PQC: Dear Friends around the world! I really wanted to take a break to do my moving house. But “things” just don’t add up, and I have felt compelling to share my questioning with you.

If it were really, truly a “pandemic” as they have been fanning up, then why have they not taken seriously as to test people – Asians and non-Asians, who were recently traveling or having contacted with traveling people?

Why have they been so lax despite of “horrifying” news from China?

For example, the state of California, which has a high rate of Asia/China bounce travelers, has tested no one for such “highly contagious, and deadly” virus!

And in Italy, where they let “infected patients” in the same ward with other patients!

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Remember the Princess Diamond? They kept- “quarantined” more than two thousands people there together with some infected passengers… until the virus got into more than six hundreds (600+) passengers … then they decided to “bring these infected people home in the same airplane with other passengers!”

Whereas the Westerland cruise -ship with thousands passengers on it, had been shooed away by every SEA country… until Cambodia kindly welcomed them… And everything OK! No case, no death!

It seems very strange that this COVID19 happens to act like a communist or a socialist, since it has attacked advanced wealthy capitalist countries with advanced medical/healthcare system more severely than the poor third world nations with substandard sanitation! Not only that, this COVID19 seems to hate the Chinese and Iranians the most! It must have been Yanky-Jewish! Or at least a Zionist!

Anyway, What’s going on here? Does the Government of the Jew-Ish-A know something we don’t ?

“Someone” must have been very disappointed with the performance of this bio-engineered COVID19. Even the 2019-2020 common/seasonal flu has already caused 10,000 deaths in the USA alone!

Here is a lengthy quote from Natural News

Does the CDC want coronavirus to spread across the United States?

Hilariously, this lack of testing and corresponding lack of positive test results for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is the reason why CDPH is now publicly claiming that there is “no evidence of sustained person-to-person transmission of the virus in the United States.”

If tests aren’t being conducted in the first place, then of course there’s “no evidence” of such things. But just because there’s “no evidence” doesn’t mean that there’s no virus spreading silently as you read this, only to later pop up after the incubation period is complete to manifest precisely as the evidence that the CDPH currently lacks.

It’s not really the CDPH’s fault, of course, as the CDC is the agency that has assumed national responsibility for tracking the virus. And as we’re all witnessing, the CDC is doing a poor job at actually conducting the tests necessary to determine just how serious of a risk this novel virus truly is to the American public.

“Obviously there cannot ever be evidence of ‘sustained person-to-person transmission’ if the people who are infected are never tested,” writes the Health Ranger. “This now appears to be the entire containment strategy of California, Washington, Hawaii and the CDC.”

“We call it the, ‘Don’t Test, Don’t Tell’ approach to pandemic management.”

As always, the last word is yours!