PQC: Folks, I listened to this discussion because Yoichi Shimatsu was on it, and I just wanted to hear what he had to say. Needless to say, there are some certain horseshit, bullshit. and trash in this conversation. But overall, as always, a bunch of good information from Yoichi Shimatsu. Listen to this and judge for yourselves, folks!

I knew that my guessediction has been somehow and somewhat “right” 🙂 (I am no virologist at all). The so-called COVID19 is a very specifically engineered virus, which may have been failed to its task, or this may be just a test run for a real later strategic attack. I don’t know.

However, just look at the “casualties” of the COVID19 out side China after two months, then you would see my point! Just remember that ANNUALLY, 65,000 TO 600,000 PEOPLE DIED OF COMMON FLU WORLDWIDE!

During the 2017-2018 season, the percentage of deaths attributed to pneumonia and influenza (P&I) was at or above the epidemic threshold for 16 consecutive weeks. During the past five seasons, the average number of weeks this indicator was above threshold was 11 (range of 7 to 15 weeks). Nationally, mortality attributed to P&I exceeded 10.0% for four consecutive weeks, peaking at 10.8% during the week ending January 20, 2018. (source: CDC, USA)

That means if , right now, the seasonal flue death were reported in details as the COVID19’s has been, you can do the math and see the number!

So the goal cannot be a “mass body count”, but specific target with fear, chaos, social, economic and political disruption. Or it is just a TEST RUN!

In QOM, Iran, just in a week, 50 or more have died! The one that has been unleashed in QOM, Iran must have been a “cousin” of or a mutation of the COVID19. Inside China, victims (mostly old male) just dropped death. But in QOM, look at Mr Iraj Harirchi, the Iran’s deputy health minister behavior during TV interview and press conference with symptoms such as sweating, itchy, irritating, running nose! And We don’t know HOW the other 50 Iranians died!

Anyway, here is how COVID19 hysteria and fear mongering have change people “culture”! Welcome to a brave new world! 🙂 🙂 🙂

As always, the last word is yours!