PQC: What did I say? Oh Yes, all the Authority needs to do is just shout COVID19, and lock them away! No one would dare to protest!

There have been news reporting that several non-East Asian old people have died in Iran and Italy! And that the whole TOWNS HAVE BEEN LOCKED DOWN under military (martial law?)

First I don’t trust these “news” a bit. We don’t know if these elderly people died of seasonal flu, or other illnesses, or real COVID19. or even if there was any one died at all!

So, if we take the face value of it, “these news” would prove that this COVID19 is not just killing EAST-ASIANS! So? Oh yes, EVERYONE must prepare to be QUARANTINED! The whole town must prepare to be locked down under martial law! But still, It’s China and Chinese and Asians are to blame! Right?

Folks, as I said, in South East Asia where large number of Chinese descendants communities and mainland Chinese guests and tourists living and doing business, and where the healthcare system is mostly substandard … Well, the COVID19 seems to be not up to its task in these backward third world countries,… While the COVID19 has done better job in advanced non-Chinese-nations with advanced healthcare system such as Japan, south Korea! Populous third world countries like China-next-door neighbor India has been “fine” so far with only 3 cases- no death! Amazing isn’t it! Of course if these OFFICIAL STATISTICS can be believed at all!

As of this writing: According to John Hopkins Confirmed Cases by Country/Region

75,472 Mainland China
634 Others:
204 South Korea- 105 Japan – 85 Singapore- 68 Hong Kong- 35 Thailand- 26 Taiwan- 22 Malaysia- 16 Vietnam – 10 Macau- 3 Philippines – 3 India- 1 Sri Lanka- 1 Cambodia

35 US – 20 Italy 19 Australia- 18 Iran- 16 Germany- 12 France- 9 Canada-9 United Arab Emirates – 9 UK –2 Russia- 2 Spain-1 Lebanon –1 Nepal- 1 Israel –1 Belgium-1  Finland –1 Sweden- 1 Egypt

Confirmed Deaths by Country/Region: TOTAL 2252

2,144 deaths-in Hubei Mainland China____19 deaths-in Henan Mainland China____12 deaths-in Heilongjiang Mainland China____6 deaths-in Anhui Mainland China____6 deaths-in Chongqing Mainland China____6 deaths-in Hebei Mainland China____5 deaths-in Guangdong Mainland China____4 deaths-in Iran____4 deaths-in Beijing Mainland China____4 deaths-in Hainan Mainland China____4 deaths-in Hunan Mainland China____4 deaths-in Shandong Mainland China____3 deaths-in Sichuan Mainland China____3 deaths-in Tianjin Mainland China____2 deaths-in Hong Kong Hong Kong____2 deaths-in Gansu Mainland China____2 deaths-in Guangxi Mainland China____2 deaths-in Guizhou Mainland China____2 deaths-in Shanghai Mainland China____2 deaths-in Yunnan Mainland China____2 deaths-in “Diamond Princess” cruise ship Others____2 deaths-in South Korea____1 deaths-in France____1 deaths-in Italy____1 deaths-in Japan____1 deaths-in Fujian Mainland China____1 deaths-in Jiangxi Mainland China____1 deaths-in Jilin Mainland China____1 deaths-in Liaoning Mainland China____1 deaths-in Shaanxi Mainland China____1 deaths-in Xinjiang Mainland China____1 deaths-in Zhejiang Mainland China____1 deaths-in Philippines____1 death-in Taiwan.

I don’t know about you, but as far as I am concerned this COVID19 so far has failed to be an ideal Malthusian weapon, but has done a superb service for Governments. There will be no more political, economic protest such as Yellow Vest. Everyone is now begging and waiting for Government COVID19 solution. Anyone remember V for Vendetta?

Mean while ..Inside China, the economy has been severely damaged with empty streets and roads. Outside China in the West: It’s COVID19!It’s COVID19!It’s COVID19! Please, Lock them up!

Last but not least! Don’t forget that every year during normal flu season, millions of people would be infected and around 75,000 to 600,000 people would die within three months annually! The seasonal flu virus obviously does a better Malthusian job than this COVID19!

As always, the last word is yours!