PQC: As always has been, Yoichi Shimatsu is the best on this particular subject! This bloody down to earth journalist has given quite a few good, rare, accurate information on both medical and historical aspects of the matter. Thank you very Yoichi Shimatsu.

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

Now we’ve reached Part 13 of this coronavirus series, moving ever closer on to the chief suspects in the deadly game of bio-warfare. After tracking the culprits at University of Wisconsin in Madison and the National Microbiology Laboratory in Canada, along with accomplices at labs in Japan, the spotlight now focuses on a toxic revival of the British Empire, or delusions thereof. While Britons pretend at the quiet confidence expressed in that tired slogan “Stay calm and carry on”, a self-infected London is noticeably depleted of the nation’s shopkeepers as the Queen scurried away from Buckingham Palace to parts unknown while the FTSE index plunged to test the 5,000 barrier for tattered investor confidence and COVID-19 spiked past the 2,700 infections mark.

The hybrid coronavirus from an assembly plant in Salisbury is a bit of a cock-up, eh chaps? Fortuitously, there’s been only about 150 deaths so far from the noxious virus, a mere drop in the bucket under the never-setting sun. Biological warfare is jolly well not what it used to be, when those great imperialist lords Rhodes, Pirbright and Wellcome forced clinical trials on thousands of Dutch Afrikaner women and children held inside concentration camps to obtain serum from their blood-streams and to test Edward Wright’s dodgy new typhoid vaccine. Thereabouts of 26,000 white civilians and more than 23,000 indigenous blacks perished in those forlorn prison camps in South Africa due to causes unreported in the public record. That marked the beginning of the great vaccine genocide against an unsuspecting world. Another pint of stout please, cheers.

Also broached here is the topic of the sudden popularity of toilet tissue, which has emptied the Costco shelves, although the cause was not really coronavirus as falsely claimed by the ill-informed media. What triggered uncontrollable diarrhea in patients was not so much coronavirus as it was the supposed “cure” prescribed in China and now the USA, chloroquinine or CQ, which destroys the digestive tract and kidneys, especially among elderly people. It’s not that children are less prone to COVID-19 but only that they eat less and have smaller bowels than adults. The lifelong threats to children from CQ include autism and autoimmune disorders, and so the cheery news about children’s immunity is tripe.

Due to the CQ-triggered WC crisis, my attention was grabbed like a squeezable package of Charmin by an advocate of the Hindu practice of washing away the virus with a brisk shower of fresh humped cow urine. This home remedy among rural folk in the Deccan is something like that German tale of the prince who tires of fancy cakes but whose appetite is restored by humble coarse black rye bread, something unthinkable to the courtiers and ladies dressed in fine silks and hooked on opium. The secret ingredient inside the urine of an ancient hump cow breed, which are called Desi or Zebu cattle, is the gold standard of anti-coronavirus deterrence from Ayurvedic medicine.

Lastly, another a Briticism, I will indulge in wild-eyed speculation about the underlying cause for a high mortality rate among older individuals CoV-infected, which is that their immune systems are weakened due to long-term exposure to radioactivity. Coronavirus under natural conditions is a non-fatal and dormant inhabitant of a very narrow range of wild animal species but then suddenly late in the nuclear age burst upon the human stage like Jennifer Lopez at SuperBowl halftime. Indeed, the most cost-effective prevention strategy against infectious diseases, in lieu of crashing the world economy, is to shut down all the nuclear plants and bury the warheads inside deep tunnels.

There are a few other nuggets here and there in this ramble, but now it’s time for medication, what shall it be? Australian shiraz? I am feeling much too healthy for that. What about a wee dram of grog, for instance a shot glass of craft American rye whisky? This one’s for Kansas and Oklahoma, where buffalo used to stampede and COV cases number less than the fingers on one hand, bottoms up to tall grass and organic urine!

Time-line drops backs to the Military Games

A recent report from the South China Morning Post (SCMP) disclosed that Chinese medical experts have traced back COVID-19 cases to one of the earliest infections. The 55-year-old male patient in Hubei Province, of which Wuhan is the capital, was hospitalized on November 19 with coronavirus symptoms. Notably, he was not China’s patient zero, who is yet to be pinpointed.

The finding is significant because this early case puts the date of origin within range of the CISM World Military Games in Wuhan, held October 18-29. Unfortunately, the residence and workplace of the patient was not reported, those details being key to determining whether the patient was infected at or near the two lakes that were venues for the naval pentathlon and army triathlon, or alternatively whether he might have worked at an aquaculture operation on the outskirts of Wuhan. The infection timeline among hundreds of Shincheonji sect members in Daegu, South Korea, is yet to tracked back to the group’s 200 members residing in Wuhan. Those grunts who released infected Tilapia at the lakes were probably unaware of the serious health risks from their assigned tasks. The information gaps are indicative of a glaring neglect of forensic methodology in Asian health systems, whatever the tech hype about computerized medical records and artificial intelligence.

The outbreak among special forces teams of between 40 and 60 CISM member-states, especially among NATO member nations, has not been disclosed, possibly due to national security concerns. The distribution of the COVID-19 cases across Europe indicates simultaneous infection, with the Wuhan games being the only point of contact in that time-frame. The ever-tightening security blanket over the coronavirus impact on NAT0-linked servicemen has been pierced only with terse news reports on the infection of two American generals, one the US commander in Europe and the other assigned with NATO (see the reports at Business Insider). Other signs of the bio-terrorism threat was Finland’s refusal to join the US-led Cold Response Arctic war game in Norway. Obviously a national security alert has been invoked, resulting in even the Health and Human Services department (HHS) to classify discussions at their meetings. So as usual, government has shut the blinds instead of casting light on a crisis.

It is uncertain whether the mutual recriminations between Beijing and Washington are intended to divert public attention away from a high-level joint investigation into the bio-terror operation and its cloaked sponsors. Some of the more provocative comments from both sides indicate extreme sensitivity over information-sharing and residual distrust from the trade conflict, more simply put as bruised egos. The uncertainty within NATO, and inaction of the Security Council, tends to support the suspicion in Moscow that one of the major perpetrators of the Wuhan attack is a royalist faction in the UK, considering the Queen has gone into hiding. This drama continues, although much like a silent movie without subtitles or a musical score.

Sights on Porton Down

Although I’ve often been skeptical of the motives behind Russian propaganda repeated by their chatter-boxes in the West, and appalled at their nuclear recklessness and occupation of the four northern islets of Japan, there have also been incidents when I’ve been in near-total agreement with their positions, for example, the expose of the British MI-6 and Obama-Brennan CIA role in the Russiagate affair to smear President Trump, their insistence that the crash of MH17 was not done by Russian militias, and Putin’s suppression of Lord Jacob Rothschild’s attempt to use Yukos Oil as a Trojan Horse. As for the recent Russian claim that the final assembly of COVID-19 was done at Porton Down, that finds me “on the same page” in agreement.

After Moscow initially singled out the USA as the source of the coronavirus, Russian microbiologist Igor Nikulin has expressed a different account assigning the blame on the UK, charging that the COVID chimera was completed in 2015 at the Porton Down facility in Salisbury, England, operated by the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL). The Russian biowarfare expert implied that secrecy concerns about the novel biological weapon was a possible motive behind the nerve-gas poisoning of Russian military intelligence defector Sergei Skripal three years later. Following up on suspicions raised in Moscow in January, Nikulin appeared on the round-table discussion of the Big Game issues-debate program of Russian Channel 1. His comments were picked up by Svobodnaia Pressa online news group. The credibility factor is based on Nikulin having served as a former member of the UN Commission on Chemical and Biological Weapons, meaning he’s been in contact with other insiders from other countries who are otherwise muzzled, very possibly those scientists in India whose discovery of HIV proteins in COVID-19 was suppressed by the Modi government.

Besides picking up on his comments, The Mail (London) reviewed other claims in the Russian-language press about British culpability for the COV pandemic, including a Sputnik Belarus video interview of social sciences professor Dimitry Belyakov. Released on January 28, just 3 days prior to Britain’s formal departure from the EU, he explained, “Given the artificial nature of the virus, it all adds up to a single puzzle, the puzzle of a second stage of trade negotiations with the USA, of the idea that China must be contained, and the fact that there are only a couple of days left before Britain leaves the European Union and becomes an independent global player. This starts a new bloom for the British Empire and all this plays in their favour. Britain inflates information during all these moments while it’s becoming a separate (trading) hub from the European Union.” That, simply put, is spot on, inside the same viewfinder of my assessment of a grand-slam bio-terrorism operation by the old imperialist powers UK and Japan, in alliance with the Israeli revivalists aiming to restore King David’s ancient empire spanning the Middle East.

In a follow-up interview on February 4, Belyakov stated “The hysteria over coronavirus is an information war and psychological operation based on artificial grounds. If the people in charge of this activity decide that the virus should appear in Belarus, it will appear. I believe there is a special operation going on. The players are the British-American alliance. Moreover Britain is now a free country, its hands untied. Material losses will now start to happen in the EU. These are links of a single chain, so do not look at these processes separately, as do even the people who head Britain now, including Boris Johnson. What is going on is an economic collapse triggered by UK departing the EU, a disconnection.” That is aptly stated as a broad conception, like rolling open Rudyard Kipling’s map of the Great Game in which the House of Windsor, the Royal Navy and MI-6 still remain unequaled grandmasters with deep experience and wide ruthlessness after all these centuries.

The British imperial game-plan could well explain the motive behind the intelligence-concocted diversionary “scandal” over Ebola shipments from the NML to China, as a diversion disseminated by online MI-6 mouthpieces, in a plot to shift the blame on to Beijing instead of London. Notably the spy agency has been exploiting the protests in Hong Kong, fomented by the Trotskyite wing of the British Labour Party of Corbyn and Livingstone, putting the MI-6 and Chinese state intelligence on a collision course. This scale of geopolitical rivalry explains the motivation required to launch a bioterrorist attack on the military games in Wuhan, that is to foment another Cold War. Notably Britain-Australia, Japan and Israel refuse to join the French-initiated 100-nation member CISM, which sponsors those friendly international games for peace.

The Mirror newspaper noted that the politicized “fact-checking” censors at “EUvsDisinfo declined to provide a spokesperson to comment on its work. But a European Commission spokesperson said ‘The European Union has been actively tackling disinformation since 2015.’ In order to challenge Russia’s ongoing disinformation campaigns, the East StratCom Task Force in the European External Action Service (EEAS) was set up.” So the Euro-Stasi admits to “actively tackling disinfo” as early as the Pizzagate revelations and Trump’s election campaign against the Clinton dynasty, interesting.

The sun never sets

Russian biowarfare expert Nikulin’s account confirms the guiding role of Porton Down-DSTL as I’ve suggested in this series, as the central organizing hub and final destination for the various components of the HIV-COV-mTB chimera developed at U Wisconsin, NML Manitoba-Alberta and Israel. His assertion points toward that other missing link in the biography of coronavirus, the Pirbright Institute in Surrey, southeast of London, which responded with this denial about their COV patent:

“The Pirbright Institute is aware that misinformation regarding the Institute and its research circulating on social media following an outbreak of a new (novel) coronavirus that infects humans in Wuhan, China. The Institute carries out research on infectious bronchitis virus (IBV), a coronavirus that infects poultry, and porcine deltacoronavirus that infects pigs. Pirbright does not currently work with human coronaviruses.

“The Institute holds Patent no. 10130701 which covers the development of an attenuated (weakened) form of the coronavirus that could potentially be used as a vaccine to prevent respiratory diseases in birds and other animals. Many vaccines are made in this way, from flu to polio. We have not yet developed an IBV vaccine, but research is ongoing.

“The Institute is strategically funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, part of UK Research and Innovation (BBSRC UKRI) and also receives funding from many other organisations including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The patented work was not funded by the Gates Foundation. The Livestock Antibody Hub is funded by the Gates Foundation “

Now let’s examine this disclaimer by pointing out the fact that many and perhaps most of Pirbright’s research on contagious infections in animals are zoonotic, capable of crossing over from animals to humans, for example avian and porcine influenza and COV from certain wild animals. When it comes to infectious diseases, veterinary science and human medicine overlap, especially in the case of coronavirus research. Blanket denial of research in human medicine is purely rhetorical since veterinary research often has a dramatic impact on public health.

Pirbright implies its studies for COV vaccine development are limited to a bird variant and a pig delta-coronavirus, but then discloses that the Gates Foundation is funding ($5.5 million initial grant) for the Livestock Antibody Hub, which is planned for research on a trove of viruses. A news release from Pirbright states “The aim is to use Pirbright’s expertise in livestock viral diseases, cutting-edge technology and unique high-containment facilities to bring antibody discovery, manipulation and testing up to the benchmark already seen in the immunological field for rodents and humans. This highly collaborative work will address the needs of the livestock research community whilst bridging the requirements of the vaccine industry.” Here is a direct admission of research relevant to human health.

Historically, animals have been a reservoir for dozens of contagious diseases in humans, including avian influenza, Ebola, MERS, leptospirosis, dengue fever, anthrax, bovine tuberculosis and so on. It certainly seems that Pirbright is seeking to lengthen the list.

An unmentionable DARPA

Next, let’s take a peek at Pirbright’s “major shareholders”, which include the UK biotech council, rural affairs, ag vaccine companies, farmers, and then comes the Medical Research Council focused on human medicine and then the Wellcome Trust, which funds research in pharmacology, vaccine development and gene therapy. The latter sponsors a genomics lab known as the Wellcome Sanger Institute, founded by eugenics and abortion pioneer Margaret Sanger. Abortion is, of course, a requirement for embryonic “research”, the Fountain of Youth for aged tycoons, aka Frankenscience.

Missing from its online publicity is Pirbright’s other major stakeholder DARPA, which provided a $2.66 million grant for gene-editing development, $2.6 for mosquito-borne diseases research (the West Nile bioweapon virus). The defense research agency also allocated an undisclosed amount to 5 related institutes, including the University of Montana lab of Heinz Feldman, former chief scientist at the NML Manitoba, and to Pirbright for the PREEMT research project under the US National Biodefense Strategy. The lead scientist for Pirbright PREEMT is the notorious bio-fraudster Luke Alphey, the Oxford grad who concocted the lethal bio-engineered mosquitoes that spread the Zika virus along with ovary-destroying bio-agents throughout Northeast Brazil, infecting the uteruses of lower-income mothers in that 2015 artificial bio-engineered outbreak. Pirbright, in short, is a biological warfare laboratory with a hidden agenda of drastic rapid population reduction by mass murder with infectious diseases.

The Tory Factor

Since the days of Benedict Arnold and Alexander Hamilton to Woodrow Wilson and FDR, the British royals and their Rothschild co-conspirators have constantly groomed a treasonous element, popularly known as Tories, to subvert and sabotage the American republic. So how is Porton Down connected in the USA?

The US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) has provided more than $70 million in research funding to Porton Down-DSTL, according to 2018 report by investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, posted at 21st Century Wire.

Thus, for Congress, the Trump administration, the Supreme Court, the media and corporate leaders, there’s only one question arising out of this COVID-19 scandal. Mr. President, you support the Republic or are you with the British Empire? There’s two ways at looking at it. If you can’t beat them, join them or if you can’t join them, beat them. Try not to forget that Washington, Madison, Monroe and Jackston were also American presidents who were vilified and threatened by the British in ways worse than Russiagate.

Now, let’s back up a bit to the Boer Wars launched by the British Empire against Dutch settlers known as the Afrikaners. The leading warmonger for British control of Africa, alongside Cecil Rhodes was the banker Lord Pirbright and tycoon Henry Welcome. In the Second Boer War, 60,000 Dutch, German and French settler families were confined to British concentration camps, with undisclosed thousands of them subjected to high-risk vaccine experiments. That was a strong start for the Welcome pharmaceutical enterprise and the NM Rothschild Bank of Henry Rothschild De Worms, better known as Lord Pirbright. And now another massacre of innocents wherever COV breaks out.

Orderlies of the British Empire (OBE)

Contrary to the hysterical accusations from certain Tory websites, COVID-19 could not have been produced in Wuhan, due to personnel inexperience and professional competence. Nor were hundreds of lab samples stolen by Chinese workers sent to Wuhan. The Chinese Canadians, who arrived to North America from pre-Hong Kong are lock-step loyal to Canada-Britain or the USA, otherwise they never could have gotten residency permits before 1997.

Because of the propagandistic outcry from congressmen and the executive branch, I’m finally going to break the silence and blab the facts of the matter. Every senior Chinese-American and Chinese-Canadian department head or senior researcher is an informant to the FBI or RCMP and many receive funding from DARPA and more than a few also serve in a counter-intelligence capacity against China. I hope this public notice shuts up the self-serving accusations, while also urging the self-righteous but naive critics of the Chinese to consider the duplicity of their own intelligence services, the State Deparment, Commerce trade negotiators and of course the lackey mainstream media. Beijing should also stop taunting the American side since both are losers in the COV affair.

Now take as an example Margaret Chan, the Hong Kong hospitals director and former WHO chief who is a Canadian citizen honored with the knightly title of Lady, Order of the British Empire (OBE). Anyone who assumes she hasn’t vetted senior ethnic Chinese lab personnel, well, then what’s an intelligence operative like her doing instead? What happened at the NML, with those utterly useless Ebola samples sent by commercial airline to Beijing (how obvious can a false flag op to falsely incriminate the other side get?) was a set-up. The ethnic Chinese lab director, who was not trained in microbiology and her husband a PCR technician, were not arrested and somehow all the Chinese lab workers mysteriously disappeared prior to the official murder of Frank Plummer, drilled twice through his skull. No charges, no arrests, no witnesses, no further investigation, in other words the lab closure was a cover-up of the sloppy mess Plummer left behind during his cooperation of the notorious Yoshihiro Kawaoka and Gary Splitter from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Margaret Chan has been a constant ally of the Wellcome group, before its incarnation as the Glaxo-Wellcome pharmaceutical combine, since separated into two pharma corporations.

Hard Boyled

These connections might explain bio terrorism law expert Francis Boyle’s misgivings about the University of North Carolina, a favored recipient of Glaxo, Wellcome, Gates and DARPA grants. Boyle’s suspicions of UNC-Chapel Hill in the coronavirus affair is based on BSL-3 research on MERS coronavirus at UNC plus the school’s cozy contacts in China through its Global Public Health program and the flimflam China CDC, whose Beijing rep attended the Bloomberg-Gates funded coronavirus pandemic exercise sponsored by Johns Hopkins U with its highly suspicious global population initiatives in Africa and India. BTW, Hopikins’ SAIS has a cooperative program with Nanjing University.

Although my investigation shows a different set of principal suspects, Boyle is certainly pointing at a cluster of bad players, and indeed this international bio-engineered pandemic could be more elaborate that either he or I can imagine. All the leads must be tracked down. (Professor Boyle’s article can be found at http://www.uticaphoenix.net, a must-read.)

To affirm the extent of suspicious activities spotted by Professor Boyle, let me mention a few more details. After a friendly decoupling of Glaxo-Wellcome into Wellcome and Glaxo-SmithKlein, GSK established an American subsidiary for pharma production in Greenville, SC, and then sold it off to become a foundation based in Research Triangle Park, which has funded microbiology research at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Glaxo’s special expertise is on HIV-AIDS, which happened to be Crispred into COVID-19. A related center at UNC is the Gillings School of Public Health, a policy-oriented program. The China connection is done through the UNC Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases, which has links in mainly HIV suppression research with universities in Beijing and Guangzhou, but not in Wuhan. Its partner in Central China is University of Nanjing, which is a sedate conservative campus. (Nanjing is my favorite city in China and that reputable university tends to be in the slow lane.)

The one weak link in the Boyle account is that COVID-19 was created at UNC and then stolen for transfer to the China CDC office in Wuhan for dispersal. Such a clandestine operation would have needed on-the-ground support, in this case from Merial Animal Health Co., owned by the Germany-based Boehringer Ingelheim, which is a funder of the Pirbright Institute. It chicken-feed operation, now fully Chinese owned, is located in Nanchang, Jiangxi, the province on the southeast border of Hubei. This seems to be quite a stretch, especially given the realities on the ground, including road-traffic surveillance and smart-phone monitory. I could be wrong, if the dimensions of this plot are indeed wider than my broadest horizon, and certainly I would not be surprised if UNC had a role in the COV outbreak.

Most of the lab science-based evidence so far, however, points to a British MI-6 plot involving Porton Down-Pirbright, National Microbiology Laboratory in Canada, University of Wisconsin, a lethal research triangle. For the Lord Pirbright story, use a search engine to call up the Prepare for Change website, author Edward Morgan “Coronavirus, Qinetiq and the Rothschild bombshell.” I remain open and alert to all evidence, logic and intuitive insights, since any tiny detail could open a deeper perspective into this massive crime against humanity.

The bad guys deserve a bravo for chutzpah, while the dummkopf leaders of the affected nations should be awarded a dunce cap for self-serving politicization of this grave threat to public health and for denouncing each other over a trade war that no longer matters, when the markets have collapsed, businesses are shuttered and workers out of a job. Wake up and smell the empty coffee cups because there are culprits who need to be relentlessly hunted down and punished. Personal pride is absolutely worthless at this moment when defense of citizens is so urgent, and indeed self-flattery by inflated egos is harmful in that it abets popular distrust of government at a time of crisis. Show selfless courage and smarts in taking the necessary risks to redeem your reputations by apprehending the guilty parties.

A “cure” worse than the disease

Chloroquine (Aralen), the “COV cure” touted by health authorities in China and being hyped in Europe and the USA as a proven remedy for patients, at least those who haven’t been killed by it. Derived from the coal that Greta Thunberg wants to banish, CQ is a molecule from the same group as anti-malaria quinine.

This panacea has known side-effects including blinding patients with retina damage, harming heart muscle tissue, scarring of the kidneys and wrecking the stomach and intestines, the latter being the source of uncontrolled bloody diarrhea, triggering the toilet paper rush. CQ earlier had a major role in the high death rate of malaria patients worldwide.

The urban myth of younger people having far fewer deaths than the elderly is due to a difference in the condition of internal organs, which tend to be more worn and damaged in older individuals. CQ pushed many an oldster patient into the incinerator, meaning those victims were not cured but instead “put down” by CQ. This may be fine in the eyes of youth revolutionaries with the Extinction Rebellion who revile anyone older than 29, so let’s rename the killer drug as the Greta Pill and their movement as the Human Extermination Revolt. Her loyal Gen Z followers now call COV the “boomer doomer” virus. So celebrate, air-heads, before trying to figure who’s going to pay for your shopping sprees.

The bad news for the children’s crusade is that the Greta Pill carries long-term risks of arthritis, lupus and Sarcodoisis, which is an autoimmune inflammation of the lungs, internal organs, eyes and, gosh for you pretty Instagram influencers, skin discoloration. That, in brief, is what the doctors aren’t telling you everything about the CQ cure-all, which will soon come to seek you.

The last and rather grotesque drawback of chloroquine is rendering the internal organs and blood of deceased COV patients unfit for withdrawing serum and harvesting their organs for sale. That is a terrible waste indeed in terms of market economics for doctors, hospitals, crematoriums, transporters and others involved in the human-parts recycling industry. As a consequence, China being the model of exploitative hyper-capitalism, is a black market paradise for recovered patients’ blood serum. How much money are tech bosses and corporate CEOS in China, or investment bankers and Hollywood celebrities in the USA willing to spend on anti-COV antibody serum? $10 million per treatment? That would be at steep discount.

Vampire elites

Judging from northern Italy, the homeland of the mafia and their Milan bankers, there’s been a quiet worldwide ghoulish rush to drain off antibody-rich blood serum to provide the wealthy elites and powerful figures with a cannibalistic boost, much like embryos and vital organs are routinely harvested for illicit profit by the major “health providers” peddling rejuvenation. The vampire “health” centers are actually death profiteers. Medical ethics in China are nowhere near zero but in the minus range because it’s glorious to become rich, even by killing naive young people to sell their blood.

Young man and pretty girl, you don’t want to be crammed in with a bunch of sick and dying senior citizens, do you? Our health group sponsors a special research program for a luxury health vacation on China’s Pacific Coast with lots of fresh air and great meals, and guess what? It’s free for the first one hundred guests under 24 years of age! The bus is leaving in 20 minutes, plus we give you a complimentary sushi lunch box for the ride and a coupon for unlimited face masks, the swimsuit of your choice and LV sunglasses. Hey, you’re so lucky, there’s only two seats left! What’s that music playing from inside the bus? Oh, the new boy group who do retro music, The Beat Bugs. “The magical mystery tour is coming to take you away, take you away!”

The cynical deception was revealed in the “collapse” of a mysterious multistory hotel in a coastal Chinese province where only two infections had previously been reported. Instead, that hotel was packed with untold numbers of youthful and slightly infected coronavirus “patients” aka damned fool anesthecized blood donors. After the dribbles of plasma were sucked out, the facility was sterilized by switching on the gas to remove oxygen, while the electric power was shut off. One of the “vacationing patients” must have hidden a smart phone inside a pillow or under the mattress, because when an incoming call rang – kaboom! And the building exploded and then collapsed.

No loss, since it was probably one of many such illicit centers across set up by organ traffickers. Now do you understand the sudden drop in COV deaths on the public health record? COV patients don’t die any longer, they’re merely harvested off the official record. Killing patients for their organs is not innovative in terms of “health care” or organized crime. Before the SARS outbreak, I was involved in investigating the disappearance of young Hong Kong women who went across the border to Shenzhen for affordable cosmetic surgery at fly-by-night clinics. The most revolting part of the probe was to discover that the organ-plucked corpses were butchered and boiled for noodle soup in poor parts of the province, unbeknownst to consumers. That stomach-churning practice was adopted to eliminate evidence such as the two multilated female bodies found in a dumpster in Shenzhen.

There was also an Israeli intelligence stakeout at a huge Uyghur-run halal restaurant that was always shuttered and had no customers. A police raid discovered massive freezers never used for beef or lamb by the “restauranteurs” who had fled the scene. Another target of our investigative journalism probe was a cryogenic facility outside Macau, where gamblers who could not meet their debts to the mafia that ran VIP rooms could donate a kidney as a down payment. Our snooping angered a visiting vice-minister of health, who refused to shake hands with my medical adviser and eyeballed me with an ice-cold stare. China is certainly not the only country where official corruption blocks investigations into organ trafficking. The main fruits picked in the Philippines are bananas and children’s kidneys, destined for the Arabian Peninsula, where I was stunned to learn first hand from a happy importer about much of that money was pocketed leaving locals in Luzon cheated out of the blood money.

Most Chinese people are horrified by these brutal practices but admit that organ-trafficking is difficult to detect and harder to punish. A human harvest for the benefit of the rich and famous tends to confirm novelist Lu Xun’s trope of China’s history being a record of cannibalism. Most Western literary critics assume his bizarre comment from the mouth of a fictional madman was a metaphor. No, it’s fact-based historical realism. Once the Confucian niceties are ripped away, the desperate struggle for self-preservation justifies horrific deeds. Ghosts will surely haunt the living dead recipients, or in psychology babble the consequences will include guilt trauma, self hatred and memory-suppressing dementia.

My thoughts turn to how the ethical and valiant Zhou brothers were determined to end the horrific bloodbath under the human-devouring Shang Dynasty, which believed eating human flesh expands one’s supernatural powers and practiced sacrificial rites and witchcraft similar to the Aztecs. The Duke of Chou, who established the ethical code known as the Mandate of Heaven, which set a limitation on absolutism in ways similar to the Magna Carta, was a crucial hero of Chinese civilization. Yet, still, in the shadowy recesses, the human-devouring demons of Shangdi prowl the land.

Serum sales account for why COV cases have suddenly dropped as patients trade-in their blood for cash from illicit exporters. Antibody-rich influsion is why so few if any elite business leaders and celebrities have died of an infection, particularly in Beijing and Washington DC, midtown Manhattan and Shanghai. Many of the plutocrats and power players have never felt better thanks to the fresh blood input. After her singing tour of Asia, Rita Wilson and her husband Tom Hanks became the poster-couple of swift recovery in less than 5 days. As in the Kate Bekinsale vampire and werewolf series “Underworld”, our elites have degenerated into covens of predators and the rest of us are prey to satisfy their gruesome appetites, as we descend along the slippery slope from the pedophilia of Pizzagate into Corona cannibalism.

Ayurveda gold standard against COV

The only genuine answer is inside a natural liquid of ancient vintage. The potential defense against life-threatening COV comes from Ayurveda therapy, well, broadly defined, being dispensed in gallons by humped Desi cows in India. Bovine urine is being splashed on by Hindus as an effective shield against viral infection. Does that seem disgusting and ridiculous? Well, at least nobody gets killed for their blood serum, and COV infections have been rare across the densely populated country.

One of the readers of rense.com on the Subcontinent urged me to look over Captain Ajit Vadakayil’s blog on cow urine’s active ingredient, which is nano gold colloids. At first impression I assumed it was some sort of superstitious nonsense and that I should not be taken in by a scam from the Rashneeshees or the Beatles’ Maharishi Mahesh yogi. Then on second thought, based on sojourns in Thailand for herbal-based therapy for radioactive exposure during Fukushima research, I remembered that Ayurvedic herbs including lemongrass-citronella, kaffir lime and turmeric enabled my return to health from the doorstep of death, as compared with the total impotence of modern pharmacology against radioactivity. The gut reaction to overcome, however, is that the gold nano-particles are inside cow urine.

When I ran an organic farm during my student days in Indiana, the only body fluid from cows that I’d ever consider consuming was milk. Cows also urinate copiously, hopefully on the pasture and not inside the barn, but then again their bodily effluent contributed to the tallest, densest, greenest and healthiest grass that I’ve ever seen, so there is indeed something life-giving about ruminant urine. Despite initial skepticism tinged with admitted disgust, I recalled how ranchers in Texas have extolled humped Brahma bulls at rodeos for their sturdiness, heat tolerance, diet adaptability and indestructible health.

These are super-bovines with tens of thousands of years of coexistence with nomadic tribes and later agrarian villages. Despite befouled water, their resistance to disease is astounding, indicative of a powerful immune system that protects the wholesome purity of their milk, usually consumed as yogurt or ghee butter. This is why mother cows are considered sacred by Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Parsi (Zoroastrians). Cows transfer antibodies and other biological defenses to their calves suckling milk, as opposed to the soy water fed to young cattle in the West by dairymen extracting every last penny to pay the grain companies and equipment suppliers, while still slipping into debt.

These cows drink from natural sources like “dirty” rivers, lakes and wells in a barren countryside that is eroded down to lots of rocky outcrops, from whence the gold nano-particles are derived. With that memory in mind, I decided to consult a microbiologist adviser with a ridiculous question about the efficacy of nano gold. The supportive response was that he had done lab studies on gold nanoparticle therapy some 20 years ago, and yes it does live up to the claims. Gobsmacked was I by that revelation of gold being a virus-destroyer with Shiva power on a nano-dimension.

Nano-gold therapy

Although invisible to the naked eye, nano gold seen through a powerful electron microscope is not yellow or white but instead red or violet, due to its bonding as a salt with chlorine or silicon. AuCl is one of many salts of gold (like NaCL or sodium chloride). My adviser’s research studies has shown that nano-colloidal gold salts can control gene expression in RNA and facilitate cancer drug delivery. Its bonding and electrical properties at the nano level defy our conventional assumption that gold is pure and resistant to chemical reactions, being symbolic of marital fidelity in the exchange of golden rings.

At the micro-scale of 10 nanometers up to 40 nm, ions of gold have strong bonding capability along with powerful electrical properties. Inside your bloodstream, charged ions of gold-salt can organize bits of proteins into structures called ligands, especially when augmented with a target-detecting monoclonal antibody. The ligand can attract and take control over message-conveying proteins called cytokines. The exchange of signals with the cytokines enables the gold ligands to hunt down specific pathogens. For example, in the battle against hepatitis, the ligand organizes teams of cytokines to rally antibodies against that infectious virus. Gold ligands, in brief, are the magic bullet against the m.tuberculosis and HIV strands in COVID-19, along with the vulnerable Spike proteins jutting out of its membrane.

Once the ligand reaches a cluster of viruses, the gold nano-particle captures the RNA strands of viruses, pinning these to its surface with polyvalent or multiple bonds. This counterattack is launched during the virus replication process when exposing its single-strand RNA or, alternatively, as a double-strand during transcription (producing a copy of itself).

The capture process is completed with “passivation” though addition of ethylene glycol and alkyl-thiol molecules, which “root” the viruses preventing their escape. For 2-dimensional visual representation purposes, the gold orb resembles an axle while the RNA strands stick out like spokes of a wheel.

Then what? That’s where urine comes into play fortuitously, since the RNA-loaded nano particle is tiny enough to pass from the blood stream into the kidneys and out of the patient’s body. Voila! No side effects or internal organ damage, a clean sweep. There are no apparent defensive mechanisms in the HIV-COV-mTB bioengineered virus capable of fleeing, repelling, resisting or combating the gold-salt particle. My microbiology adviser points out that the bio-engineered COVID-19 is clunky, more cumbersome and slower to replicate than SARS due to the spliced-in HIV and m.TB components. The Au particle’s virus-quelling power can be increased by bonding with antiviral drugs, but that is probably overkill and not worth the additional R&D time delay and effort or risks. Why bother with add-ons when COVID-19 is big and slow like the Death Star, a sitting duck ripe for attack by a Luke Skywalker piloting an X-wing fighter, the metaphor of an antibody-guided nano-gold ligand with the cytokines acting in the role of R2D2.

Unless born and raised in India

So why are foreign tourists in India coming down with COVID-19? First off, they carried the infectious agent from Europe into India, and second because during travels they drink pasteurized milk made from powder or from the western-style industrial dairies in Gujarat, which have been funded with lavish grants from the “modernizing” aka profiteering Narendra Modi government instead of sensibly consuming heat-sterilized yogurt make of milk from indigenous humped cows. Mimicking the West is subcontinental suicide.

Warning: My war-reporting experience in the Kashmir and Afghan regions showed that foreigners from developed economies cannot tolerate the protein and enzyme content of real milk produced locally, and suffer blood releases when urinating, similar to a urinary tract infection. Throughout the Western world, the creamy liquid sold in cartons is not actual cow’s milk but an artificial blend of additives, sugar, emulsifiers, vitamins, drugs and hormones including estrogen injected into dairy cows, diluted with water and absent of butter fat. Luckily I stopped drinking milk as an adolescent or my adult body would have been disproportionate, riddled with osteoporosis, soft and in chronic bad health.

Back on the Indiana farm, I realized that fresh grass-fed cow’s milk is too rich to drink by the glass but is better suited for making a dense creamy delicious hand-turned ice-cream. Real milk is difficult for adults to digest, being too rich in nutrients. Living in big cities in the developed world, residents are totally out of touch with the natural environment and therefore would have serious problems during reintroduction into nature.

Thank you, Mother India, for reminding us of the natural path of human survival versus self-extinction on the highway to Hell. The rest of us have rejected the Tree of Life for the easy pickings of sweet poisoned apples from the Knowledge orchard. Before it’s too late, we must get back to our home in the garden. That clarified, dualism vanishes, being a delusion of a sick mind and demented society fallen to evil temptations, and so wholeness is restored to our lives.

Hard Rock pathway

Where, in your desperation you might ask, can nano-gold be obtained? Establish a farm below the hard-rock crystal mountains and tend some natural goats or a dairy cow to participate in this new Gold Rush, just like your pioneering ancestors. Now let’s consider the Magi Gaspar, the patron saint of India, and his fellow wonder-workers Balthazar of the Desert Peninsula and the sage Melchior of Parthia. Here’s Melchior’s gift to the child from “We Three Kings from Orient are”.

“Born a King on Bethlehem plain,
Gold I bring to crown Him again
King forever, ceasing never
Over us all to reign.”

The golden aura and not a bio-engineered coronavirus. Gold is the true king versus the pretenders from the pharmaceuticals. What fools these brain-addled mortals be, to transform a life-saving cure with magical properties into ingots piled inside the vaults of central banks! And now these millionaire misers bow their heads in fear before the claptrap idol they created from amputated diseases. What anti-viral drug can cauterize the contagious disease of selfish greed driven to cannibalism? Only a silver bullet or a selectively targeted virus administered in the confines of an insane asylum.

Radioactivity and pollution spurring COV

Let’s now consider the correlation between long-term exposure to radioactivity with coronavirus infections as another exercise in arrogance and stupidity.

– Wuhan, long-term irradiation due to dust storms from the atmospheric nuclear tests at Lop Nur ground zero in the Turfan basin; plus leaks from four destroyed military nuclear reactors since the Sichuan Earthquake of 2008.

– South Korea, storage of tactical nuclear weapons on both sides of the DMZ, massive domestic nuclear power program, Fukushima fallout.

– Japan, Fukushima 2011 along with leaks from Tokaimura near Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

– Italy, Chernobyl 1986 plus Mafia recklessness in the subsequent commissioning of the Italian nuclear plants with landfill and sea-dumping in the Mediterranean.

– Germany and Northern Europe, Cold War nuclear warhead storage and disposal done in secret, Chernobyl, leaks from the East German atomic waste dumping, the Soviet-Russian n-plants and nuclear submarines.

– France, leaks due to cracked nuclear components, repeated accidents and leaks in the world’s most nuclear energy dependent nation.

– Puget Sound-Seattle, trans-Pacific radioactive waste-water from Fukushima, leaks from U.S. Navy nuclear submarines and decommissioning of the supercarrier USS Ronald Reagan contaminated off Fukushima during the 311 crisis.

– UK, Sellafield, Hinkley and Wales nuclear plant leaks, plutonium reprocessing industry.

– Iran, reckless n-fuel enrichment for purpose of n-weapons development.

By comparison, less nuclear regions including Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia have few COV cases “imported” from the nuclear states.

Long-term radioactivity exposure weakens the human immune system, another factor that accounts for why elderly people are so much more prone to COVID-19 death than young children, who will face serious health deterioration and mental disorders as they grow up. The other factors are ever-increasing electromagnetic exposure from cell phones, microwave transmissions and 5G testing; and vaccination and STDs from prostitution, which over time destroys the human immune system.

The wicked suffer

Even as the hyped stock markets collapse like a house of cards, honesty remains the scarcest commodity in the present situation of a lethal challenge from bioterrorist coronavirus. As for a deceitful China, trapped in its eternal cycle of prideful self-destruction and unrestrained greed, Confucius remains the moral guide, as in “The higher type of man clings to virtue, the lower kind of man clings to material wealth; the higher type cherishes justice while the lower kind hopes to receive favors.” Climb or fall, work hard or steal and embezzle, that’s the choice, be an achiever or lose your moral standing. Everyone has their limitations, but still it’s all up to you. Finger pointing and denouncing other countries is a symptom of impotence and refusal to face the underlying challenges of why you are so weak inside and ill despite an outer semblance of strength and prosperity.

America is now being punished for its tardiness at re-industrialization, addiction to consumerism and the failure to keep promises to its family farmers and industrial workers, while politicians blame the hard-working Chinese rather than their own nation’s flabby indolence. Expose corruption in political life and kick out the hucksters and lobbyists; get rid of idle desk jockeys and overpaid CEOs and instead empower moral people with proven skills to rebuild the American economy with bricks and mortar, steel and determination. As for MAGA, make America good again.

Instead of carping about people in other countries, consider the advice from Voltaire, who put it succinctly at the end of his novel “Candide”. “We must each tend our own garden.”/.