Nurses in Wuhan decide to have their hair shaved to allow them easily and comfortably to work in fighting against coronavirus outbreak.

Set aside the fact that I despise the Chicom, and whether this is a Chicom propaganda order or not. My hat off to these nurses with my utmost sincere respect. They are normal human being like all of us. They fear, they laugh and cry, but they are true heroes. The battle against the Jew-Ish-A bio-engineered coronavirus will be won by these nurses.

As I said, this tragedy is a blessing in disguise, it helps to pull down the mask of the so-called civilized human-right West and the mask of the all virtuous and righteous Chicom for the Chinese people to see.

I wish these nurses and the Chinese people all the best. Please, win this battle for all of us. So that we all can tell all the evil politicians and scientists go to hell!