By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

Despite de facto censorship from massive cover-ups there and here, leaks about the horrific contagion makes one’s head spin with the realization that the reality is far worst than our possible imaginings and spinning ever-faster. Thus far along the curve, reason itself is demolished by reports of test-kits failing at the airports, the lethal aboard the cruise ship in Tokyo Bay, lock-down of a fifth of world’s population and a no-return policy in grim isolation wards, news greeted with glum silence from health experts like Doctors Oz, Phil, Drew and Laura nowhere to be seen, the Red Cross hiding in a mosque, a mumbling World Health Organization and the surgeon general now a buck private hawking medical marijuana from a cigarette-girl tray hanging from his neck. Worldwide, national public health systems have failed the global community.

Echoing across the sound of silence is our steady drum beat. If any of you know how to play an oud or nay, the ancient lute and flute, let’s perform a magical tune to conjure up the Genie of al-Keimiya, the black art of alchemy now that modern medicine has copped out. Ah, such lovely rhythms.

Abracadabra! In a puff of smoke, the hand of a demiurge appears and turns a book cover to the opening line “That which is above reflects that which is below and that which is below reflects that which is above”.

What sort of gibberish is that? Now our worst fears are confirmed, we are trapped inside a hall of mirrors, according to the Green Tablet, otherwise known as the Secret of Creation that by its own equation implies destruction. We’re surrounded by viruses, above and below, on all sides and inside. The Genie tells us that scientific thought is an exercise in dualism, up or down, plus or minus, multiplication or division, sine or cosine, on endlessly up to the stars or down to the quantum. This closed universe is a trap with no way out.

Excuse me, Wise One, for interrupting your sermon of hopelessness, but is that all there is, just space but no way to reverse time? Now angered by my insolent ingratitude, Genie shouts: If you insist on being a winner should I turn you into a virus? Deepest apologies and thanks, good spirit, even if you have not granted us what is needed to solve the paradox by cleverly leaving out the possibility of going backward in Time, which you apparently are not permitted to reveal to us mere mortals. So that cancels out the only way to solve this Sphinx riddle about the omnipotent crown, which is to travel in reverse to the moment that the malignant incubus of coronavirus was released from its bottle.

Without another utterance but only a scowl, our genie vanishes, leaving us to the hopeless task of sifting through the dunes in search of the key, meanwhile piecing together the shards of what once was whole and praying for a time machine to whisk us backward on a magic carpet ride. Hey, come back right this minute! Aladdin got three wishes but we got none, you cheapskate!

Face down on the pavement

So here we’ve arrived at Chapter 10, better informed about many elements in the Wuhan mystery yet as far away as ever from its origin, without which it cannot be defeated. So its back to forensics of the moment to do what little we can. Do you recall those phone photos from Wuhan of big guys laying prone on the sidewalk? Sudden death, shutdown of the central nervous system, from a “flu”, or more accurately the combined effects of COV, HIV and M-tuberculosis in a novel synthetic weapon of mass destruction, which remains a mystery.

First off, have you noticed how nobody else dares even mention the three-in-one formulation of COVID-19? That level of sophistication of synthetic biology is not yet achievable in China, especially at the Wuhan lab that’s been open for less than three years, or for that matter most nations. The cutting edge biotechnology is still the monopoly of the USA, Canada, Britain, Germany, France and Japan, not even Russia or the Scandinavians. So why are the mainstream news media and the online fear-mongers avoiding any detailed discussion of which labs could possibly have crafted this futuristic bioweapon? The answer is because they are afraid to know the identity of its maker, who is inside the heart of the Western science establishment, like the American scientist who mailed anthrax during the 911 crisis, the responsibility for which haw never been released to the public.

The Establishment does not care to know the identity of the perpetrators because revealing the names of the killers would expose the illegal secret biological warfare program was paid for with tax dollars to advance a globalist agenda, as proven in the worldwide spread of COVID-19 with new releases not just person-to-person transmission. The mainstream media is collaborating with the cover-up to protect the war industry, pharmaceutical sector and research universities from disclosure of the black budget that funded the creation of this monster virus to the benefit of the generals, corporate executives and university administrators and of the bankers. So they blame a brand-new lab run by inexperienced employees as an act of urban suicide. If you’re gullible enough to swallow that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. Do a favor and jot down all the online sources peddling this crapola and strike them off your list. This stakes in stopping this contagion are as serious as things can get, so the clowns helping along the agenda need to be slapped down.

Another strategy

Following up on the list of vulnerabilities in the HIV-COV-TB chimera in Part 9, here’s another strategy to hit the target with a straight shooting. HIV in its normal attack mode penetrates Th2 cells to attack the immune-defense system of the sex organs and anal rectal system, thereby causing STD disorders. The HIV proteins embedded in COVID-19 besides attacking the testicles also target the elderly or people suffering chronic immune disorders such as rheumatism, diabetes and hyper-reactive atopic lungs. This assault on the organs is due to an S (Switch) protein in coronaviruses sequences, comprised mostly of proteases that target the T cells for capture, especially in immunodeficient patients. The key to therapy is by designing a “bullet” aimed at this specific S-protein mutation. The TB problems associated with AIDS/HIV patients are dealt with the same way, with an “anti-Switch Protein” regimen.

Viruses are smarter and quicker than biological weapons with all the clunky add-ons due to their ability to rapidly mutate until they find another way to attack the Immune system. The heavily modified COVID-19 looks scary but it’s slow to respond and therefore vulnerable to a counterstrike aimed at the Switch protein. Their basic strategy is to damage the “parasites”, those S proteins exploiting the T cells vulnerability and also propagating inside the T cells by re-engineering the T-cell genomics. Targeting the COV S protein will therefore stop COVID-19 in its tracks. That is the simplest solution to the challenge, a magic bullet. So let’s move on to the TB role in this multi-pronged monster.

Tuberculosis in the brain as a key clue

Picking up the trail of Mycobacterium tuberculosis where we left off in Part 9, it turns out that the NML has a veterinary lab on its campus, called the Canadian Science Center for Human and Animal Health, which cooperates with the University of Alberta on M-tuberculosis studies in bison, cattle and indigenous people throughout the Canadian plains. Dying from TB is the least of your worries in the present Wuhan outbreak but its inclusion in the three-ingredient chimera is important toward cracking the puzzle of who assembled the COVID-19 pathogen. The man likely responsible for inserting the HIV proteins is dead, the suspected project designer is hiding in Japan under Shinzo Abe’s protection, meaning arresting the m.tuberculosis expert on the team with enough damning evidence for a life prison sentence is the only way to get one of the conspirators to spill the beans about their sponsor, the institution or cabal that paid for this contagion.

It’s important to interrogate the research team members because they must have developed an antidote that can switch off this coronavirus before releasing it. If the biosafety authorities can catch its makers, then their thumbs can be put to the screws to convince them to disclose the kill switch. Otherwise it will take several months, and thousands more deaths before an effective defense can be developed, if at all. Otherwise you and your loved ones could be condemned to a horrible death by the covert network that’s releasing the pathogen

A quick break for Jim Morrison: “There’s a killer on the road, his brain is squirming like a toad, if you give this man a ride, sweet memories will die.” Right now, we’re all riders on the storm.

How TB got into the mix

Recent scientific studies suggest the European strain of M-TB was conveyed by early French trappers to this American heartland. Yet the major outbreaks occurred later during the expansion of English settlement that pushed the traditional owners into the squalid outland, and as is so often the case the historical facts are jiggled to the advantage of governments that pay the researchers and scholars who carry out the genocide for the new property barons. This is not in reference to your little garden or family, since this was and is for the benefit of agribusiness, urban developers, railroads and the investment banks. You don’t matter to them but they concern us, especially now when their pharmaceuticals, research universities and foundations are unleashing epidemics to decimate society.

Predatory interests can operate with less public oversight where constitutional law is weaker and media watchdogs are muzzled, for example, just across the border in the vast land formerly known as the Dominion of Canada. That title was derived from the Latin dominus, lord and master, based on domus, household or land grant, implying paternalistic authority, in this case the British monarchy, which is protected from legal challenge and press criticism by an obscure Official Secrets Act (which supposedly no longer exists, yet still muzzles the Canadian press). That makes it difficult for us to follow the trail of the killers north of the 49th Parallel.

If Canadians had the protection of real constitutional rights of a sovereign people, none of this nightmare would be happening and I’d be drinking Moosehead beer on a fly-fishing trip. So must do with whatever scraps their authorities neglected to erase or hide.

Before delving into the Wisconsin-Manitoba nexus, I should mention further along this essay, I delve into the role of that South Korean cult, which apparently hid the presence of more than a hundred COVID-19 infections after possible involvement in the second and more successful biowar attack ordered by the Japanese and British secret services against Wuhan.

Buffalo hunter

My previous essay, Part 9, cast a spotlight on Gary Splitter, who was banned for 5 years from the University of Wisconsin at Madison for running unauthorized high-risk experiments including on M.tuberculosis and brucella in cattle. A colleague of renegade researcher Yoshihiro Kawaoka, Splitter disappeared from the record during his exile years, exactly when the M.tuberculous research work was done for installation as a component of COVID-19.

It’s been established by a paper trail and a federal biosafety investigation that pathologist Splitter conducted illicit projects included bovine tuberculosis inside the veterinary lab of Yoshihiro Kawaoka. The two research outlaws had earlier cooperated on the development of “an unstoppable flu”, a project based on ethically banned exhumation of native Alaskan corpses, high-risk shipments and supported by theft from a US navy lab in Jakarta. They should have served long prison sentences and a lifetime prohibition on further research of any type. This was not simply some mad scientists’ hobby since the project demanded expenditures on salaries for lab assistants, the costs of purchasing and caring for research animals stripped of their natural immunity, and travel to consult with other experts, and so the black budget must have come from DARPA and other agencies, ultimately more powerful that the NIH, CDC or NAS (National Academy of Sciences).

After his exposure, following faculty and student complaints of reckless negligence of safety regulations and deceptive assurance to the review committee, of which Splitter was a senior member, he was slapped with a 5-year prohibition from coming anywhere near UW-M veterinary lab. Then vanished from the record during his missing years. What we do know is that Frank Plummer, director of the National Microbiology lab in Winnipeg, had done early-stage research for Kawaoka’s “unstoppable flu” project and spoke in favor of this other bizarre research, as shown in Part 9 and 8.

Operation Matchbox

Just a stone’s throw from the NML on the same research campus is the Canadian Science Center for Human and Animal Health, a convenient desk for a visiting faculty member with a pseudonym, as so many unsavory scientists assigned there since Porton Down sent over dozens of Nazi German virologists for resettlement in the Canadian interior under Operation Matchbox. With 5-years of time on his hands during his probation, Splitter under a pseudonym would have been ideally situated to make the rounds to gather data, test results and bacterial specimens.

Throughout a long career as NML director, Plummer had a reputation for keeping mum about missing samples of lethal microorganisms, running projects without release of documentation, hiring foreign lab assistants of uncertain identity or origin, and sometimes drinking up to 20 ounces of whiskey in one evening to keep from psychologically cracking under the code of secrecy. From what can be deciphered from his paper trail, Plummer assured himself that his double-life was worth the risks, enabling him to pursue his mission of HIV protection for women, especially sex workers, which suspiciously looks like some sort of emotional compensation for a broken relationship with his mother or a sister. Penitence can more often than not be the Devil’s bait for enticing us to greater sins.

The justification in a scientist’s mind for doing black projects is based on the assumption that prohibited weapons are developed for deterrence capability and never for first-strike use, and therefore it’s OK to profit from a juicy contract. The Manhattan Project that created the A-bomb to halt the Nazi regime’s atrocities was never intended to be dropped on civilian cities, but that did happen due to changing priorities. Wuhan proves that biological weapons are not really there for deterrence but have repeatedly been deployed against vulnerable and defenseless communities.

The pathogen m.tuberculosis is generally written off as past threat, long suppressed by vaccines. In fact, up 30 percent of populations in less-developed nations are carriers, second in prevalence only to influenza. In colder climatic zones, it affects larger animals, primarily humans and bovine species, and so the research is done mainly in regions where pasture grazing is prevalent where poverty is a health problem due to social-political inequity, as has been the situation in Canada’s three prairie provinces of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta.

To be blunt, the only lab prepared to shelter Gary Splitter was NML, Plummer’s rogue outfit that hosted the Nazi-era virologists shipped over from Porton Down under Operation Matchbox, which also sent a slew of captive scientists and engineers to Australia during the the Liberal Robert Menzies regime. The time-frame corresponds to the Canadian premiership of that CIA frontman Louis-Etienne St. Laurent. His gentle image is belied by his lockstep support for Truman’s A-bombing of Japan, dispatch of Canadian soldiers to the Korean War, subjecting 20,000 Duplessis orphans to hideous psychiatric experiments including sexual abuse, radioactive contamination from uranium mining, the psychiatric torture perpetrated by Ewen Cameron and the Operation Matchbox experiments with anthrax trials on the wild bison herd, perhaps to transmit the disease onto the remaining aboriginals followed by false attribution death to pneumonia. God save us from nice men.

Since his Canadian interlude, Splitter’s poor posture, which may have been caused by exposure to pathogens or reagents, or excessive alcohol during drinking bouts with his host Plummer. My suspicion of the presence of m.tuberculosis meningitis in Dr. Plummer is his physical deterioration over subsequent years, revealed in puffiness around his eyes, a slumped posture, imbalance disclosed by leaning on tables and walls for support, and chronic alcohol dependency, all of these symptomatic of a Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTBC) infection of his brain, due to exposure in research studies of infected tissue from the craniums of cattle and aboriginals.

MTBC is difficult to detect until late-stage lesions due to the bacteria’s infiltration between the cells of brain lobes, nestling within the wrinkles. As an executive staff member of Canada’s Public Health Service, these symptoms would not have gone unnoticed, which leads to the strong possibility that Plummer was silenced, murdered prior to the joint Japanese-British bioweapon strike against Wuhan.

This past December, Plummer underwent a deep brain stimulation (DBS) operation, required two holes to be drilled through the top of his skull. A pair of electrodes were pushed down between the lobes of his brain to the the supposed region above the spinal nerves, specifically the subthalamic nucleus (STN), a pathway for dopamine, which increases sensations of pleasure. The media story is that Plummer drank 20 ounces of whiskey every night as a stress reliever and had to have a liver operation.

Memory wipe

So what’s the hitch? The X-ray of his brain taken at the Sunnybrook health center in Toronto, which appeared in Part 9, shows the electrodes were positioned short of the subthalamic nucleus and directed instead at the rear of his temporal lobe, the center for memory and information processing, for example as recorded in the writing and recall of research papers. The actual objective therefore must have been to wipe his memory, at least those parts having to do with his work as director of a high-security BSL-4 microbiology lab and the top-secret projects for DSTL-Porton Down, with include his long-time cooperation with Yoshihiro Kawaoka and likely with Gary Splitter while banned from UW-Madison. I can reasonably assume that since late December, Dr. Plummer was drugged and shielded from any suggestion that his lab had contributed to the Wuhan massacre. Certainly the long flights to Nairobi just 6 weeks later could not be justified due to healing time required for the blood vessels bruised and the holes in his head.

As mentioned in the previous essay, the misnomer “shock therapy”, being neither a shock nor therapy but more of a scrub, was developed at the Allen Memorial Institute by Ewen Cameron under the MK-ULTRA program, based on Operation Paperclip’s transfer of “scientific treatments” pioneered in Mussolini Italy and Nazi Germany. It remains uncertain how long the National Microbiology Lab lockdown will last under the cover of a fake and staged “Chinese spy scandal”, chum for gullible fools and the news media, which are one and the same, deployed to prevent peer investigation based on science ethics. The outcry over the ebola “theft”, when the Chinese medical mission in Africa has a huge stock of ebola patient blood samples, is to use a Briticism poppycock or, more apt, shite.

First and Second Strikes

This deep background proves any “leak” from that much-abused Wuhan virology lab to be a diversion from the Anglo-Japanese biowarfare operation against that Chinese city, at first aimed at the CISM International Military Games in Wuhan during late October, foiled by unusually hot weather and drought. That was followed by the lacing of Tilapia fish sent from a nearby aquaculture project, where Japanese and Korean advisers have been working as advisers on piscine diseases during the 2019 drought that vastly reduced the river’s water volume.

The “usual suspects” aka the CIA ranks, in this case, probably were not involved in the atrocity, not when a long-awaited bilateral trade deal was about to be signed. Americans tend to prefer a reasonable enemy rather than a treacherous ally like the Brits and Japanese, especially now after the US Armed Forces participated in those games. The target at those games in late October were athletes from the military forces of the China, Russia, France and the USA, four of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council. By contrast Japan and Britain, and subordinate Australia and New Zealand, are not CISM members so the situation is self-evident.

As for the spurious allegation, or more of an hysterical accusation, that the December outbreaks originated at the new Wuhan BSL-4 lab just down the street from the market, let me as an bemused skeptic point that the new laboratory is located in the older Wuchang district on the southern bank of the largest river in Asia whereas the fish mongers are at the market on the other side of the long bridge and far to the south, a driving distance of more than 44 km (27 miles) through heavy traffic plus walking a few blocks due to scarce parking. So cut the crap, imbeciles.

The cruel fact of life is that the whole Yangtze from Wuhan to the Pacific was contaminated with COV-infected droppings by an air wing of Okinawan bats from Japan on a bombing mission in mid-October, one of the greatest environmental crimes ever. There’s been a total ban on eating fish from that great waterway.

That dismal failure to rearrange the strategic balance of power, was followed by a mean-spirited attack on defensive civilians at that fish market and other seafood shops around the city. And is it any wonder why Tokyo is under an eye-for-an-eye panic now, after being sussed out? Dump your tickets to the 2020 Olympics yesterday. After spending years of research on the radioactivity threat in Tokyo’s waters, plus ubiquitous MSG and now 5G, I have been warning that this would end ugly. So for the skeptics, my advice is to fly to Tokyo and gorge yourself on sushi, but do not expect me to do any further reporting on toxicity of fish in the Pacific Ocean. You know the risks but like Frank Plummer cannot break with the addiction.

South Korean cult outbreak

The legacy of disgraced former President Park Geun-hye takes another hit right in her birthplace of Daegu, with the COVID-19 affecting a whopping 122-plus members of the Shocheonji (New Heaven and Earth) cult temple where the bogus story goes that a lone elderly super-spreader female devotee infected church-goers. Even with a high 1-to-4 transmission ratio, that would required 4 generations, or longer than a month. So perhaps this cult has been hiding from its role in the Wuhan biowarfare attack.

Purportedly a Christian sect, the doctrine is a blend of Old Testament Judaism and the Book of Revelations, but with the same roots as Sukyo Mahikari and Aum Shinrikyo tainted by the Shinzo Abe agenda of total victory in this ongoing final chapter of World War II. Long live Unit 731, Banzai!

The city of 2.5 million, some 240 km southeast of Seoul, was a long-time stronghold for the dictator Park Chung-hee, an ally and lackey of Nobusuke Kishi grandfather of Shinzo Abe. Kishi served as the wartime munitions minister who funded the world’s first atomic-bomb project on Hungnam (Konan) island in northern Korea and was paymaster for the military police, which Park served in as a Tokyo-trained intelligence officer hunting down Korean nationalists opposed to Japanese colonialism.

During my on-site reporting on the illegal installation of a US military THAAD missile interceptor in spring 2017, there not to protect the USA or Japan but to provide cover for USN carrier groups provocatively harassing the North Koreans, I was given a friendly warning from a retired South Korean navy diver not to go anywhere near Daegu at the risk of being shot dead by fanatics opposed to my pacifist views. Daegu is brimming with all sorts of crazy cults with nostalgia for the Japanese colonial era, including the Moonies and Choi Soon-sil, the female shaman “Rasputin” to Ms. Park.

Earlier as a top finance official for the Manchukuo puppet government, Kishi had financed Unit 731, the granddaddy of chemical and biological warfare (bubonic plague and hantavirus). The 731 legacy projects is a basic motive for Operation Wuhan 2019. The first three foreigners affected by COV were Japanese, indicating their role in spreading the virus over the Yangtze River, followed now by the huge cluster in Daegu. Again, the aquaculture commerce during the 2019 drought is the key clue.

The cult’s pseudo-history tracing its roots to Genesis and the 12 tribes of Israel runs parallel with the Sumerian origin myth of the Sukyo Mahikari fanatics who were involved in the formation of Aum Shinrikyo, the Tokyo subway gassing sect. In 2002, a 200-member Aum delegation led by guru Shoko Asahara traveled to Nanjing and sent emissaries upriver to Wuhan to plan an military uprising planned for spring 2006 to lure the PLA to the northern edge of the Yangtze River (where the seafood market is located) for a massive sarin gas attack by covert teams of Japanese, North Korean and Russian special forces.

Disrupted by police arrests in Japan 25 years ago, the neo-militarist fanatics have targeted Wuhan again in October staged a WMD operation, this time with biologicals targeting the CISM International Military Games of 100 countries and, when that failed, against the seafood market. I assume that “All the Emperor’s Men”author Garry Greenwood, who quit the Sukyo Mahikari in disgust to become its leading critic, would not be bowled over by my analysis since he’s used to dealing with this sort of apocalyptic madness. As a matter of fact, a large number of Aum members, such as guru Asahara’s wife at the time of the subway gassing were Koreans or ethnic Koreans raised in Japan, so there well could be a cult angle to the Wuhan outbreak. My informants inside Aum used to refer to the fanatically militant Korean faction in the cult as “Little Pyongyang”, which was the capital of the Peninsula during the Japanese colonial era.

This all goes to show the accuracy of Santayana’s observation that “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” The warning from George Santayana applies to the deeper history of TB as a crude bioweapon against the Plains Indians in the prairie provinces of Canada, including Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta. “In the 1880s, tuberculosis (TB) swept through the Plains Indian communities of western Canada, killing two children for every child born. The seeds of this devastating epidemic had been planted more than a century earlier, when French-Canadian fur traders paddled through the region, living among the native people and spreading Mycobacterium tuberculosis , the disease-causing bacterium.” Sharon Levy, BioScience, July 2012.

Continuing, “Caitlin Pepperell, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has combined historical documents with genetic studies of modern TB bacteria to open a window into the evolution of this ancient illness. Her study represents the first time scientists have been able to track the spread of TB from one human population to another. Understanding the bacterium’s adaptations to life in its human hosts is the key to finding new ways to control its spread. That mission is vital: TB killed more people in 2009 than in any previous year in history. Antibiotic-resistant strains of the disease are rapidly evolving. The World Health Organization estimates that a third of the people on Earth are infected with TB. Three million people die from the disease each year.”

Thank you, Caitlyn, for your dedication against genocidal epidemics, and please do not take my criticisms of the University of Wisconsin at Madison as a stereotyped slur against those in your faculty and study who are healthy fine Badgers, even though I am a Boilermaker out to put the heat on a clan of varmints.

Numen Lumen secret society at UW-M

The home campus of Gary Splitter and Kawaoka, both now apparently absent since the Wuhan crisis, has perhaps the best geographic setting for any university, being located between three scenic lakes. At Purdue’s away games in Madison, I especially used to enjoy the basement ratskellers with massive pitchers of beer served with summer sausage and cheese, fond memories, a stark contrast from utilitarian grim Indiana during the Earl Butz era. With all the fresh-face pretty coeds of German and Nordic ancestry as compared to the few nerdy unappealing females at our technology-dominated campus (the home of astronauts, Eli Lilly and the Farm Bureau), it comes to me now as a shock learning that University of Wisconsin’s motto is “Numen Lumen”, symbolized by an eye emanating rays.

Here again my early training in Latin and the classics proves rarely useful. Numen translates as the spirit of a pagan idol, most notably associated with Inanna-Ishtar, a Sumerian goddess of war and sex identified with the morning star Venus or Lucifer, have you will. Lumen is a glowing light in the darkness, which in the ancient world meant the aura of a god, angel or demon. Then things get weird and bent. The priests of the Inanna cult were transsexuals and hermaphrodites dressed as women and wearing cosmetics, whose duties included sex with men who donated to the temple. This raises the other definition of lumen being the cylindrical interior of a blood vessel or the intestinal tract, which in this case permits anal sex with a loo man naughty.

The motto was coined by John Sterling, the moving force behind the creation of UW, who was a patron of the early environmentalist John Miur, an advocate of nature free of civilization, a concept based on Rousseau’s notion of natural rights. At the time of its founding, 1848 soon after the Wisconsin was granted statehood during the era of liberal democratic revolutions across Europe, the Age of the Illuminati.

Cross-dressing came into vogue as part of the post-Napoleonic Romantic-era rebellion against rigid social norms. For a decadent aristocracy in decline, wearing luxurious robes and dressing gowns was a norm, a foppish fashion adopted by the new class of decade libertine students. Cross-dressing balls were all the rage in Germany and France with men dressed in gowns flowing across the floor, thus the term “in drag”. Then there was the not subtle term “Uranians”, inhabitants of Uranus. The Jewish-German physician Magnus Hirshfeld created a social reform movement called the Institute for Sexual Sciences to abolish the Imperial penal code’s ban on “coitus-like acts between men.” That was the beginning of the LGBT movement.

My point here is not gay-bashing but an examination of the roots of elite secrecy maintained through select male students’ sexual subordination to their influential professors, allied politicians and businessmen with group-think enforced in a culture of shame by outing. There to fulfill the motto Numen Lumen was the Harefoot Club, of on-stage dance performances by prettified male students in drag for an audience of older men with important connections and often bizarre proclivities. On Wisconsin, Forward into the Lumen!

UW-M role in Paperclip

The cult of secrecy thereby played a key role in the Operation Paperclip activities at UW-M along with MK-ULTRA, as well as at similar gay-dominated universities including UPenn, the Yale home of the OSS-CIA. Harvard, MIT, CalTech and so on. UW-Madison produced such notables in the black arts as Dr. Sydney Gottlieb (born Joseph Scheider, master’s degree) who headed the MK-ULTRA drug-induced mind-control program for the CIA assassin program. It is plausible, even probable, that “Gottlieb-Schieder” was a pseudonym and he was likelier a member of Nazi German psychiatry bureau, and that his degree in speech therapy at UW-M was actually for an intensive course in English. (There were many German and Hungarian Jews doctors and scientists who toiled diligently on the Nazi side with patriotism and had contempt for the underclass of Slavic Jews.)

One less-than-apt student at Madison was Donald Rumsfeld, who perhaps could not handle the tools of the trade. UW-M’s illustrious contribution to black-ops was General Holger Nelson Toftoy, an expert in explosives and the founder of Operation Paperclip. On assignment with the Pentagon’s ordnance branch Toftoy led the legendary operation to recover V-2 rocketry technology at the vast underground production center in Nordhausen in the Harz mountains. Rounded up were 119 rocket engineers led by Werner von Braun sent to the Redstone Arsenal in Alabama for the USA-Nazi missile program, a wunderbar partnership.

As important as that effort was to eventually winning the space race, it’s not a tenth the weapons of mass destruction hauled out of the German laboratories, for example, the world’s leading research center for virology on Reims island in the Baltic, which still is a leading microbiology research center for highly infectious agents. My point here is that more public information about these potential threats, which have been covered for much too long, is overdue to prevent a repetition of the Wuhan outbreak in any given world city, by design or accident, for example a forgotten cache of toxins in a landfill now with the city limits of Milwaukee. The Wuhan contagion, which still has the harrowing potential for killing off homo sapiens entirely, is a final frontier of disposal and destruction of weapons of mass destruction following the Fukushima nuclear-warhead production disaster and the Syrian chemical warfare controversy.

The University of Wisconsin is hiding dark secrets, and so are the National Microbiology Laboratory and the University of Manitoba, and dozens of other legacies of Operations Paperclip and Matchbox, and by now Japanese universities in Tokyo and Hokkaido. Unfortunately, the main lesson for China post-Wuhan could be the urgent necessity to upgrade a massive stock of pathogenic microorganisms for retaliation against the Western powers. I hope the Chinese are wiser than that. The danger lies in the possibility of Russia will following suit along with Germany and the rest. This suicidal insanity must stop now, with frank and open discussion to begin with a concerted effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 and after that build an enforcement system against bioweaponry.