Folks, first let me refresh your memory that at the beginning, I said this COVID19 is not just a bio-weapon, but a trigger for total public control and total public submission. I have seen clearly that things do not add up at all.

I also know that making guessediction is foolish, especially about the so-called “novel bio-engineered-virus” that even “experts” cannot agree within their own “expert community” about what it actually is.

However, as a careful observer, when I look at the fiat-price of the cryptocurrencies, which have suddenly been pushed down almost uniformly in concurrence with the southwards of world stock market, right in time with the “news” that Tom Hank and the clownish kid Canadian PM Trudeau declared their COVID19 infection, only 24 hours after my wonderful day at Mussel Jazz Festival, I knew that THEY, the people of the-Power-should-not-be were desperate to speed this “pandemic” up!

WHO, finally has officially declared COVID19 is a “pandemic” after all the hype of fear mongering campaign with statistic manipulation at global scale, even though by physical number and definition, it is not!

It’s strictly my own conclusion that this COVID19 is no longer the medical issue, but fully and totally political. This is absolutely the game of statist power, which is designed and played by ALL NATIONS to consolidate and extend the power of the State by forcing people into total submission with fear.

This statist power game is not complicated at all, but it is played with a complex and subtle way. Thus, bear with me as I have to walk back step by step to explain how I have concluded the way I did.

I- Demystification of false assumptions

1-Bio-weapon NOT necessarily must be WMD. Bio-Weapon like any weapon can be used for mass murdering or just specific target for a political purpose. However, unlike other mechanical machinery weapons that can be totally controlled, Bio-Weapon is “Bio”, which has its own life and unpredictable mutation once released.

Chinese studies link quarantines with coronavirus mutations that may make it more ‘insidious’

2- Governments, regardless of friends and foes, do become “allies” playing along with one another to lie and deceive their own population when it serves their own ruling power e.g all governments play along with “Hi-story”, Holo-hoax, Moon Hoax, and 911 official story because these stories help to consolidate and enhance their ruling power over their own people.

3- The Conspirators, no matter how powerful they are, they are just people, who are fallible and subjected to err like everyone of us . They do plan well in details, but not necessarily always get what they want.

I never assume that mainstream information is correct. As a matter of fact, MSM news are fake and all governments lie as a matter of policy. I never assume that those people in power a.k.a “government” cares about and for people. They will kill not only anyone that stands in their way but also anyone whose death may help to consolidate and expand their power. I never assume that there is such a thing called “national interest.” I never assume that some government is better than others.

Thus, my analysis is always based on the reality of power, especially the absolute political power of nation-state over people within the context of “human action” of the population, which virtually are just expandable property of the State. Do you know how many people have been killed, murdered by their own Governments? If you honestly look at your own country statistics, which begin with you can answer this question easily.

Therefore, It doesn’t matter if some of you may already recognize those facts, some of you may still believe in government and nationalism and that “our government is better than theirs”. The consequences and the impact on everyone in this planet are still the same regardless.

Now, please just look back our world BEFORE the COVID19:

1- Economic crises and social showdown everywhere, in every region of the world. Governments everywhere were in “trouble” with popular demonstration and protests. Political unrest in France, South Americas, Hong Kong etc.

2-Jewish dirty power in the corrupt Western political structure has been exposed in full monty with Jeff Epstein fall-out.

All these troubles have been magically “solved” (disappeared) thanks to the miraculously sudden appearance of the COVID19 shortly after the “military world game” in Wuhan China!

Anyone remembers the gigantic banquet of over 100,000 guests in Wuhan even after more than 50 people had been infected? The absurd quarantine of the Princess Diamond until more than 600 got infected? The COVID19 patients were “quarantined” with other patients in Italian hospitals?

Did They Deliberately Let “COVID19” Go “Viral”?

Now, every nation state/government has exercised its power to the fullest perfectly in line with global statist agenda with full “legitimacy”:

-Ban public gathering, stop international traveling, all social events have been cancelled.

-Issuing martial law to lock-down cities or the whole nation

-Mandatory “quarantined” (arrested) for any “suspected infection!” Please note that when the government “experts” declare you are COVID19 infected, You have no right to have “second opinion!”

-Potentially, ban all “paper money” all-together (Cashless, total control of population activity through money movement)

All of those call for stronger bigger government!

You may recall that, at first, based on “official statistics” I commented that this COVID19 was acting as a racist Jew, for it was killing only Chinese and Iranians… But now it started to kill more Italians and Spaniards! It has killed almost everyone …but still in a communist direction, in which it has killed more people in advanced medical/healthcare system and rich countries than the people in third world countries with sub-standard medical/healthcare system. Consistently, It seems to turn out to be a “pedophile” in a true meaning of the word, pedophile actually means a person who love and do not hurt, harm, or molest children! As in Sinophile, Anglophile etc… So far, no child death has been reported! Most of its victims are old male!

However, THEY will issue children deaths very soon as they have made Caucasian deaths after the all Asian deaths has been noticed!

Bear in mind that there is no way we can verify these statistics! These numbers all are from the traditional pathological liars a.k.a Governments and MSM! We really don’t know if these people actually died of COVID19 or other causes! At any rate, this official statistics have proven that COVID19 is indeed such a “deadly” virus! (wink wink)- and so much for a bio-engineered one!


Look at the Covid19 statistics as of this writing 13-Fri Mar 2020. Do you notice that the recovery number is almost constantly at the half of the total number of cases? How has a “novel” and “deadly” “pandemic” virus managed to kill such “many” in 3 months? And how marvelous “our governments” have been in fighting back this “novel deadly virus” with such high recovery rate without an effective vaccine?

Now, let’s put all the numbers in perspective:

China has suffered the worst, in three months with more than 3000 deaths out of total 5000 world wide. 3000 deaths out of 90,000 cases in a population of 1.4 billions!!! Not a single child died!

After China, Italy (1016) and Iran (429) have been hard hit! Then next are Spain (84) Sth Korea (67) France (61), USA (38) Japan (15) , the UK (10). All are advanced- rich nations. All the third world dust poor countries (South East Asian, Africa, Middle East) with substandard sanitation seem perfectly OK!

Amazingly, India, the dust poor, the second most populated (1.3 billions) next door neighbor of China, has only one death out of 74 cases! And Russia, also China’s next door neighbor has … none!

Deaths and Mortality : Data are for the U.S. alone:

  • Number of deaths: 2,813,503
  • Death rate: 863.8 deaths per 100,000 population
  • Life expectancy: 78.6 years
  • Infant Mortality rate: 5.79 deaths per 1,000 live births

Source: Deaths: Final Data for 2017, tables 1, 3, 13 pdf icon[PDF – 2 MB]

Number of deaths for leading causes of death:

  • Heart disease: 647,457
  • Cancer: 599,108
  • Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936
  • Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201
  • Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383
  • Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404
  • Diabetes: 83,564
  • Influenza and Pneumonia: 55,672
  • Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis: 50,633
  • Intentional self-harm (suicide): 47,173

If 5,000 deaths out of 130,000 infected cases in 3 months world wide is PANDEMIC then any or all of the above diseases must have been declared pandemic!

This COVID19 pandemic is no way near any of those leading causes of death in the USA alone! Much less world wide.

Amazingly but not surprisingly, while the whole world that suffers a tiny number of deaths out of 5000, has frantically, hysterically started to ban and cancel all the major events like a bunch of spoiled kids, even the Summer Olympic Games has been put under uncertainty although Abe insists it will go ahead, China the epicenter of the “pandemic”, the major victim, now has started to organize big international social events (international fairs)!

Meanwhile China has started to hit back at the USA with accusation of being the source of the COVID19! (Chinese foreign ministry spokesman tweets claim US military brought coronavirus to Wuhan)

Does it look like a true pandemic to you? Or is it just a “novel” power game between and within nation states?

It also seems that this COVID19 has offered those anti-China and Anti-immigration a perfect time for having fun!

Did I say COVID19 is just a trigger for the plan to push people into total submission?

Whatever it is, one thing is for sure, the ordinary people will always be the first and the last to suffer the worst, for they are nothing but the expendable property of the state.