Having been watching closely the coronavirus “event” (not just an incident at all) unfolding makes me wonder if people do really understand what life is at all?

I know it’s cheap philosophical cliche to say “life is short and fragile”, but I could not help to repeat this, for despite Life is short and fragile, we, human kind for thousands years have been trying to find more ways to make life a more painful death process and hasten to shorten and destroy it…at all cost and efforts!

What we call “disease” is, in fact, a natural part of life form. It’s simple, because what we call “life”, or say specifically our “life” is just a manifestation of the combination of the life of billions of micro lives that interact with one another, over which “we, human” have no control. We feel hungry and have to eat, to pee, to waste etc… because “they”, these micro lives inside our body”, want it, not we (us!) If these micro lives are not in harmony with one another, we get sick and a disease pops-up… This co-operation and interaction process of billions micro lives is just a short term contract of theirs. Because one day they refuse to play game with one another, our “life” ends. Of course, it’s natural cause.

Do you know how many natural diseases we have? And how many bio-engineered diseases the governments have added to our life?

This bio-engineered coronavirus that targets only East Asian victims is just one more that enters into public knowledge. We don’t know how many viruses they already made, and how many they are testing experimenting right now in government labs around the world and even on our body.

Mark my words, I myself have no doubt at all that this is an attack on China and the East Asians with this DNA-Gene Targeting engineered coronavirus by the Jew-Ish-A. Thus, after this successful bio-attack against the Chinese and East Asians, the Hindus Indians will be next, and the Muslim Middle Easterners, and the Africans. And that there will be (or already on the way) a bio-engineered New York/Paris virus that targets only Europeans.

Our world, our air, our foods, our water… our planet earth will be filled with more “novel” viruses and bacterium, human kind will face more “diseases.” Not to mention other kinds of weapons governments have already made and been using in war.

Yet, life itself is naturally short and fragile, suffering, and painful enough at every stage! One does not need to be “old” to feel and know it. If one does not have memory of their childhood, go to any children hospital.

Throughout human history, especially since statism and nations established, we, human beings become property, asset, and guinea pigs of the State/Government. All governments have tried with their best “intelligent citizens” and resources to make life of other nations and “races” more painful and shortened … So that… they themselves also will have to die anyway! And yet, at the end of the day, only to see everyone ends up suffering the same consequences.

What’s the point in all of this “human politic”? For the eternal life of a nation, a race?

Don’t they know that even this planet earth will die one day. And the whole universe as we know now will also die and transform? Everything that was born will die. Everything that exists will disappear/transform. Nothing stays the same, and nothing is forever.

It’s just pure stupidity and madness. What an “intelligent” mammal we are!