PQC: when it comes to power of the state, there is no difference regardless of type of regimes. I myself witnessed the way the government thugs in the USA and here in Australia treat homeless people even worse. And the worst of all is NO ONE CAME TO their HELP, THEY WERE JUST WALKING AWAY, NOT EVEN WATCHING. When it come to sheeple, I have to admit that the Chinese people now are braver and bolder than the so-called “law-abiding-citizenry” in the West.

If there were such a similar epidemic in the USA, Australia, UK , Canada, Germany etc (there will be, it’s on the way) I am sure with you the government thugs in the West will act much worse than their Chinese counterparts. And the people in the West will show their submission and obedience in the worst manner than you can imagine.

I know You are upset and disagree with me! Be my guest! Just go to any of your airports and you will see your own thugs and sheeple.

Do you remember the Boston marathon lock down?

It was just a hunt for a single kid alleged of “terrorist bombing.” Imagine if it were an outbreak. Even neighbors will rat on one another!

Remember how the USA handled the Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans? Contaminated water in Flint?

The West is no longer qualified to stand on any kind of high-ground at all! All the masks have dropped!