No one is in a right mind would dare to make a “final judgment” when “things” and the family of this bloody state-made COVID viruses still psychologically and economically “ravaging” people mind and life all over the world! Who cares about the final judgement made by a person with no medical background whatsoever, except an understanding of the power operandi with a life time experience with statist crime and war?

Needless to say I want to be a fool in this crazy time. Thus I put forward my final judgment anyway. At least for myself, my own peace of mind!

I’ve had enough of this hoax . I am really pissed off since, in the West, the number of “cases” and “death” suddenly jumped up to the sky in a very short time with a number of VIPs and celebrities declared “Covid19-me-too”…and then India, Russia, two next door populous neighbors of China after months of being unaffected along with Africa, all suddenly jumped on the bandwagon to declare “emergency”… While CHINA itself has been recovering and is coming back to “new normal.” Fear is, indeed, very useful and effective!

The war of blaming word between the main culprits (USA, China) has been more childish and comedic as every day passes by, while the ChiCom method of draconian ruling has been highlighted and praised as a model of effective governance, at least in fighting a “pandemic!”

Most importantly, in the West, all the measures that have been implemented so far obviously NOT TO HELP PEOPLE TO FIGHT the SUPPOSED DEADLY VIRUSES, or to ease people from economic hardship and daily struggling with which they had been already suffered, but obviously aim to push people psychologically and economically more and more to the edge with constant fearmongering under the more powerful centralized government with more militarized force of goons and thugs roaming around!

And the final “evidence” of this being a hoax for power grab is the announcement made by USA Health “Authority” that Covid-19 could be seasonal’: Fauci warns coronavirus is likely to return in ‘CYCLES’, stresses need for vaccine! That’s it! The old trick has been played again obviously shamelessly and brazenly!

Before leaving this hoax back to them and you to worry about, or do whatever you want with it, I would summarize all the key facts of this hoax:

1- The viruses are real and absolutely are bio-engineered. However they are not for mass killing but engineered for specific target: Culling elderly and ill-health people. Thus, as long as you take good care of your immune system, you would be fine.

As I said a long time ago that THEY would never want to do mass murdering, for THEY need slaves to serve them and their own privileged kids. They need poor people to clean up after them and provide them with cheap human sex toys, especially children. AI robots wouldn’t make much fun and not enjoyable in the long term! If you understand power, the pathology of these psychopaths, you would know that THEY are scared of living with their equals, but never want to live without slaves around them! These parasitic psychopaths cannot survive without slaves.

2- The unleashing of the family of COVID was planned and orchestrated by a group of statist players in the USA, Australia, the UK, Canada, Italy, and China. However this does not necessarily mean all the “political leaders” have been directly involved , who more than often are just puppets- Just look at the “clown in tweets” and you know what I mean!

3- As I said at the beginning, this COVID19 is designed to kill our liberty and our humanity. Elderly people have been portrayed as burden and abandoned to die lonely of whatever causes- THEY blame on COVID19 anyway. It’s good statistics for them!

Stupid, brainless “social distancing” has been imposed and senselessly obeyed by the people. especially the bloody Asians. Those who know better have been punished by “law” and social shaming for defying this absurdity and stupidity.

After all folks, this family of COVID viruses like every virus before them will lay down soon. But we and our next generations , all have to live with “new normal” that not only the State has socially engineered and imposed on us, but also by very bunches of sheeple among us.

That’s all folks! No more COVID for me. To my “foolish” mind, everything has been clear and obvious! Whatever is happening next, millions of new cases or millions of new deaths etc …I do not and will not give a shit. You and I have no way to verify anything that these traditional psychopathic natural liars and fake news manufacturers give us. So do whatever you think is right folks!

People around the world have been dying from war, stress, depression from social and economic show-down apart from many other deadly diseases right now. Don’t ever forget that folks!

As a “fool” human being, I want to live my short, suffering life smiling, shaking hand, hugging, and laughing with my other fellow human beings rather than in “safe-quarantine” alone and dying lonely after all!

At the end of the day, We all die! but don’t let our liberty and the humanity inside us die just because of this stupid trick of fear!