Folks, I have been a proud “fool”, since I left the Viet tribe, denounced nationalism, racism, and especially declared myself, not an antisemite, but an anti-Jews. I also have done quite a few guessedictions, which only a fool would enjoy doing it. At any rate, I want to be remaining a “fool!” in this particular time, because only a fool would go all the way against all the sheeple and their government’s “experts” and “scientists.”

All over the net, scaring news about COVID19 “pandemic” just coming and coming fast! Drastic and draconian measures have been suggested and urged by both the mainstream experts and alt-media counterparts with China (ChiCom) is their shining COVID19 role model warrior! All of the sudden Government institutions, MSM , which normally are the source of lies and fake news, their “(dis) information and stats have now been quoted as reliable facts by even alt-media! No fact-checking is needed!

You can see how fool I have become since I declared myself a COVID19/Pandemic denier in such a situation. I even suggested that there were more than just one certain COVID19, I called it “cousins” of COVID19 (since I am no virologist, I have no jargon in my poor English vocabulary)

IMFHO (In my foolish humble opinion), the most important rule of thumb in this world is one must treat Government and MSM “stats & information” with more than just a grain of salt, for facts and truth almost always go opposite their direction at the end of the day.

At this moment, when the “pandemic” has been officially declared with all the MSM experts’ confirmation of “five mutated strains” of the virus that have been dancing in the air around the world, I, a fool, have no choice but walk back with and question all the numbers they have “informed” us.

This is the world total stats on COVID19 as of this writing:

First, since the supposed biggest and the most important, and most reliable CDC in the world namely the USA CDC, has been forced to admit that their “experts” had wrongly classified and reported “some” “Covid deaths” as “seasonal flue’s victims” BEFORE THE WUHAN OUTBREAK , then how about “some seasonal flu victims” have been reported as Covid19’s deaths?

The whole world has been fixated on “COVID19” as “SOLE cause of CURRENT deaths, and nothing else. What are the current stats of death worldwide by other causes, e.g common flu, vitamin deficiency, cigarette cancer etc… which, right now, presumably must have been much much higher than that of COVID19! Can you call it a PANDEMIC which has far less victim than any other diseases? But I digress here.

I want to go back to “Wuhan space and time” being mindful that there is no way to verify all the “news”. And the world before “Wuhan” had been in a mess with political, social, economic crises almost everywhere! In one word, everywhere government policies had been failing!

At first appearance, the real one “Wuhan” COVID19 targeted mostly elderly Chinese/Asians victims only, even though there had been many non-Chinese/Caucasians living and working there before and during the first month of the outbreak, later got out and backed home happily un-infected. Even 300 fake US military athletes who had been there in Wuhan eating, playing, roaming around and spreading COVID19, came home unharmed!

The “quarantine” of Princess Diamond is, in fact turned out to be a COVID19 incubator. I dared to suggest or rather boldly concluded that it was a deliberate act of using non-asian/chinese on the ship as guinea pigs to test the virus and to hype-up fear mongering. How could Japanese medical “experts” and “authority” be so stupid to force thousands healthy people staying with some infected people in the same isolated ship? And after more than 600 people got infected, they then flew these infected people home in the same airplane with other normal healthy passengers! Do you believe that ALL MEDICAL, HEALTH EXPERTS and AUTHORITIES of those involved nations are just a bunch of idiots? Or what was going on there? The horseshit and strange thing did not just stop there. Even after all the “terrifying” news from China and from the cruise ship, the EU and especially the US “Health Authority” not only did not even bother to test recently traveled people, but also tried to stop and in some cases even punished those were trying to do the right thing: raising alarm and testing!

One particular strange and interesting thing happened. The Westerland cruise ship that was welcomed by Cambodia after had been shooed away by every nation came out with no case no death!

Anyway, I noticed, when the total absence of non-Chinese/Asian victim became so obvious, then there were news that Iran was under attack by this Covid19 with more than 50 deaths just for some days, but with different symptoms as shown on TV conference. At the time, I suggested that the virus that attacked Iran was a “mutated COVID19” or COVID19-cousin. Now we know, through “experts” ‘ finding, there are at least FIVE STRAINS “floating happily” around the world!

Then all of “sudden” Italy came to the front news with just some sicked elderly persons, who had been deliberately “quarantined” in the same hospital ward with other patients (weak-health people!) Do you think Italian doctors and nurses are idiots, or what was going on? I suggested that certain Jewish lapdogs Italian authorities deliberately “infected” people to fulfill the PLAN!

Within days, Italy became second “epicenter” together with Spain’s death tolls on the rise at the same time! No body checked to verify these numbers with details such as victims’ age group, their pre-condition, what symptoms, how they died etc..! All have just been repeated as if all were true! Well, l know ,as far as the West is concerned, only China, Russia, Iran, Syria, Venezuela etc.. lie!

I do suspect that Italy, Spain have faked the “outbreak” with number of elderly deaths- bear in mind that so far, the average age of victims is 80 year old! As a matter of fact we do not really know if these elderly people had had pre-condition when they died, if they really died at all! Except their old age, meaning their immune system was weak, which is absolutely a major factor contributing to death regardless of whatever virus! Or even they may died of seasonal flu but reported as COVID19 victims! Governments and Corporations have done these “honest things” many times over, have they not?

Don’t forget that the USA CDC has been forced to admit that they did report COVID deaths as common flu. So why not do the reverse and vise versa? Political history and all the records have proven that for power, these government psychopaths will stop at nothing! The same is true for profits, companies and big corporations will stop at nothing! Because in their eyes, you and I, the people are nothing but their expandable property!

I must emphatically stress here that Europe (Italy and Spain) came to replace China as “the epicenter” only after the sole targeting Chinese/Asian and with a different strain to the Iranians became so obvious.

And again, when the totally absence of children infection or/and death is so obvious, then the news of infected new born child popped-up some where! But no baby-children infected/death in China! Yes China, where the first COVID19 epicenter located with 1.4 billion souls are breathing with millions giving birth during the last three moths there! This bloody clever COVID19 must have known their “race” and their masters’ order very well!

The other interesting thing that should be worthily noted here is that, in other poor third world countries, especially South East Asians, where is not only home of millions of Chinese descents but also millions of mainland Chinese have been traveling to, staying and doing business, but somehow these Chinese/Asians have not been severely affected! This compels me to suggest that this one certain COVID19 was first Bio-engineered with HIV element is to target a specific bio-climatic structure! And don’t ever forget that Bio-Engineered Virus (Weapon) is not necessarily used for mass-killing, but they often used to achieve specific political goals e.g economic disruption by killing certain number of people in certain geo-climatic condition in a certain enemy nation at certain period of time. That’s what bio-engineering for: specific target! And everyone knows that this is “Bio”, once released, it will have its own way of life a.k.a mutation! Or you may correctly call “out of control!”

If you look back at the whole scenario, you would see how detail they planed and how well they calculated, as populated China, Wuhan was chosen as ground zero and the time was Chinese New Year Festival! Outside China the ill-fated Princess Diamond was chosen as their floating barn of human guinea pigs!

However, as I said, these evil planners are just people like everyone of us. They are not super humans, and more often than not they are not wise at all though they are quite cunning and intelligent. Wisdom and intelligence are two different qualities! Thus they are fallible and subject to err and serious mistake. Remember the bay of pigs and Operation Northwoods!

For me, after I had needed the “warning” of Victorian Government to go out and enjoy life at the Mussel & Jazz Festival in Melbourne, I heard the news of the clownish kid Trudeau and Tom Hank announced their “positive Covid19 tests.” I asked myself Why the hell did they need to be tested at the first place? And at the same time all the cryptos, especially the main ones, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin … crashed in a uniform fashion in concurrence with world stock market, I then knew that they were desperate in hyping up the “pandemic” for their master plan by instilling fear with chaos, and using high-profile names to get people attention- after failing to “infect” all the Cruise ships and airlines passengers up to the “pandemic level number.” They then hastily officially announced the COVID19 a “Pandemic” despite the fact that by any definition and number, it is not a pandemic, even within China, whose death victim number was more than half of the world total number at the time!

Read these statistics from the very WHO! (I screenshot this page below, just in case you know what!)

And when the cracking holes started to show up, they brazenly apply bandage to patch up just like the 911 cover-up and the 2008 financial crisis!

Economic and financial rescuing package have been announced to help… uhm…bail out the big companies, big business for the loss they have suffered, but nothing for the working people, who have just lost their jobs or have been forced to stay home without pay! They are blaming every thing on China/Chinese and this COVID19 even for all the crises that had existed and prolonged before “China-Wuhan!”

Did I say the whole statist system, regardless of regime names, is rigged?

Watch this movie “Dark Waters” , which is about a real evil thing that has happened to all of us around the world and was exposed by the real life of Robert Bilott, portrayed by Mark Ruffalo.

Here is the most important message from this real-life movie:

Robert Bilott to his wife: “The system is rigged.They want us to think it’ll protect us, but that’s a lie.We protect us. We do.
Nobody else.Not the companies, not the scientists, not the government, Us.
A farmer with a 12th-grade education told me that. On day one, he knew, and I thought he was crazy.
Isn’t that crazy?”

Remember, truth and facts are stranger than fiction, folks!

Right now, what I guessedicted by gut feeling with facts, has slowly come out in reality! Countries have been locked-down. Drastic and draconian measures have been suggested by “pundits” and “experts” and implemented by governments. Official Fighting Virus “policies” even including “let’s just save the youngs and let the olds die” Their rationality is because “we” have limited resources, and the olds are “useless eaters” and are dying anyway! Besides, this bloody clever COVID19 seems loving to kill only oldies!

Did I say that the COVID19 is killing our liberty and our humanity?

Did I say that this “operation Covid19” is much bigger and larger than the 911? Did I say that this is for total control and total submission?

When you have fearful sheeple, all you need to do is instilling fear. Fear is profitable. Fear is the most effective weapon of mass control and mass submission! Fear makes sheeple hate the very people who are trying to help them by whistle-blowing and rocking the boat, telling them the truth!

Fear, greed, and selfishness get the better of sheeple. That’s why and how governments and corporations always win despite the fact that they are evil by nature and they hurt people all the time!

You don’t need to go far somewhere to find evidences, just look back at what happened in the 2008 financial crisis! Or the War in Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine. Or watch right now at what has been happening to Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, who risk their own lives and comfort to tell people the truth! And look at all the sheeple, who right now keep clamoring, chanting around psychopaths , listening to their lies, participating in their rigged selection game.. and beating up the hell out of each other!

Anyway, folks, this is strictly my own two cents! Time will tell everything! I am happy to be proven totally wrong.

As always, the last word is yours, and yours only!