Folks, when I first commented at the beginning of this COVID19 “crisis” that this bloody silly, racist Jewish virus would kill our liberty, some may think I said it with tongue in cheeks. I was serious and I am very serious now.

Have you noticed that almost all democracy, liberty loving commentators suddenly are looking up to the Chicom (Chinese communists) as “role model” of “government Covid19 fighter”? All have been running toward Statist solution and calling for government strong measures as the ChiCom has done without even mentioning the fact that it’s governments, whether the Chinese, the USA, or Jewish State, that created this COVID19 and caused all the crises at the first place! They even DELIBERATELY let this COVID19 go viral as it did not perform well the killing task outside China as calculated!

Some even suggested that The Jew-Ish-A Government has shot itself in the foot! Assuming that the Jew-Ish-A unleashed this COVID19 to attack China with unforeseen economic impact! Is it naivety, stupidity, or indeed disinformation?

No, their goal is not to care for people well-being or to protect and assist people to pursue happiness. They, the ruling psychopaths a.k.a Government, are there to squeeze people, and to push people into the edge with fear and chaos, and to force people into constantly struggling in order to make sure the people must need them, especially their iron hands and fists! They always try everything to ensure people remaining their voluntary property and guinea pigs!

Don’t people see that they are guinea pigs right now! Have they suffered enough crises themselves, or perhaps because they already have eaten too much GM foods and taken too much pharmafia’s drugs!

It’s amazing and terrifying at the same time when even the brightests among us falling into this trap and calling for government’s iron hands with the Chicom as the “role model!” The crazy statist Slavoj Zizek even went further : Global communism or the jungle law, coronavirus forces us to decide… as if there were no other way than the Chicom’s way!

You do know what false alternative means, don’t you?

I am Holocaust denier, and now I am Covid19 denier! What the heck!

As always, it’s all up to you folks!