating us, making us distrust one another, intolerating one another.

This response to the COVID19 is killing our reason, our rationality, and the very humanity inside each of us. This is, truly, a world war on Humanity.