Folks, I am exhausted but I since I moved house I’ve had many interesting things other than the bloody COVID19 to share with you, but this COVID19 just get the better of me! All because while this bloody COVID19 has been killing the Chinese and Iranians and attacking the Italians and scaring a hell out of them and the whole world, Melbournians have done a very “stupid” thing!

As a senior Melbournian I received a “warning letter” from Victorian State Government Seniors Card Team:

You see folks, Victorian State Government effectively said “no worry mate! You should go out and have fun!” and the council of Port Philip of City of Melbourne even “stupidly” organized a Mussel&Jazz Festival (Seafood and Jazz) on 7-8-Mar-2020!

Since I am a vegan, seafood is a last thing that would attract me. The problem is I love Jazz! So does my niece! Bloody hell! I could not resist it. COVID19 or 20 I don’t give a shit! So my niece and I heeded the words of wisdom from Seniors Card Team and joined the fun!

Oh my my, I thought only my niece and I are “stupid” jazz lovers, but there was quite a bunch of “stupid” Melbournians like us being there ahead of us! Not a single soul was wearing mask! They were hugging each other laughing, drinking, and eating fresh seafood! My niece did too! Poor me! I had only fruits and some Chinese Double Happiness cigarettes , which I had bought “illegally” in Melbourne just for this Jazz occasion! I gave up this habit years ago! (who cares! Chinese Double Happiness is not only much cheaper than the legal ones but also tastes much better!)

I could not believe that these Melbournians are so careless and irresponsible! They seem to love having fun more than to fear the COVID19! And the bloody Port Philip Council is even worse by spoiling them with this seafood and jazz festival right on the midst of COVID19 pandemic!

As of this writing, the death tolls in Australia is… two (2) among 3,491 deaths of world total number, and 21 recovered among 54,762 world total number (I never believe and trust these statistics- they all are just made up and hyped up, except those of China and Iran which have been suppressed) while all the bad news from WHO and MSM around the world such as WHO – Coronavirus Is More Deadly Than Originally Thought and Pandemic projection model shows 2.16 million deaths in US by July 4th if nothing
Is done to halt nearly all domestic travel keep coming

Uhm… well, I have to admit that my niece and I myself did enjoy the day very very much! They, the bands, performed English, French Jazz, and especially Ethiopian Mulatu Astatke Jazz! The singers all are beautiful and have wonderful voices.

On the way home on the train, I observed people talking, laughing, making fun about “contagious infection” by doing shaking elbows! (sorry I did not record this for I thought it would be not only so impolite, so rude, but also violating other people privacy by directly filming them on public train- But you can imagine like people doing footshake)

Maybe these Melbournians are not irresponsible and stupid after all! They may know something that other people don’t! I don’t know!

One thing I do know is that these Melbournians really know how to have fun and enjoy life!