Folks, I wanted to take a break, and something happened that compels me to share with you without delay.

I wanted to be relaxed watching movies. So I did “Dark Waters” as my niece recommended. I did not expect “Hollywood” would make such realistic movie about the reality! The reality where good people are risking everything to fight for everyone, and “everyone” is just a bunch selfish cowardly sheeple who would blame everything on the person who is actually fighting for them, for their benefits! While the whole system is rigged against them, everyone! Except of course the 1%.

This is what the the social justice fighter says at the end of the movie:

The system is rigged.They want us to think it’ll protect us, but that’s a lie.We protect us. We do.
Nobody else.Not the companies, not the scientists, not the government, Us.
A farmer with a 12th-grade education told me that. On day one, he knew, and I thought he was crazy.
Isn’t that crazy?

I was so impressed with such reality that is so relevant to this current COVID19 situation that I cut this segment from the movie and uploaded to Daily Motion to share with everyone.

But it was rejected! I then went to youtube for the official trailer. Amazingly I found the trailer with exactly the same segment I wanted to post. And guess what? This has been censored too!


However, this is just a small part! I will share with you how I have been being under surveillance and harassed by government thugs. Just wait because I still have some more important issues to share with you than my personal things.

I strongly recommend you go and watch this DARK WATERS to see how we all have been being used as their guinea pigs, and how evil they all are. Politicians- government, scientists, journalists, professors etc.. are just a bunch of prostitutes who are bought and sold by capitalist power! Nothing else!

I feel very bad that what I have guessedicted about this COVID19 has been almost come true!

They did it, they have done this COVID19 to all of us. They want to control us totally. They want our total obedience and total submission to them! Do not trust a single word from them!

As always, the last word is yours!