PQC: I hate to say I told you so, but I am not surprised at all. The Virus hype and the China bashing have been served to instill fear and hate into the Western population and make a distraction from the fact of DNA-Gene targeting bio-engineered virus. It’s so obvious that SO FAR, ONLY EAST ASIANS , MOSTLY CHINESE ARE KILLED BY THIS BIO-ENGINEERED VIRUS both inside and outside China. Some victims had no link. no contact to Chinese, China, Wuhan at all. There are many Europeans living and working in China, Wuhan… NONE has been infected!

What does it mean? This means EITHER the virus has been air-borne traveling outside China and being around the world OR the virus has already been concurrently in the air around the world and attacking ONLY East Asians and mostly weak-poor health people (elderly-60+).

One important noticing though, that most of outside-China infected patients have been cured easily. Even in the poor and crowded countries like Vietnam, the Philippines with infected Chinese tourists, the virus seems not spreading at all as it has been in Hubei China! Remember, there are many Chinese descendants in Vietnam, The Philippines and all over South East Asia!

Genetically, 80% of Vietnamese population has ancestral connection with China. (The Chinese did not do any “funny” thing in Vietnam during 1000 year occupation with direct rule at all!!! You know what I mean)

Thus, as far as I am concerned, even though without detailed data of victims that I wish I had, I could not help but conclude that this particular Virus must have been carefully engineered for a particular type of bio-structure and particular climate. And that this attack scheme on China must have been well calculated and prepared for a very long time:

Chinese New Year at Wuhan, a China populous center with its Research Center and BSL-4 labs- Kill the Chinese mass and blame the Chinese Labs! It’s so perfect! But not so fast! Someone did know about this!

British Couple On Diamond Princess Say They Are COVID Positive, but it turns out all a setup?

Published at 3:43am 18th February 2020.

(Updated at 7:47am 18th February 2020)

A British couple who have been quarantined on a cruise ship in Japan have revealed they have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

David and Sally Abel have been posting regular updates online from the Diamond Princess, which has been docked off the coast of Yokohama since 3 February.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Mr Abel said: “There is going to be a time of quiet. We have been proved positive and leaving for hospital soon. Blessings all.”

However Mr Abel, from Oxfordshire, later said he doubted the diagnosis because he and his wife were being taken to a hostel instead of a hospital.

He wrote on Facebook: “Frankly i think this is a setup! We are NOT being taken to a hospital but a hostel. That’s where partners are sent waiting out there quarantine.

“No phone, no wi-fi and no medical facilities. I really am smelling a very big rat here! Waiting for the transfer now..”

When asked if he was sure the test for COVID-19 was positive, Mr Abel replied: “I doubt it was positive. If it was, we would be in hospital.”

The Foreign Office says it is “working to organise a flight” back to the UK for British nationals on the coronavirus-hit cruise ship – and those trapped are being “strongly encouraged” to take it.

Those in quarantine on the Diamond Princess are being contacted to make the necessary arrangements, with a spokesperson adding: “We urge all those who have not yet responded to get in touch immediately.”

More than 70 British nationals have faced an anxious wait to find out whether they will be evacuated from the cruise liner.

The Foreign Office had come under increasing pressure to bring them home after the US chartered two planes to repatriate 340 of its citizens – 14 of whom had been diagnosed with COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

Those who had tested positive were moved to the back of the plane in a “specialised containment area” to be isolated – even though they did not display any symptoms.

Approximately half of all known cases of COVID-19 outside China have been found aboard the Diamond Princess.

About 450 people have tested positive since the cruise liner was ordered to stay under quarantine on 3 February.

Four Britons are among the confirmed cases, and they are currently in hospital in Japan.

In a letter to those still stranded, the FCO said: “We strongly encourage British nationals on board Diamond Princess, or those passengers now in separate quarantine accommodation ashore, to take this opportunity to return to the UK on this flight.

“If you disembark from the ship before this British government organised evacuation, there is a risk that you may find it difficult to return by other commercial means.”

Affected Britons are being told that they will not be charged for the flight – however, they will need to sign an agreement to complete 14 days of “supported isolation” in the UK.

Those on board have been given until 8pm local time (11am UK time) to express an interest in taking the flight.