Folks, there are quite a few important messages hidden between the lines of this conversation between RT Rick Sanchez and a medical “expert” and George Galloway. You must spot them out and jot them down, folks!

IMHFO, they are testing the “culling” and training us to surrender our humanity to fear, and just live like primitive herd. Why do we fear death, the inevitable event, the unavoidable destination we all must go to at the end, so much that we stupidly give up our humanity which took us millions of year to developed, only just to live a little bit longer? All the policies are designed to train us to live like their guinea pigs without humane emotion and rationality.

In his part six of his COVID19 series, Yoichi Shimatsu boldly suggested Wuhan nCoV Proves Useful For A Malthusian
Cull Of Aging Societies – Part 6
. As time goes by his theory gets closer and closer to reality.

Some days ago, in my private reply to one of our readers on the Grand Princess floating incubator issue, I said that I suspected the Chicom has been complicit in this “out break”. I still do! The war of words between the Jew-Ish-A and the Chicom looks like very much a comedy show now!

Anyway, please listen to this carefully in its entirety and decide for yourself!