Folks, on this Tuesday morning 24-Mar-2020, I cruised around Melbourne by my bicycle and public train to see how Melbournians would cope with the hoax of lockdown. As I was riding to the train station I noticed many small businesses (small groceries, caffes, fastfood etc) were still open, though not many customers around.

As I got inside the station, the first thing I noticed was the PA reminding people, every hour I would think, with all the COVID19 craps from Health Authority. I do not often use public transport, so I don’t know what the normal time would look like at this hour (10AM). It seemed people went on with their routine as usual. There were some people wearing mask but most did not.

On the train I got the feeling that non-Asians (Caucasians, Africans) were trying their best to avoid getting close to Asians.

Some people even got “smarter” by bringing their own plastic bags to cover the seats before siting down! The “catch” is they took it and put back in their pocket when they left… So if the COPVID19 were there, they would go home with them on the plastic bags anyway!

I am Asian, so I was glad that I was left siting spaciously alone with my bike all the way to the center of Melbourne, Flinders Street Station.

As my train was the all-stations to Flinders Street, I noticed there were quite a few workers working along side the long railtrack without wearing mask, which they should have been asked to wear, not because of the bloody stupid COVID19, but the very dusty environment around them!

At each station the train stopped, I saw groups of “authorized officers” in black waiting there chatting amusingly without mask, gloves, and social distance at all! They were there to make sure no free-rider would get away even at a lock-down time! You see folks, if you are some big corporation worker and some representative of power of the state e.g goons, thugs, inspector…etc the COVID19 would ignore you! You don’t need protection with medical protective gear at all!

I walked out with my bike to Federation Square, Government goons and thugs were there chatting and laughing to protect people! I walked my bike across the junction to the Federation Square, where there was a filming of a -hygiene-show-off for sheeple watching at home to appreciate how deeply the government care for their health and well-being. The workers in Yellow vet with mask and gloves were slapdash wiping the poles while a camera man without mask and gloves rolling closely! What a fucking intelligent bio-engineered COVID19! It knows exactly who work for Government!

(Sorry folks, I had quite a few of video clips, but PhiQuyenChinh accounts at DailyMotion and Vimeo have been suspended, you know why don’t you!

I rode my bike along two of main streets of the city center, Elizabeth St and Swanston St.

Here is my bike, my transportation with my own necessary gears and food, drink in the black bag.

Around here, big department stores were closed but many small shops still opened, even a nails salon!

Just like the most iconic hotel in Melbourne, the famous YOUNG & JACKSON was closed …

So were all the caffes in the famous Flinders Lane

But people were still walking around there chatting. Perhaps like me, they went out there to see what really the lock down of their town would be! Overwhelming majority of them looked relax, well dressed without masks and gloves even not much of “social distancing”. Some of them were wearing mask even gloves.

The amazing thing is that the vast majority of the mask wearers is bloody Asian! WTF! Some of them even used paper towel to press walking traffic button… and then put them back to their pockets as if the COVID19 would not go with the paper towel and the to their hand at all! I have to admit that these Asians are indeed very “smart” and “responsible” citizens presumably, much much smarter than the majority of “careless” and “irresponsible” non-asian-Melbornians I observed this sunny morning.

I rode along China Town, small shops were still opened but not many customers at all. The narrow street used to be full of people now was almost empty.

On the way back at the main train station while waiting for the train, I stood stretching out my hands up to the sky and took a very very deep breath full of COVID19 polluted air…There some Melbournians were smiling to me in a kind of understanding…

I biked home wondering where would I upload all the videos clips I had just recorded while being mindful that even my WordPress blog would not last for long!